The best home office setup and digital nomad gear: 7 tips, essentials and equipment!

The perfect home office set up! Something everyone is looking for in this crazy time! We have been used to the digital nomad life for some time, without a fixed workplace and office setup. And so we have 7 working from home tips and the best home office setup/ digital nomad gear for you! We talk in this blog about a sturdy but light laptop stand, the best travel keyboard and our favourite coffee machine to keep stay productive! The essentials and equipment everyone who is working from home needs in their home office!

The ultimate home office setup: what essentials should be on your desk?

Whether you are in working in a fancy coworking in Bali, in a hip bar in Berlin or just from your home office, a good remote working setup and light gear are important! The following items are really indispensable when working remotely!

Home office setup: A laptop

The most essential thing when working remotely or from home: a laptop! I love my MacBook Air 13 inch. Nice and light but not too small. The choice of a laptop is, of course, a very personal one and perhaps also depends on what type of laptop your employer gives you.

What should never be missing, especially if you travel a lot with your laptop, is a good laptop cover! This ensures that your laptop is protected against sharp items and no sand gets between the keyboard. I use this Case Logic laptop cover myself.Home office and gadgets Charlotte Plans a Trip

Working from home tip 1:

Make sure there are some plants in your office. Not only is this nice to look at, but plants also provide extra oxygen and some plants even remove toxins from the air. My favourite plants are the Asparagus for my desk, an Elephant ear plant on the ground and of course beautiful flowers.

Digital nomad gear: A super-light laptop stand!

A laptop stand is indispensable for good posture when you are sitting at your laptop. You may have a handy large screen at your normal office, but there is (often) no place for this when travelling and at home. With a laptop stand you ensure that the screen is higher, so you do not have your neck and back in the wrong position. Without a laptop stand, I suffer from back and shoulder pain at the end of the day. My posture is horrible when I am looking all day down towards a laptop screen.

We have long searched for good laptop standards that are also light and compact. In the end, we found the Nexstand K2 and that one is a true winner! This laptop stand has different positions, is super light (236 grams) and is really sturdy. In addition, you can fold it very conveniently and easily take it with you in the protective cover.Home office flowers and gadgets Charlotte Plans a Trip

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Working from home tip 2:

Do you still prefer to work with an extra screen at your home office? Some employers allow you to temporarily borrow an extra screen. If not, take a look here for mildly priced computer screens.

Working from home: my favourite wireless keyboard

Because I really can’t work without my laptop stand, I also use a separate keyboard. Now there are many different keyboards, in all colours, sizes and prices. But what I was looking for was a wireless keyboard, which is rechargeable without having to take out the batteries and which is also small and light. Finally, I came across the Apple Magic QWERTY keyboard. This is the small variant that weighs only 231 grams.Working home essentials by Charlotte Plans a Trip

Working remotely tip 3:

Make time for lunch and give it some extra attention. So say no to a quick snack while you continue working, but take a conscious lunch break. Treat yourself to an omelette, make a big salad or make a luxurious sandwich. Also going outside for a walk or sitting for half an hour in the sun gives you a lot of new energy. All charged up for an intensive afternoon.

Home office: the wireless mouse

A wireless, light mouse, is perfect for travelling, but also a must-have in your home office setup! Because the mouse is wireless, there is more movement freedom. And if you do look at a new mouse, then also pick a rechargeable mouse (and say goodbye to looking for the right batteries). For example, the Apple Magic Mouse, which works on Bluetooth!Working from home @ Charlotte plans a trip

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Working from home tip 4:

If you prefer to work with a trackpad (the flat mouse that is also built into your laptop), you can also buy it separately. This is often slightly more expensive. Click here for the trackpad we almost bought.

Digital Nomad: a small notebook

I always carry a small notebook on which I make notes all day long, write down keywords from SEO research or make shopping lists. I am currently using up all my old notepads, but while travelling, these thin Moleskine notebooks are also great!Home office Homestyle and fitness Charlotte Plans a Trip

Working remotely tip 5:

We work very well with some background music. Especially the concentration playlist of Spotify helps me to stay productive while working. Do you not hear the music because of running children, roommates or partners around you? Or do you like to immerse yourself in music? Then consider using Noise-cancelling headphones or earphones. Ries swears by the products of Bose such as these Noise-cancelling headphones and these noise-cancelling earplugs!

Must have: Refillable water bottle

Recognizable? You have been concentrated for several hours and you slowly feel a slight headache coming on. Oops, you completely forgot to drink while working. This happens to me very often, especially when I work in a different location every time. The solution: always bring a large refillable bottle with water and put it on my desk! When it’s insight, I drink a lot more! Also a nice plus, so you do not always have to buy plastic bottles of water and that is much better for the environment!Working home essentials flowers by Charlotte Plans a Trip

What’s in your kitchen to work productively from home?

Do you, just like we do, currently work from home instead of as a digital nomad? Then you will spend much more time in the kitchen preparing coffee, lunch or othering things than normal! The following tips and products help us enormously to stay productive while working from home.

Home office essentials: the perfect coffee maker + milk frother for at home!

I used to be a coffee addict (confession: I always drank cappuccino with 5 sweeteners !!). Nowadays I stick to two cups of black coffee. But high-quality coffee: Nespresso! When we were still studying in Maastricht, Ries and I used to work for Nespresso. So we do have some knowledge of which cups we like. Our coffee machine is over 10 years old (the Nespresso Magimix), but it still works.

In addition, Ries likes to drink cappuccino, so we also have a Nespresso milk frother. This one is also at least 8 years old and in high need for replacement.

Working from home tip 6:

When you are suddenly forced to work from home, it can sometimes be the case that it feels like private and work are hard to separate. A remedy for this is to clean up your laptop and other work stuff immediately after you have finished working. Make sure all is out of sight so your office desk, is now again the dining table. This way there is still a sort of barrier between work and private life and you will not be tempted to open your laptop again after dinner.

A must-have: the SodaStream

I am completely hooked on a new product we bought a couple of weeks ago: the SodaStream. This device converts your tap water into sparkling water in a few seconds. This means we no longer have to carry heavy bottles of water from the supermarket, we use a lot less plastic and we drink more water during the day. So nowadays I always have a bottle of mineral water on my desk.

We bought the SodaStream Crystal, which includes two glass bottles, but there is also an electric SodaStream (the One Touch) or a SodaStream with plastic bottles.Home office Homestyle and health Charlotte Plans a Trip

Working remotely tip 7:

To stay sharp and not have an energy dip, it is necessary to hydrate well and occasionally to stretch your legs. So it actually works out that if you drink enough, you often have to go to the toilet!

Home office set up: the perfect water cooker!

One day… one day I will have a Quooker water tap! But while we still live in our rental house, this is way too expensive. Fortunately, a simple water cooker is also sufficient! Look how cute this retro Kitchen Aid electric kettle is.

In order not to drink the same “boring” tea bag every day, we alternate with ingredients in our tea. Fresh ginger, lime, lemon and mint are tasty, but try real star anise or cinnamon sticks! I love those!Home office Homestyle and flowers Charlotte Plans a Trip

Do you have more tips for the ultimate home office setup or essential digital nomad gear? Let us know!

So there you go: seven home office tips and the best set up and gear for working remotely. Do you have more tips, must-have digital nomad gear? Or do you have a question about this blog? Let us know via a comment!

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Home office setup what are the perfect gadgets and gear for your home office or remote workingplace as a digital nomad

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