Best hotels & lodges for road tripping and travel in Uganda!

Looking for the perfect hotels for your vacation to Uganda? In this travel blog we show you our favorite hotels for traveling and road tripping in Uganda!

Travel Uganda: the perfect hotels for your safari or road trip in Uganda! 

Such an adventure: traveling through Uganda. We loved it! Uganda has it all: safari’s, gorilla’s, waterfalls, lakes and bustling cities. Are you looking for nice hotels, budget accommodations when you are backpacking Uganda or do you prefer luxury campsites near the lakes of Uganda? Will you be doing a safari in Uganda? Then check out the lodges in the National Parks.

Many people do a road trip Uganda, either themselves or with a chauffeur. We dit this too (check out our Uganda itinerary), and often camped out on budget campsites. These will of course also be included. 

To have a better overview of where all the destinations named in this blog are located check out the map of Uganda below: 

Map of Uganda National Parks and top attractions itinerary

Uganda hotel guide with accommodations for every budget

Below we have listed hotels for all important destinations in Uganda. There are budget accommodations (hostel, basic guesthouse or tent/campsite). You will find mid-range options, which are a bit more spacious. And finally, you will find more luxurious hotels. These are beautiful hotels or lodges where you will be pampered at but that you will pay a higher price for. Very often breakfast is included in a hotel stay in Uganda.

Safari in Uganda: Best lodges & campsites at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) is arguably Uganda’s most famous park. In this stretched park you will find herds of elephants, baboons, the Ugandan Kob, buffalo and giraffes. In the south of the QENP, in the Ishasha sector, you can encounter tree-climbing lions in old fig trees. Make sure you add this park to your Uganda roadtrip! Below, our recommendations for lodges, campsites and luxury hotels. 

A blog on Queen Elizabeth National Park will follow soon!

Kasenyi Safari Camp €

Kasenyi safari camp

This beautiful camp near the Kasenyi gate looks over a crater lake. It has both luxury lodges as the possibility to camp. We camped out here, staying on the wooden platforms safe from hippo’s for $15 per person. 

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Wild Tracks Overland €€

Wild Tracks overland camp

The tents & rooms of this hotel, are simple but clean. There is a restaurant and big garden. It’s located near the Kasenyi gate. Breakfast is included. You stay here in a tent (with real beds) from €62 and in a room from €100. 

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Buffalo Safari Lodge €€€

BUffalo Safari Lodge

The rooms from Buffalo Safari Lodge, near the Kasenyi gate are spacious and blue. Breakfast is included and if you are lucky, you will see animals visiting this camp. You stay here from €150 per room. 

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Travel Uganda: Where to stay the night at Kampala?

The capital Kampala is the largest city in Uganda with almost 1.6 million inhabitants. Kampala has been the capital of the country since 1962 and was originally built on 7 hills. It is a safe city to visit compared to other cities in Africa. Most likely, your journey through Uganda will start in this vibrant city. 

Acacia Villa €

Hotel Acacia Villa KampalaThe rooms of Acacia Villa are simple, but spacious and clean, including a balcony or terrace. You stay her from €32 a night including breakfast.

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Villa Kololo €€

Villa Kololo KampalaThis pretty hotel, located in the city centre of Kampala, has an Italian restaurant and luscious garden. From €170 a night including breakfast. 

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Le petit village €€€

Le Petit Village Boutique Hotel KampalaLuxury hotel with swimming pool, own shop, very good restaurant and spacious air conditioned rooms. From €300 a night incl. very good breakfast!

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Click here for all hotels in Kampala. Will you stay in Entebbe? Then click here for all hotels in Entebbe. 

Lodges in Bwindi Forest National Park!

Bwindi Forest National Park is known for the mountain gorillas. If you would like to spot these endangered animals, this is the place to be. From personal experience, we can highly recommend a gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest NP (click on the link to read the blog we wrote). 

Where you book your hotel depends of course on where you will do the gorilla trekking. If you book with, chances are that you can cancel your hotel just in advance in case you go to another section. Very practical! Here are some hotels and lodges in the Buhoma and Ruhija sectors. These accommodations come in different budget ranges so that there is something for everyone.

Note: we almost never had telephone coverage in the Bwindi Forest National Park. So booking in advance is essential!

Hotels in the Buhoma sector in Bwindi National Park

Bwindi Forest Lodge €Forest Lodge Bwindi Buhoma

This is the budget option in the Buhoma sector in Bwindi. Located near the park gate, it has simple yet clean rooms and a dining room. You sleep in private rooms with breakfast from €55 per night (two persons).

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Silverback Lodge €€Silverback lodge Buhoma Bwindi

This beautiful lodge is a bit higher so you have a phenomenal view of Bwindi National Park. Rooms are luxurious and spacious. You sleep here from €374 in a beautiful room including breakfast (two persons)!

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Trackers Safari Lodge €€€

Trackers safari lodge Buhoma BwindiThis is truly a luxury lodge in Buhoma. With a lovely swimming pool, a large communal area overlooking Bwindi and the surrounded mountains and wonderful beds. You sleep here from €882 all-inclusive (two persons).

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Hotels in the Ruhija sector in Bwindi National Park

Agandi Ecolodge €Agandi Uganda ecolodge Bwindi Ruhija

These beautiful eco-lodges offer the option to camp, starting from $10 per person. In addition, you can eat here by the campfire, and there is wifi. If you choose the lodges, take into account $150 per room.

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Ruhija Community Camp €€Ruhija Community Rest camp Bwindi

This lodge is run by the community. From here you have a marvellous view over the valley. Expect really basic rooms or a tent. Camping is also possible here, from $10 per person. You sleep here from €65 per night.

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Ruhija Gorilla Lodge  €€€Ruhija Gorilla Lodge Bwindi

This is a more luxurious accommodation with a great view at Ruhija but expect simplicity here. You do have a fireplace and a huge breakfast. You sleep here from €141 including breakfast with two people.

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Finally, in Nkuringo is the luxury lodge Gorilla Safari Lodge situated and in Rushaga the beautiful Lodge Rushaga Gorilla Camp.

Travel Uganda: Where do you stay at Lake Bunyonyi?

If you are looking for something quiet and peaceful, then consider Lake Bunyonyi. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by hills and small mountains near the border of Rwanda (and close to Bwindi NP). Lake Bunyonyi has many small islands which you can visit by boat. This destination is perfect for few days of rest, reading a book and enjoy the surroundings. Read our blog about Lake Bunyonyi to have a better idea of this place!

From campsites and budget accommodations to luxury hotels, there is something for everyone in the area of Lake Bunyonyi. Below hotels at Lake Bunyonyi we can recommend!

Edirisa €

This is the campsite where we stayed. Beautifully situated on the water, with free kayaks and good wifi. There are camping pitches, but also dorms and private rooms. Be prepared for an ecotoilet. From 4USD per person to camp.

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Bushara Island Camp €€

bushara island camp

This nice hotel is located on an island, you can reach it by kayaking in 45 minutes or by taking a motorboat. You can camp here or stay in one of the cottages. From 16 USD per night for 2 people (in own tent).

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Rock Resort €€€

Want to look directly at the rice fields and the beautiful lake from your comfortable bed? Then stay a night at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort. The food seems to be delicious here too! From €117 per night for 2 people.

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Road trip Uganda: Where to sleep in Jinja

Jinja is an old colonial town and is known as the adrenaline hotspots in East Africa. You definitely want to visit this place if you love mountain-biking, quad-biking, kayaking and rafting. During our Uganda roadtrip we explored the famous Nile River in the best way there is: whitewater rafting! Read our blog on Jinja for more tips!

Below budget accommodations, campsites and luxury hotels in Jinja we recommend. Click here for more hotels in Jinja. 

Jinja Basecamp €

jinja basecamp

We stayed in this centrally located, spacious hotel. You can camp here (in your own tent or hotel tent), sleep in a dorm or in a cottage. From 10USD per person to camp (including breakfast).

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Camp on the Nile €€

Nile River Camp

This hostel is 9 kilometres away from Jinja on the Nile. The safari tents have a beautiful view of the Nile. You can also camp here or sleep in a dorm. From 45 USD per night for 2 people.

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Kipling Lodge €€€

kipling lodge

With only five bandas and a beautiful interior, Kipling Lodge is the place to unwind. Including swimming pool. The food seems to be delicious here too! From $155 per night for 2 people.

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Safari in Uganda: campsites and lodges in the Murchison Falls National Park

You don’t want to miss Murchison Falls National Park in northwestern Uganda. Murchison Falls is a perfect destination for a safari tour. If you are lucky you can spot lions, elephant, leopards, giraffes, buffalo, hippo and many bird species.

Besides spotting wildlife, you can witness the wild Murchison Falls itself: huge amount of waters bursting through a narrow gorge and finding their way via cascades to the Victoria Nile. Read more about the Murchison Falls National Park including tips on how to do a self-drive safari, in our blog!

Below you will find our hotel recommendations for Murchison Falls National Park. 

Red Chili Hideaway Red Chili hideaway This nice hostel, just south of the Nile, is the perfect place for a budget overnight stay. You can camp here from $8 per person and a double room costs $35. And all this with access to the beautiful swimming pool! From here there is also the option to do various safaris from here and there is a restaurant.

Read more!

Murchison River Lodge €€€Murchison River Lodge

These beautiful lodges are located in the middle of the park (south of the Nile). There is wifi and a swimming pool with a beautiful view! The perfect luxury base for a multi-day stay in the park. You stay here for $300 (2 pers + 3 meals) in a luxury lodge. You can camp for $50 per night per person (including 3 meals).

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Paraa safari lodge €€€€Paraa lodge

This super luxurious hotel not only has beautiful rooms but also a great swimming pool. This is pure luxury in the middle of wild nature. The hotel is located north of the Nile, in the Paraa area. Several activities are offered such as game drive. You can sleep here in a double room from $385 including breakfast.

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Looking for accommodations outside Murchison Falls National Park?

Looking for a hotel just outside the boundaries of Murchison Falls National Park? Consider these options north or south of the park. An advantage of staying outside the park is that you don’t need to pay entree yet. 

Tangi gate (north of Murchison Falls National Park) 

Mama Washindi €mama washindi hotel

This low-budget hotel is beautifully situated in nature and has several nice rooms and furnished tents. Everything is clean but basic. You are here at 8 kilometres from the Tangi gate. You stay here for as little as €24 euros in a double room with breakfast!

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Fort Murchison €€€Fort Murchison

This luxurious hotel with swimming pool has cosy rooms and a nice restaurant. You are here in the middle of nature and only 5 km from the Tangi gate of the Murchison Falls National Park. For a double room, you pay $150, a safari tent from $35.

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Masindi (south of Murchison Falls)

 Murchison Backpackers € murchison backpackers

We slept in this nice hostel ourselves when we were on our way to Murchison Falls National Park. You can camp or sleep in one of the rooms. You stay here from €20 a night.

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New Court View hotel €€ new court view hotel

You can stay in the cute huts of the New Court View hotel from €51. This includes a double room with private bathroom and breakfast. There is a hot shower and the rooms are clean.

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Where to stay at the Sipi Falls?

The Sipi Falls consists of 3 waterfalls and are located on the border of Mount Elgon National Park at an altitude of 1600 meters. You will also find many coffee plantations, chameleons, smaller waterfalls. This green, wild landscape is perfect for hikes, mountain-biking and rappelling along with one of the large waterfalls. See below our recommendations for a good night of sleep:

Home of Friends €

Home of Friends

This guesthouse has cute rooms on 9 km distances from the falls. This is a social impact project. You stay here in a double room from €80 a night, including breakfast. 

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