Nusa Penida island: 5 great coworking spaces for digital nomads in Bali

Nusa Penida island: the new hotspot in Bali! There are no official coworking spaces on Nusa Penida yet. However, there are plenty of restaurants and hotspots with good Wi-Fi, good coffee! In short, a great atmosphere to get work done. In this blog, we share our 5 favourite work-friendly cafés and restaurants to work on Nusa Penida.

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List of 5 coworking spaces for digital nomads in Nusa Penida Island

A turquoise sea, beautiful cliffs and unspoiled nature is your “home office”. Nusa Penida island has a great vibe and you easily get inspired. The island is changing fast, where previously the roads were all bad and there was no smoothie bowl available, you now have good roads, Wi-Fi everywhere and lovely restaurants for tasty meals. Nusa Penida has a great potential to become the next digital nomad hotspot of Bali! Located just 30-minutes away from the mainland, this destination is very easy to travel to.

What are the best coworking hotspots and places to work on Nusa Penida?

Below you find a list of coworking spaces for Nusa Penida Island. These cafés, hotspots and work-friendly places on Nusa Penida are all located in the north of the island. Not far from the city of Ped. During our time in Nusa Penida, we tested which cafés and restaurants were suitable for working as a digital nomad. Hereby, our list containing the 5 best cafés to work in.

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Digital nomad hotspot 1: Penida Colada – Ped

My favourite place to work on Nusa Penida island is restaurant Penida Colada. This intimate restaurant serves vegan and vegetarian dishes. With the waves in the background, a nice breeze and relaxing music, this is a great coworking space for a few hours. Wi-Fi works well and you receive a service with a smile. A big plus the unlimited water so you can refill your glass and stay hydrated while working.

Click here for the location of this coworking hotspot Penida Colada on Nusa Penida

Penida Colada is not an official coworking space. So, it is not possible to work in silence or with large groups together. The food is delicious, especially the smoothie bowls and vegan curry are recommended! When you are done working and ready for a drink during sunset, this is also your place. Happy hour is between 4 pm and 6 pm! Have a cocktail and enjoy the beautiful skyline of Bali with her impressive volcanoes!

Food: 8/10
Coffee: 8/10
Air conditioning: No, since you are by the sea there is always a nice breeze.
Wi-Fi: 9/10
Price level: 7/10 Coffee is not cheap here.
Vibe: 8/10. Good combination of people who come to eat and people who are working. Music is not too loud. It can get busy at the end of the day and in the evening!
Chairs: mostly chairs with backrest, but not ergonomic-proof.

Penida Colada digital co working hotspots Nusa Penida

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Digital nomad hotspot 2: Secret Penida – Ped

Secret Penida is a kilometre outside Ped and is a restaurant that you should visit anyway! The food is very tasty and the interior is completely Instagram-proof! With fine tables and cozy background music, Secret Penida is a top coworking place for digital nomads on Nusa Penida island.

Click here for the location of this work-friendly restaurant on Nusa Penida

Our favorite dishes are the green bowl, vegetarian spring rolls and toast with avocado egg and feta. All three perfect fuel so you can continue working!

Food: 9/10,
Coffee: 8/10, fine!
Air conditioning: no, but fans
Wi-Fi: 9/10, good Wi-Fi!
Price level: 9/10, very neat
Vibe: 9/10, swings, pink walls and a lot of green make this a workplace with a nice atmosphere.
Chairs: 8/10, there is a lot of choice, especially the chairs with backrest are fine.

the secret spot Nusa Penida Coworking Spot

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Digital nomad hotspot 3: Coco Penida – Ped

The brand-new restaurant Coco Penida is less than a hundred meters from Penida Colada. It is from the same owner as Secret Penida. From white umbrellas to cosy lights above the terrace. This beachfront hotspot is a good place to unwind, but it also is a work-friendly café!

Click here for the location of this coworking hotspot on Nusa Penida

There is a lot of shade and the music is not too loud. The tables (and chairs) are at a good height, so no problems with your back! The only thing missing here is Wi-Fi. Yes. You read that correctly! There is no Wi-Fi at this place. Great if you don’t need to be online or have a Wi-Fi hotspot with you. If you still need internet, go to one of the other addresses.

Please note: Coco Penida does not open until noon.

Food: 6/10, a bit disappointing, small portions and not much taste.
Coffee: 8/10, fine!
Air conditioning: no, but because you are by the sea there is always a nice breeze.
Wi-Fi: no
Price level: 7/10, for cocktails: great, but the food is a bit overpriced.
Vibe: 9/10, beach view, not too crowded, the perfect workplace on Nusa Penida to be inspired by your environment!
Seats: 9/10, comfortable, lots of space!

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Digital nomad hotspot 4: The Ped Café – Ped

The Ped Café, as the name already suggests, is located in the middle of Ped. This colourful restaurant has a lot of seating areas (with sockets). Wi-Fi works well and the kitchen is fast and makes tasty dishes. We went for the avocado toast, nasi goreng (spicy) and pancakes. The latter was very tasty!

Click here for the location of this digital nomad hotspot on Nusa Penida

Working in The Ped Café is great. In this work-friendly café, you get your work done. Especially the table at the far right in the back is a lovely spot for digital nomads. Prices are relatively low and the staff is very friendly.

Food: 8/10, tasty dishes, nothing surprising.
Coffee: 8/10, fine!
Air conditioning: no, but fans
Wi-Fi: 8/10, yes and it worked well most of the time
Price level: 8/10, most dishes are very affordable, only the coffee is pricey.
Vibe: 9/10, nice colours, not too busy
Chairs: 7/10, the chairs are fine for working a few hours.

Digital nomad hotspot 5: The Sweet Spot (extra coworking place) – Ped

The Sweet Spot is a new restaurant in Nusa Penida island. This is also the only place on this list of coworking places on Nusa Penida island where there is air conditioning! Perfect for when you have to shine on your work during a hot day! Unfortunately, The Sweet Spot was closed during our time on Nusa Penida. That’s why we couldn’t try out this spot.

Click here for the location of this digital nomad hotspot on Nusa Penida

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