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Travelling to distant, foreign places is great, but we sometimes forget our home country, The Netherlands. This summer we decided to enjoy our own sweet little country. Because when the sun shines, The Netherlands is actually also very nice. This time a blog with fun activities to do during a holiday on Texel, a small island in the Wadden Sea in the north of The Netherlands.

10 awesome things to do on Texel!

Like I wrote in my previous blog “Travel Guide: Foodhotspots on Texel?”, we are lucky enough to have friends living on Texel. We visit them often and they show us their beautiful island. Besides good food, drinks and conversations, we also do a lot of cool activities. Here is a selection of fun activities that we have done together, or that our friends Jorinde and Tim recommended us.

Nederland - Texel

Visit one of the many beaches or go water skiing

Along the entire West side of Texel, there is a 30-kilometre long sandy beach. Where most beaches in the Netherlands are incredibly busy in the summer, you have plenty of space on Texel even in high season. Every time we visited Texel the weather was amazing, so we went to the beach, played beach tennis and did some sunbathing. But even in spring or autumn, a walk on the beach is lovely. My favourite beaches are (click on the name and the google maps location opens):

Paal 12
This is where all the locals go. Jorinde and Tim have friends who have a small beach house here, which they can also use. So we have relaxed a lot of hours over here.

Paal 31
This is the beach at the famous Texel lighthouse. The beach here is very wide, from the dunes to the sea over a kilometre, and it is really beautiful!

Paal 33
This is the last part of the beach, all the way to the north of Texel. From here you can go by boat to Vlieland (an another Wadden Island), which you see well in the distance.

Nederland - Texel


With so much water around you, it is certainly possible to practise various water sports. You can go kite-surfing on the high waves in Texel, but you can also practice other water sports, such as rafting, kayaking and sailing. There are several surf and sailing schools on Texel, including Paal 17, Paal 19.5, Paal 20 and Oudeschild.

We drove a boat up to the Wadden Sea with some friends. Afterwards, a rope was hung behind the boat, water skies emerged from somewhere and Ries went water skiing.

Nederland - Texel

Walk or cycle through the nature reserves of Texel

Texel is an island with beautiful nature. There are several beautiful nature reserves where you can walk or cycle. The largest area is National Park Dunes of Texel, which covers the entire West side of the island. Here you will find a varied landscape full of dunes, forests and many moors. One of the most beautiful pieces is the Bollekamer in the South West. Wild horses (Scottish Highlanders and Exmoor ponies) run here and you will find a bunker from WWII.

A bit further north you will find the Slufter, an area with all saltwater creeks that is directly connected to the sea. This was laid out by the man in the 20th century with the intention of poldering it, which did not succeed. The result is a beautiful area, full of sea lavender and samphire. In the summer, the entire plains turn purple from the sea lavender that is in bloom. You will also find many different species of birds here.

De Dennen is a beautiful forest to walk through. There are, as the name says, quite a lot of pine trees. In addition to walking and cycling, you can also go horseriding on the equestrian trail.

Try Texel wine or Texel specialty beer

You might have drunk a Texel beer, but did you know that on Texel there is also a vineyard? At the Kroon de Texel vineyard, there are 8500 vines, yielding +/- 6,000 liters of wine per year. There is red, white and rosé wine produced and especially the latter seems to be very good. You can do tours and tastings here. As soon as we are back on Texel, I just have to go here, this seems so nice to me!

Where: Winery De Kroon van Texel, Den Burg
Price: 9 euro per person
Reservation and more information: website

The famous Texel beer brewery is also worth a visit. This is where Texel’s specialty beer comes from, completely brewed with products from Texel’s soil. Guided tours are given, where everything is told about the brewing, fermentation process and the bottling of the beers. Afterwards, you can try a tasting of the different beers in the tasting room. The tasting room can also be visited without a guided tour, to taste beer or to buy beer for at home.

Where: Texelse Bierbrouwerij, Oudeschild 
Price: from 12,50 euro per person
Reservation and more information: website

Nederland - Texel drone

Take a parachute jump above Texel

Imagine: at three kilometers above the ground, the flight door opens, you see Texel lying beneath you. You feel the wind and the power of the plane. And then you jump, together with your supervisor, into the depth. The first 30 seconds is a free fall, where you shoot down at 200 kilometers per hour. Then you open your parachute and float quietly further down the road. With a beating heart, you land on the ground, wow that was so cool!

My friend Jorinde did this Tamdem jump last week, and is completely lyrical about this. This is how you see Texel at its best! I do not know if I would dare, but after Jorinde’s stories and photos, I started thinking about it.

Where: Paracentrum Texel
Price: from 199 euro per person
Reservation and more information: website

Texel with children: fun activities

We do not have kids ourselves, but for the many Texel visitors with children, the following activities are fun to do:

Make a covered wagon tour around the island.

In three hours, you drive with a covered wagon from Jan Plezier, over the beach, through the nature reserves and through the woods.

Practice old Texel handcrafts.

At Landgoed de Bonte Belevenis, children can bake their own bread, make soap, candles and paper. After all that tinkering, you can have a drink in the original tearoom and eat freshly baked cakes.

Visit ice cream farm Labora.

With the enormous trampoline, the playground and petting zoo a nice place to spend an hour and enjoy fresh ice cream. Okay, I have to admit, secretly we also did a lot of jumping on the trampoline, but really, its so big and fun!

Go to the Juttersmuseum Flora

In the Juttersmueumum all finds from beachcombing are exhibited. There are also various exhibitions about shipwreckings and the rescue sector.

Go shrimp fishing on the Wadden Sea.

On an early Saturday morning, we were ready to go with boat TX20 Walrus. The goal: looking for shrimps. Together with dozens of families and the hilarious skipper Herman, we sailed into the Wadden Sea. The fresh air did us good and it was a great morning: Herman told us the craziest stories while fishing, we saw a seal and the catch did not only contain shrimps, but also crabs, starfish and quite a few jellyfish (the latter were returned into the sea). The morning ended with the peeling and eating of the freshly caught shrimps and crabs.

Nederland - Texel

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Nederland Texel best activities

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