Hotspots Bali in 2023: the newest highlights, hotels and restaurants!

Hotspots in Bali! My very first destination ever in Asia and also one of my favourite places on that continent: Bali! In this blog, I will tell you about the newest and nicest hotspots, restaurants, hotels, and activities in Bali in 2023! In this travel guide, you will find tips and hotspots for Uluwatu, Canggu, Ubud, and Nusa Lembongan.

Hotels and restaurants on Bali in 2023!? The latest Bali hotspots!

Maybe you wonder why I have that year in it? And didn’t I already have a travel guide for Bali? Yes, but this hotspot guide is a major update* of the previous travel guides that I wrote about Bali. The new restaurants, cafés, and hotels in Bali are sprouting like mushrooms, so a lot has changed on the island since our last visit in 2018. Fortunately, we spent January and February in Bali and I could test all these new highlights and hotspots in Bali.

So hereby: a brand new Bali guide full of hotspots for the different regions of the island!

Hotspots on pretty Uluwatu:

Uluwatu with its rocks and deep blue sea is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Bali! You will find the best surfers in the water here and there are all kinds of fun hotspots!

Hotel hotspots on Uluwatu:

Budget: Uluwatu Breeze Village is still fantastic! We were here last year too and I still dream about their breakfasts! From € 35 per night for a double room!

Luxury: La Joya Resort is a beautiful location to sleep. The restaurant at the hotel serves good food and from here you can reach Bingin Beach in no time by scooter or at a nice cafe in Uluwatu. From € 75 per night for two people.

Activities and sights in Uluwatu:

Visit the Uluwatu Tempel (but watch out for the monkeys!). Explore the different beaches, have a drink at a hip beach club and definitely visit Karang Boma Cliff. This is a high cliff from where you can see tens of meters below you, the water high against the rocks. Karang Boma Cliff is the most beautiful during sunset! You can do sports in Uluwatu at Bali Training Centre. Here you will find HIT training, Kettle Belt, Muay Thai and many more great lessons.

Best beaches of Uluwatu:

There are a number of beautiful beaches around Uluwatu. Hereby our favourite places!

Nyang Nyang Beach:
It is a bit scrambling to reach this beautiful beach, but the advantage is that you have it all to yourself! Do you spot the old shipwreck?

Bingin Beach:
This is my favourite beach in Uluwatu. It is spacious, with clear water and a number of nice but simple restaurants.

Dreamland Beach:
A nice big beach with enough beds to lie on!

Suluban Beach:
This small beach consists of a few bays, hidden among the rocks. You reach this beach by walking down at Single Finns. You will find many surfers here.

Balangan Beach:
Balangan Beach is really lovely, as a beginner you can learn how to surf well. Bali: Uluwatu Blue Point Beach

Restaurants / cafes and hotspots on Uluwatu:

  • Suka Espresso: for lunch and coffee (their falafel wrap is the best)!
  • La Baracca Bali for when you fancy Italian pizzas. They even have vegan pizza, highly recommended.
  • I am also a big fan of The Loft in Uluwatu. The restaurant is in a light room, has nice corners and seating areas and the food … that is really tasty!
  • Highly recommended is The Cashew Tree, delicious vegetarian dishes in a beautiful setting.

Uluwatu cliff droneshot travel guide Bali

Beach clubs on Uluwatu:

  • Omnia: Omnia is a very popular beach club in the south of Uluwatu! You can really see it here and there are often seen great DJs playing in the club. Prices are very high.
  • Ulu Cliffhouse: this chic beach club overlooks the sea. There are spacious beds, perfect for lounging. Every Friday, drinks are half the price from 4 p.m. to midnight.
  • Single Finns: this restaurant/club is located above the rocks of Suluban Beach. It is a popular hotspot in Uluwatu, during the day you watch the surfers below you in the water, in the evening you dance until your feet are tired! Every Sunday a beautiful party takes place here, be sure to stop by if you are in Uluwatu on Sunday.


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Hotspots in hip Canggu & Berawa:

Canggu is the surfing village of Bali. It is indispensable during your trip through Bali, but it is becoming increasingly popular and therefore busier. No problem for us, Canggu really feels a bit like home. we have a nice gym, permanent (cheap) warung, and a hotel that we always go to. Berawa is the neighbourhood next to Canggu, somewhat larger than Canggu itself and full of nice hotspots. You reach Berawa via the famous shortcut.

The best hotels in Canggu:

Canggu is full of beautiful hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes and more. An extensive hotel guide will follow shortly, but here are already some nice hotels for Canggu!

Temuku Homestay
Near Bona Kubu and a good alternative. Nice new rooms and a nice swimming pool! Here too you can grab some fruit in the morning. Prices from € 21.00 per night.

Bona Kubu
We slept here twice. Lovely hotel with a small fruit breakfast and lovely people. The rooms are simple but beautiful. And the pool is great! Prices from € 28.00 per night.

Ecosfera Hotel, Yoga & Spa €€
Relax in this green oasis. Starting at € 37 per night (2 people).

Echo Beach Villa €€
Spacious villas for 4-6 people. This is the apartment where our friends S. and N. were. Wonderfully spacious and also suitable for a family and / or longer stay. Prices from € 55.00 per night.

Guesthouse Bali Manik pool Canggu Bali

Activities and things to do in Canggu:

You visit Canggu because of the vibe, nice restaurants, shops, good surfing and yoga. Canggu feels modern, you can’t think of it that way or you can do it in Canggu. Enjoy sports in Canggu at Victory Fitness, for € 1.85 you can work out here!

Retreats in Canggu:

Totally zen from a multi-day yoga retreat or finally learning how to surf? There are various yoga and surf retreats in Canggu. Hereby a selection.

Surf retreats in Canggu:

  • Four-day semi-private surf camp in Canggu: Click here!
  • Eight-day surf camp for intermediate and advanced surfers in Canggu: Click here!

Yoga retreats in Canggu:

  • Seven-day yoga and fitness retreat (only for women) in Canggu: Click here!

Spa/hairdresser in Canggu:

Chillax is a local spa that is nice and also Dream Spa Salon seems to be good. Fancy a little more luxury? Then go to Rob Peetoom in Seminyak.Paddling Tip of Borneo Sabah Malaysia

The best beaches of Canggu and Berawa

Don’t expect to see snow-white beaches and turquoise sea in Canggu. The beaches have dark sand, sometimes some rocks but are not overwhelmingly beautiful. Yet the beaches of Canggu are really a highlight! During the day this is the place to surf and in the evening you can enjoy beautiful sunsets! Here are the nicest beaches in Canggu:

Echo Beach:
The busiest beach in Canggu is Echo Beach. Here you will find many beach bars, sunbeds and umbrellas. The sea is full of surfers in the morning and in the evening. Even if you are not surfing, you can really enjoy playing in the high waves.

Batu Bolong Beach:
Batu Bolong Beach is a beach that is especially popular for surfing. You will find dozens of surf shops and board rental companies here. There are not so many restaurants here, but you are close to the beach club The Lawn and Old Mans.

Canggu Beach:
This is my favourite beach. It is a bit quiet here, people are relaxed and the prices are somewhat lower. The waves also seem just a little better for a beginner here.Sunset Barawa beach Bali

Restaurants / Cafes in Canggu and Berawa:

It is full of great restaurants, cafés and hotspots in Canggu. In fact, there are so many that we wrote a separate hotspot guide for Canggu. You can find it here.

Already a selection with some fine restaurants in Canggu: Mocca Cafe, Crate Cafe, Bu Mi Warung, La Baracca and The Shady ShackKinoa Clean Eating Bar are new in Canggu. There are also a lot of new restaurants in Berawa such as Cinta Cafe, Milu by Nook, Secret Spot (delicious breakfasts and frozen yoghurt!) and finally Peloton Supershop.

Read this Canggu hotspots blog with more than twenty trendy restaurants in Canggu!

Hotspots: Beach clubs in Canggu!

  • The Lawn: sunbathe during the day, have a bite to eat in the evening and then dance with your feet in the sand (and on the grass). The Lawn stay fun!
  • La BrisaLa Brisa is a beautiful hotspot on Echo Beach in Canggu. The club has expanded considerably with a large lounge area on the right. Including several swimming pools!
  • Finns Beach Club: This huge club with multiple swimming pools, VIP areas and restaurants is located in Berawa. Not quite my thing because something too large-scale but funny to visit.
  • Alternative Beach: this hotspot is a beach club that is not on the beach. Just opened and a great place to enjoy an afternoon of sun, swimming pool and drinks. There are fun parties here every Wednesday and Saturday.

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Fine restaurants, hotspots and fun activities in Ubud:

Ubud is the spiritual centre of Bali. You can completely unwind amidst nature with beautiful rice fields. Ubud is the perfect base to visit more of the higher part of Bali. Ubud is also known for the great yoga that you can practice here. Read on for more hotspots in Ubud!

A very nice hotel in Ubud!

The Sri Ratih Cottages are truly pure luxury. It starts on arrival, where you get a welcome message, then you sleep in a nice house with a swimming pool and a fantastic breakfast is served in the morning. With € 70 per night (2 people) this hotel is slightly more expensive, but it is more than worth the money!

Things to do near Ubud

  • Cycling through the rice fields around Ubud is really something that you must have done. 
  • Also very nice, a cooking class from a Balinese lady.
  • There are several beautiful waterfalls around Ubud. The prettiest? The Tibumana Waterfall!
  • Fancy a cool hike? Then walk the Campihan Ridge Walk. This cool trek runs over the ridge and gives a breathtaking view of the Ubud area.
  • Finally, it is a must to visit Tirta Empul (the water temple), only the road to it is worth it.

Sports in Ubud

Do yoga at The Yoga Barn. Fancy a lesson or an hour in the powerhouse, visit Ubud Fitness Center that is a little more to the north. It is a nice gym with two floors of gym equipment overlooking the palm trees. The entrance fee is 90,000 IDR (€ 6) and you also get a towel, water and good WiFi for this.

Spa in Ubud:

A day of relaxation is a must when you are in Ubud. That is very good at Spa Bali Ubud and Bali Botanica Day Spa. With the latter you have a Balinese massage of one hour for 170,000-190,000 IDR (€ 12 to € 14).

Retreats in Ubud:

Cycling on Bali - Ubud

Food hotspots in Ubud!

There are more than enough nice restaurants and cosy cafes in Ubud. Here is a selection of the newest and nicest hotspots in the Ubud area of Bali!

Spice by Chris Salans
This restaurant is from the famous chef Chris Salans. For 200,000 IDR (around € 15) you get a four-course dinner here. They use a seasonal fine-dining menu with tasty local things.

Yellow Flower
A little harder to find is the restaurant Yellow Flower, but once you’ve found it, the food is really a reward!

Kafe is also a very nice restaurant in Ubud with delicious coffee!

The Alchemy
Everything is Raw, Vegan but especially beautiful here. Great for a cup of coffee.

Earth Cafe
Earth Cafe is above Earth Market. Everything you find here is vegan and very tasty!

Avocado Warung Ubud
And finally, the Avocado Warung Ubud, which is located higher up, is also recommended for tasty and relatively inexpensive food (with of course a lot of avocado).Rice terraces of Bali with Charlotte Plans a Trip Bali Indonesia

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The best hotspots on Nusa Lembongan:

Nusa Lembongan is an island east of Bali, a true paradise. The island of Nusa Lembongan is close to Nusa Penida, a larger, more rocky island. Nusa Lembongan is much quieter than Nusa Penida, and perfect if you are travelling with a (young) family. Below the hotspots of Nusa Lembongan.

Hotels on hotspot Nusa Lembongan

Amora Hut’s
This nice hotel, within walking distance of the beach, has very nice outdoor bathrooms, a nice swimming pool and comfortable beds. You can sleep here from € 23 per night (two people).

Lembongan Cliff Villas €€
In addition to a very beautiful view, the Lembongan Cliff Villas also have a nice infinity pool. You stay here from € 59 per night (two people).

Activities and cool things to do on Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is best known for the diving and snorkelling that you can do here. Ries has swum here with Manta Rays. Another fun activity is to rent a bike (that can already be for IDR 50,000 or € 3.10) and thus cycle to the other side of the island, for example to the Mangrove Forest. When you arrive at the Mangrove you are close to the Agung Beach Club, a nice beach club to spend a few hours in one of the hammocks.Bali: Nusa Lembongan

Do you miss Nusa Penida in this hotspot guide? That’s right! I wrote an extensive travel guide for Nusa Penida with lots of hotspots!

Restaurants, cafes and hotspots on Nusa Lembongan:

Nusa Lembongan has a few nice restaurants but is not comparable to the trendy Canggu or Seminyak!

Bali Eco Deli
Bali Eco Deli has very tasty food and is relatively cheap.

Hai Bar and Grill
Hai Bar and Grill is located on the beautiful Mushroom Bay. Fine cocktails and easy beach bites while you lie snuggling away in a hammock.

Sandy Bay Beach Club
Do you want a slightly more upscale dinner party? Then reserve a table at Sandy Bay Beach Club. You will be picked up at your hotel in a golf cart and then enjoy a beautiful sunset with the rough waves crashing against the rocks.

Agung Beach Club
Agung Beach Club is a nice beach club in a beautiful location. Perfect for an afternoon of relaxation!

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