About Charlotte and Ries

Hi, my name is Charlotte!

Together with my fiancee Ries, I have been living in Amsterdam for quite a few years. However, you won’t find me very often in Amsterdam. Since there is nothing I rather do than travel and discover new places. Or perhaps one thing: planning a new trip. Yes, traveling makes my heart beat faster. But, as a born control freak ánd very curious in nature, I always want to know everything about where I’m going. Therefore, if I am not abroad, there is a good chance that you will find me reading a travel guide.

Furthermore, when I am travelling I’m always a bit homesick to my family and friends! You can wake me up for a piece of Manchego cheese, pink candy or a glass of cold rose from the Provence. What I am less fond of is waiting for public transport (I am not so patient), pushy sellers, or meat (#teamveggie).

Hi, my name is Ries!

You won’t see me that prominent on this blog, but there is hardly any trip Charlotte makes without me. To be honest, I was really the one who motivated us to start travelling. As a child, I visited South Africa and Thailand with my parents and spent many summers in the South of France. The first far trip Charlotte and I took was to visit my family in Canada. I have lived in Madrid and Sao Paulo and travelled a lot in the Brazil area.

You can wake me up for good coffee and a beautiful sunrise. Since I take all the photos on this blog, I love the light in the golden hour during sunrise and sunset. Do you have a question about photography? Please send me a message. I am a bit of a gadget freak and love to immerse myself in everything about lenses, cameras and drones! In addition, I always have a new destination in my head which I HAVE to go to. Sometimes I have to slow down a bit because I prefer to be in a different place every day and according to Charlotte, I never get tired.

About Charlotte Plans a Trip

Every trip we make is different. Every country, every city and every mountain we climb is special in its own way. Through this blog, we share our personal experiences. We describe everything we experience and discover in our diary blogs, the positive and less positive things. In our itinerary blogs, you will find useful tips and itineraries. In the budget post, we keep track of exactly how much money we spent on a trip. All from our own perspective and experiences.

What you won’t find on this blog:

  • The perfect picture: life is not perfect, we certainly are not and our Instagram and blog posts are not like that either.
  • Always the most expensive resorts or only budget accommodations: we travel with backpacks and with a strict budget, but also love an occasional splurge. We, therefore, try to have a good mix of budget and more expensive accommodations.
  • Guest blogs: we write all the articles ourselves! After all, this blog is called Charlotte Plans a Trip.
  • The hippest clubs or underground festivals: well grandma here is asleep before 10 p.m. so the only parties I have are with DJ pillow and MC blanket. However, we love to go for some drinks or a fancy dinner and I’m happily tell you about those spots!

What you will find on this blog:

  • Our honest opinion: we were not crazy about Semuc Champey, so we tell you that honestly. And sometimes we also have serious doubts before we travel and will share those moments with you as well.
  • Hotspots and hidden gems: hotspots are not hotspots for nothing, so we like to visit them. But we try to mix that with enough less known places and hidden gems.
  • Blogs full of tips for arranging things yourself: organized trips are not our thing, we try to arrange things and figure them out.
  • Adventurous hikes, sports tips and the best yoga schools: at every destination, we try to get enough exercise. So you will often find hiking routes, gyms or running tips here!


Our goal with Charlotte Plans a Trip is to inspire you and to help you plan your next trip. Do you, therefore, have questions or need help? Let us know!
Enjoy reading!

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