The 11 best free coworking locations and work-friendly cafés in Canggu & Berawa on Bali!

Canggu, a small surfing village in Bali is the mecca for digital nomads. There is a MacBook in every café that you enter, followed by a freelancer, content creator or digital nomad. In this blog, the 11 work-proof and work-friendly cafés and restaurants in Canggu and Berawa! The cafes on this “nomad list of best places to work” are free as long as you drink or eat here too!

The best free cafés to work in Canggu and Berawa in Bali!

You can spend hours working with your laptop in all these digital-friendly hotspots, surrounded by beaches and good food! With hundreds of trendy restaurants and various paid co-working spaces, it is quite difficult to find a place that is quiet and has reliable wifi to work in Canggu.

We tested various restaurants, cafés and hotspots to see how working in these places is. In this blog, you will find our findings of these co-workplaces which are both work-proof and work-friendly.

We ourselves stayed for one month in Canggu where we worked in a lot of different spots. The nomad list selection below are only the coworking hotspots that we liked the most in terms of work-proof and work-friendly cafes. Besides, we blended in the ‘niche’ habitat of digital nomads living and working in Canggu: Going to the gym, practise yoga, go surfing, spoil yourself with healthy food and work a bit;)Kinships Coworing space with laptop Canggu Bali

Rated co-working spaces in Canggu and Berawa, Bali

We rated all co-working spaces on ​​Wi-Fi speed, seating and atmosphere (i.e. vibe). But you can also read how delicious the food is, whether the coffee is well blended and whether this is a budget-friendly and affordable co-working place.

To give a better picture of the internet quality in a certain place, the ambience or how good the food is, we rated the coworking space on a scale from 1 to 10. Where 10 is the highest grade and 1 the lowest grade.

7 great restaurants and cafes where you can work for free in Canggu!

Canggu is our favourite place in all of Bali. Even though Canggu is not large, there are more than enough work-proof coffee shops. Below, the six best cafes to work from in Canggu.

Note: with the term ‘free’ we mean, you do not have to pay to actually work at the place. It is not like a paid co-working spot. However, it means you have to purchase drinks and food. I guess this makes sense, right?

1. Zin Cafe – Jl. Nelayan | Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Far above all other cafés, Zin Cafe is number one in locations where you can work well in Canggu. This large restaurant has a special “work” zone, where you can work quietly: without loud music and sounds from the kitchen.

Everyone in this workspace has the same mindset, creating a super productive atmosphere! The only drawback is that there is no air conditioning. On a warm day, you will sweat. So, make use of the fans they provide to keep you focused on your work!

Wi-Fi is free, just like water, you can refill your bottle or glass as often as you like. The food is really delicious. The dishes are more expensive than in other places (a dish costs between 90 and 120 IDR, € 6- € 8). But are so tasty that this is more than worth the money. They also roast and blend their own coffee and you can taste this! As a result, you get the perfect caffeine boost!

Food: 9/10
Coffee: 10/10
Air conditioning: none (but fans)
Wi-Fi: 9/10
Price level: 5/10 (quite expensive for Bali)
Vibe: 9/10
Seats: 9/10 are great!

Cafe Zin Canggu Bali

You can also sleep here very well! Click here to book a room at the Zin Hotel.

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2. Samm’s Farm Coffee – Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong | Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Samm’s Farm Coffee is a brand-new work-friendly in the middle of Canggu. You drink delicious coffee here, and in addition to the standard cappuccino, special variations such as kombucha coffee (fermented coffee) are served!

There will be air conditioning and a special workstation with printers coming soon. This was not yet installed when we were here.

The Wi-Fi works well, and the case is nicely decorated. The only drawback to a day at Samm’s Farm Coffee is that the chairs are not very ergonomic. Great for half a day, but working here all day is not good for your back.

Food: 8/10
Coffee: 9/10
Air conditioning: soon yes
Wi-Fi: 9/10
Price level: 9/10, the coffee is well priced!
Vibe: 8/10
Seats: 6/10

Sams Farm coffee house Canggu Bali

3. Monsieur Spoon – Pererenan Beach Street (location Pererenan) | Click here for the location on Google Maps!

We can be found several times a week at Monsieur Spoon. This franchise is located in different places in Bali. Anyway, we get all our bread here, because the baguette and croissants are fantastic! We are talking about this specific Monsieur Spoon location, just outside Canggu, is also a good place for working.

Because of the location of this Monsieur Spoon, it is often nice and quiet here, perfect when you need to concentrate. They also have air conditioning, however, it is not always on.

There are a few sockets, especially at the high table in the back corner where we usually sit.

Because this Monsieur Spoon location is close to our gym (Victory Fitness), we often start working here early in the morning. After a few hours of work, it’s time for a workout and then lunch!

Food: 9/10, the bread from Monsieur Spoon is great!
Coffee: 8/10
Air conditioning: yes but not always on.
Wi-Fi: 7/10, sometimes drops out
Price level: 7/10, not so cheap
Vibe: 8/10
Seats: 8/10 are pretty good.

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4. Dharma Coffee and Juice – Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong | Click here for the location on Google Maps!

The small restaurant Dharma has a fresh appearance. Wi-Fi is good and the staff is nice. The coffee, however, was a bit disappointing, but the prices are not very high.

We were sitting on the high chairs by the window for a few hours. Lovely in the air conditioning while we overlooked the street. There are enough sockets and if it is not full (which does not often happen), this is a great quiet place to work.

Food: 7/10
Coffee: 6/10
Air conditioning: yes!
Wi-Fi: 8/10
Price level: 8/10, great prices!
Vibe: 7/10
Seats: 7/10 the high seats at the window are the best!

Coworking space Good Karma Canggu Bali

5. Alter Ego – Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan | Click here for the location on Google Maps! Update 2023: Alter Ego is unfortunately closed 

Near Echo Beach, opposite the expensive co-working space DoJo, you will find the nicely decorated Alter Ego. Here you can work for free if you order a drink of course.

It feels like the lobby of a fancy hotel, but it really is just a restaurant. On the tables, you mainly see laptops, with a coconut or falafel wrap next to them. The high windows provide enough light and the music is nice. From here you walk to the beach in two minutes, the perfect break after some hours of hard work.

There is air conditioning and that makes it a nicer place to work than DoJo, which is a paid co-working spot. The only drawback of Alter Ego is the fact that the Wi-Fi sometimes fails.

Food: 9/10the falafel wrap is tasty!
Coffee: 8/10, just right!
Air conditioning: yes!
Wi-Fi: 7/10, Wi-Fi sometimes drops out
Price level: 7/10, not cheap, not expensive.
Vibe: 8/10, many people are working here.
Chairs: 6/10 here is certainly improvement possible. The tables are just too low for the corresponding chairs.

6. Rise and Shine – Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong | Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Rise and Shine is a nice open restaurant with nice music. The atmosphere is cosy but not necessarily work-minded and work-proof. Most people come for a nice breakfast in the sun. Wi-Fi works well here, the service is nice and the tables are large enough for your laptop. There are also a number of electrical outlets.

For us, Rise and Shine is a nice place to work, but not the place where you can get to work full of concentration. For that, there are too many people who come for breakfast and lunch. Because the restaurant is open and on a busy street, there is a lot of background noise.

Food: 9/10 (tasty smoothie bowls)
Coffee: 9/10, very tasty
Air conditioning: No
Wi-Fi: 8/10
Price level: 8/10, the coffee is not expensive, but smoothies are relatively pricey.
Vibe: 8/10
Seats: 7 / 10th tables on the left have power points and are fairly comfortable

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7. Cafe Lila Kozina – Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong | Click here for the location on Google Maps! Update 2023: Cafe Lila Kozina is unfortunately permanent closed

This brand new pink restaurant is the perfect work-proof hotspot. The food is Moroccan, the space bright and nicely decorated. There is quiet background music and the wifi works well! The big advantage of this workplace in the middle of Canggu is the air conditioning! This works perfectly, a good place to escape the heat of Canggu and to concentrate on your laptop! There are a few sockets, but not at every table.

Perhaps the best thing about this place is the delicious food! A different cuisine (we didn’t have a Moroccan in Bali yet!), and the chefs turn every dish into a party. Looking for anything which isn’t good about this place? Well, a very small thing, but the extractor in the kitchen does not work optimally.

The only days that you can’t play the digital nomad in this cafe in Canggu are Wednesday and Sunday: on these days Lila Kozina is closed.

Food: hummus, couscous, vegetarian spring rolls: all delicious!
Coffee: 8/10, very tasty
Air conditioning: yes!
Wifi: 9/10
Price level: 7/10, the prices are relatively high (almost three euros for a coffee)
Vibe: 8/10, it is a quiet place, with both eaters and people at work
Chairs: 8/10 the sofas have so many cushions that you can sit the way you want!

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4 great (free) co-working places in Berawa!

Berawa is a neighbourhood, next to Canggu. You reach Berawa via the famous (or notorious) short-cut that lies in the middle of the rice fields.

Every day there is a big traffic jam here, as soon as you take the short cut you know what we are talking about! That also means that Berawa is not always a handy place to go to.

From Canggu, you are in any case 10-20 minutes on the road. But there are very nice workplaces in Berawa. So here are our three favourite cafés where you can work for free in Berawa.

1. Cafe … work – Jl. Subak Sari | Click here for the location on Google Maps! Update 2023: Cafe … work is permanently closed

This newcomer is the ultimate dream of a digital nomad. It is a combination of a coworking space, living room and café! This place is full of design! Therefore, the best coworking place for a full day of hard work!

Thanks to the relaxing music, spacious sofas, seats and tables and of course the nice air conditioning, Cafe … Workecht is my favourite place to work in Berawa! Here I can concentrate for a whole day sipping on a delicious coffee.

The atmosphere is perfect, everyone here is working and communicates with each other in a soft tone. If this shop was opened in Canggu, it would have beaten café Zin as work-proof place!

In the back of the room, there are some desks with ergonomic chairs and extra screens. These are paid coworking places. The only thing Cafe … Work is not perfect at is the Wi-Fi. Especially when there are many people working, the Wi-Fi sometimes fails.

Food: not applicable (there are only croissants)
Coffee: 9/10
Air conditioning: yes!
Wi-Fi: 7/10 (not always reliable)
Price level: 8/10 (there is a 20% discount if you pay between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.
Vibe: 10/10 (the atmosphere is just perfect!)
Seats: 10/10 (there are all kinds of different types of seats, something for everyone!)

2. Sunny Cafe – Jl. Pantai Berawa | Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Sunny Cafe is a nice restaurant in Berawa. The decor is great, just like the food. There are more than enough power outlets and the air conditioning keeps you cool. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi dropped out quite often when we were working here. However, that may have been a snapshot.

Food: 9/10 (super tasty pancakes!)
Coffee: 8/10
Air conditioning: yes!
Wi-Fi: 5/10 (the internet dropped out a bit too often!)
Price level: 8/10
Vibe: 8/10
Seats: 8/10

3. Satusatu Coffee Company: Jl. Pantai Berawa | Click here for the location on Google Maps!

For the best coffee, while working in Berawa, you have to go to Satusatu! This restaurant grows and roasts its own coffee and you can taste that! But of course, you are not solely here for the coffee, work has to be done! And that is definitely possible in the work-friendly space on the first floor. In a kind of glass room, with a large table where you can work on with up to six people. There is quiet music being played, there is air conditioning (unfortunately you are sitting above the kitchen so it is still hot), and you are not hearing the noise of the ground floor. A very work-friendly restaurant!

Satusatu is a very popular place. Not surprising because the food is delicious and cheap too. Because it gets so busy, it is not very suitable for digital nomads on the ground floor. If the workspace on the first floor is full, it might be better to visit Satusatu another time. In that case, do linger around to the taste of that famous coffee, definitely worth it!

Food: super tasty (go for the tuna sandwich), but small portions.
Coffee: 10/10
Air conditioning: only on the first floor, does not work great.
WiFi: 7/10, sometimes doesn’t work
Price level: 10/10, wow, these are great prices! Only the coffee is more expensive!
Vibe: 8/10, on the first floor it is quiet, the ground floor soon becomes too busy!
Chairs: 9/10 Nice and solid wooden chairs and tables at a good height!

4. Bonus tip coworking space: Kinship Studio – Gg. Jalak VIB | Click here for the location on Google Maps!

First of all, Kinship is not free, but with the GU Guide (available in the App-store), you can get a free day pass here. (nowadays, the changed it to only 2 free hours!). Go check it out, it is a great place for work for a full day or just a few hours.

This large co-working space is located in an old factory hall. This has been completely refurbished, but still has that raw industrial appearance. There is air conditioning (hallelujah, sometimes so nice on a hot day!) And good coffee is served in the coffee bar!

In this coworking space in Berawa, there are special meeting rooms that you can rent, as well as a photo studio. Besides the air conditioning, I also found the peace that prevailed here really a plus.

So download that GU Guide App, claim your free voucher so that you can work a nice day here for free! A normal day pass costs IDR 200,000 (€ 13.50).

Food: not applicable (croissants only)
Coffee: 8/10
Air conditioning: yes!
Wifi: 9/10
Price level: 8/10 (for coffee)
Vibe: 10/10, wonderfully quiet, really my thing!
Seats: 9/10 great!Kinships Coworking space Canggu Bali

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5 work-friend cafes for digital nomads in Canggu and Berawa in Bali; travel guide cowering, work-proof

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