Hotspots Canggu in Bali 2022: where to eat, drink and party!

You can find the hotspots in Canggu in Bali 2022 in this blog! Yes, Canggu is still hip and happening in Bali. We have never seen so many nice restaurants, new beach clubs, special hotspots and cool coffee bars like this year!

New and trusted hotspots in Bali: Where should you be in Canggu in 2022?

To keep an overview and so that you know exactly where to try out which hotspots in Canggu, you will find the newest places of Canngu in this brand new overview! From healthy restaurants to trendy breakfast bars, design beach clubs and cozy coffee bars, everything can be found in Canggu!

At each hotspot you will immediately find the location on Google Maps. I also indicate whether it is an affordable place by means of euro signs next to the name of the restaurant.

Travel Guide Bali Best restaurant guide

Hotspots in Canggu, Bali: Delicious dining in style!

A special night ahead? An intimate dinner, something to celebrate or just fancy a culinary experience? The hotspots below are exactly what you are looking for! Note: some restaurants turn into a cool nightclub later in the evening!

Penny Lane: €€€€

The fancy Penny Lane is located in a kind of semi-covered garden that resembles a beautiful outdoor club. The card is perfect for shared dining. Go for the fries with truffle, so tasty! The roasted vegetables and of course the wine is also very tasty. Definitely not cheap but perfect for a special night out!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

The Slow €€€€

The Slow’s menu is great! From cauliflower with a KFC flavor to great sashimi, tuna tartare and truffle potatoes. If our budget allowed, we would be here every night!

The interior of The Slow is also beautiful: Scandinavian design and modern. Don’t want to leave this place? Don’t worry, The Slow is also a hotel. Click here to book a room directly!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Mason €€€€

A simple menu with lots of cheese, meat and stone oven dishes: completely different from most restaurants in Bali and therefore a blazing success! It is therefore always busy at Mason! Reservations are therefore useful and if you have managed to get a table, then definitely order the puff pastry with spinach and homemade ricotta. Sooo delicious!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!


ZIN is a beautiful hotel, luxurious restaurant and a pleasant workplace all-in-one! What wonderful hours we spent here working and chilling. In addition to fast internet, the best thing about Zin is the great kitchen! For breakfast, lunch and dinner you will enjoy yourself here with tasty dishes that have a slightly different twist than you would expect.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

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Hotspots Canggu: Beach bars you cannot miss during your stay in Canggu!

A bit of lounging by the pool during the day or with your feet in the sand, a healthy lunch and then a fun party in the afternoon! These beach clubs are perfect for a relaxing day!

The Lawn €€€€

Right on the beach, opposite The Old Man’s is The Lawn. In this beach club with a swimming pool, a nice table setting and sun loungers, it is great to stay. Dining is very nice, but don’t expect a quiet fine-dining setting, especially in the evening. The Lawn changes into a place where you can dance until the early hours. A place where like-minds find each other and go home with a story at the end of the night.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

La Brissa €€€

La Brissa is my favourite hotspot in Canggu! What a great place this is! This beach club is located on Echo Beach, has several swimming pools and has a lot of nice places to sit. I would call the interior pirate-chic, nets are hanging everywhere, boat masts are used as decoration and a boat has been transformed into a luxurious seating area.

La Brissa is also the best place to watch a sunset! Recommendations here are the burrata, dal bhat and the sushi!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Alternative beach club €€

The name says it all. This beach club is not located on the beach but located in an alternative place. In the middle of the rice fields and in the middle of the town centre of Canggu!

Nevertheless, this is a very nice place where with a great party vibe!  Every Wednesday and Saturday happy-hour is followed up by a party with live DJ. Keep in mind that the average age here is relatively young (teenagers and above). Mainly due to the associated hostel (click here) and apartments (click here).

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

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Local cuisine in Canggu: Indonesian food!

Want to enjoy the local cuisine in Canggu? Then you are at the restaurants below!

Warung Local €

This brand new restaurant is simple but serves tasty and cheap Indonesian food. Because of the buffet shape, you choose a base (rice or fried rice), then you indicate whether you want meat, fish or other side dishes (tip: definitely go for the crunchy tempeh), and determine how much vegetables and sauce you take with it.

The bill is never higher than a few euros, the perfect budget meal! You can eat your food in the cosy restaurant or take it with you to the beach or to your hotel.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Local Warung Travel Guide Canggu Bali

Bu Mi Warung €

Just like Local Warung, at Bu Mi you choose from a diverse buffet with all kinds of tasty local food. The prices here are slightly less transparent than at Warung Local. Here you eat well too and get value for money.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Warung Ban Mi Canggu Bali

Dandelion €€€

Do you want to dine a bit chicer but still eat Indonesian food? Then go for Dandelion. This attractive restaurant is located in a garden in the middle of the rice fields. In the evening there are candles everywhere! Besides, rabbits walk around the tables sniffing for a lost carrot. The food is very tasty and quite spicy!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Brand new hotspots and restaurants in Canggu:

Here are the newest restaurants in Canggu! Not to be missed! Some open less than a month and are already a great success.

Lola’s Shakin all day €

In this bright pink restaurant, you can enjoy the happiest breakfasts. Everything in bright colours! Perfect for a tasty and budget-proof breakfast. In addition, a shout out for the service, what sweet, smiley girls!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Lola's Shakin All day

Cafe Lila Kozina €€

Until recently, you couldn’t eat Moroccan food in Canggu. Until hotspot Lila Kozina opened its doors. From couscous to delicious shakshouka, salads and soups. Not only the food is great, but the interior is also mouth-watering too! With beautiful carpets, mirrors, sitting areas and lamps.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Fabbrica €€€

Brick oven pizzas with a crust that is so thin and crispy that you immediately have the idea of being in Italy instead of Bali. Fabbrica also has a wonderfully casual atmosphere. An open kitchen, friendly staff and an industrial interior.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

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Breakfast, coffee or all-day brunch in Canggu!

Canggu is all about the best coffee, Australian-style brunch and healthy juices, juices and bowls. Below our favourite new breakfast hotspots in Canggu!

Rise and Shine €€

For tasty and not too expensive coffee, you can go to Rise and Shine. The healthy juices, juices and smoothie bowls are also delicious!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!


Rise and Shine Hotspots Bali Canggu

Copenhagen €€

Early in the morning, Copenhagen is already full of surfers, fit girls and digital nomads who see their question about caffeine answered here. This lovely restaurant is then filled all day with hipsters and surf dudes looking for a tasty snack.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Copenhagen Canggu Bali

Gypsy Kitchen and Bar €€

The best “caramel crepes” in all of Bali can be found in this all-time favourite hotspot Gypsy! The dozens of paper thin pancakes are my favorite dish here. Although the chef can also do something with other dishes. You don’t go out hungry anyway!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Samm’s Farm €

Good coffee and light brunch served by the always-smiling Samm. This new hotspot in Canggu is worth a visit! This place as air conditioning as well.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Cafe Organic €€

As the name says, everything here is organic. Besides, expect many healthy dishes and a playful interior full of swings, wood and lots of light. A nice place right in the center of Canggu.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Charlotte Canggu Organic Cafe

Funky Pancakes €€

Pancakes: my favourite breakfast. And now let hotspot Funky Pancakes make the best fluffy American pancakes in all of Canggu. Choose a pancake from the menu (which is anything but standard), or put together your ultimate pancake!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Funky Pancakes hotspots canggu Bali

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All time favourite restaurants in Canggu

Not the newest hotspots, but places that have made Canggu what they are today. These restaurants in Canggu are the classics: stop by anyway!

Deus €€€

Everytime we get back to Canggu, we visit this place! The vibe is just great. This restaurant/motorcycle shop/clothing store/barber /tattoo shop is a pleasure and an inspirational place to be. My favourite dish here is the grilled tuna, although the salads and pizzas are not wrong either. Keep some space for the chocolate brownie, it’s great here too!

Every week there are performances and on tattoo Tuesday you can get a free tattoo (not quite my thing but a funny concept). Ries can’t resist looking at the surfboards and motorbikes that are sold here. Every time, he says he is going to buy a surfboard and motorbike. In short, definitely visit!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Crate €€€

The super-popular Crate has been around for years. Maybe this is the place where it all started here in Canggu. Delicious smoothie bowls, avocado toast and poached eggs. Crate is the place to be for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Keep in mind that there are large lines, everyone knows how to find Crate nowadays!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Bali: Crate Cafe Canggu

Old Mans €€

Old Mans is the place to go for an easy pizza, coconut and a beer to end the day. This café is a famous name across Bali. Because of the relaxed no-nonsense atmosphere, this is a place where you would go anyway.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Old Mans Canggu hotspots Bali

Shady Shack €€€

Shady Shack is the place for a super tasty but vegan or raw dinner! From vegetable burgers to delicious soup and from salad bowls to kombucha rolls. With a terrace between the rice fields and palm trees and flowers everywhere, this place is a pleasure to eat!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Shady Shack Hotspots Canggu Bali

Monsieur Spoon €€

Do you crave for some good and healthy bread? Monsieur Spoon is your place to be! Besides, crispy loaves of bread they provide good coffee too! Don’t go for the meringue cakes! Once you start, you cannot stop and end up eating a lot of those delicious pies!

Monsieur Spoon has several locations in Bali where the best pieces of bread, baguettes, croissants and pain au chocolate are sold. It is clear that the owner is from France!

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Peekaboo €

Peekaboo is the place to go if we want a nice bite without getting broke. The Peekaboo card is very backpackers-friendly priced! Besides, they play really great music and there is always a table free.

Click here for the location on Google Maps!

Peekaboo Canggu hotspots Bali

Do you miss a certain restaurant, café and hotspot here? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to add it!

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Food hotspots in Canggu 2020: where to eat, drink and party in Canggu on Bali Travel Guide

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