Hotspots in Maastricht: our favorite restaurants in Maastricht!

Maastricht is full of hotspots! A visit to the most southern city in the Netherlands always feels like a mini vacation. It feels as if you are no longer in the Netherlands, and you imagine yourself in France or Belgium and you enjoy delicious Burgundian food. In this blog we tell you everything about our favorite hotspots in Maastricht!

Weekend getaway to Maastricht since we are 1 year married!

We haven’t been to Maastricht for over five years, so it’s about time to travel south again. And that certainly does not disappoint! Oh how we love this city!  And how much has changed and many hotspots, shops and restaurants have been added in recent years.

Because we have been married for one year on September 18, we are looking for a nice place for a night away. Initially we would like to return to our wedding location in France, but if that turns out not to be possible, we decide to look for a location that is as French as possible within the Netherlands. And that is of course Maastricht! It’s so nice not to have to sit in the car for hours with my pregnant belly (30 weeks in the meantime ;-)). But it does feel like a true mini break!

Maastricht: the city where we studied

Ries and I studied in Maastricht, but that was more than 10 years ago. And since then we have gone back quite often, only in recent years it has not happened.

In the two days we have here we go back to all the old locations where we used to spend a lot of time 10 years ago. We walk past the houses where we used to live, slip into the University Library (I get a bit of a strange look here with my big belly) and reminisce about the evenings out we had here. For the real Maastricht connoisseurs: we spend half an hour looking for the famous bar De Alla, but it seems to have disappeared.Maastricht

The best hotspots in Maastricht: shops, restaurants & delicacy

But this is not just a trip down memory lane! We also visit a lot of new nice places. And soon come to the conclusion that it’s a good thing we don’t study in this city now, because then all our student finance would go directly to the many hotspots. We wouldn’t be able to stop ourselves from buying way too much coffee at that hip co-working space, and going wild every weekend with delicious wine and cheeses at that new traiteur. But in these two days those limitations are not there and so we eat, drink, enjoy and discover all we want! And here’s the result: a blog filled with the best hotspots in Maastricht!

And are you missing places? Let us know! In May, good friends of ours are getting married in Maastricht and we are going back for a long weekend to celebrate love. And then we’ll probably find time to discover even more places!Maastricht 11

Hotspots Maastricht: delicious restaurants & coffee shops!

Burgundian life seems to have been invented in Maastricht. There are dozens of good restaurants. Below is a small selection!

Le Fernand – French food and delicious wines: our favorite restaurant in Maastricht!

Le Fernand is our number 1 spot! In this beautiful restaurant you imagine yourself in the middle of Paris. But then with very kind waiters! They serve tasty cheeses, oysters and other typical French dishes. Ries (of course) went for the tuna, I opted for an extensive cheese platter with their famous seasoned fries! There are many good (French) wines on the menu and according to Ries the Luberon was delicious. We will definitely go back here after my pregnancy to enjoy the oysters! Note: a reservation is not possible. Click here for the location of this restaurant in Maastricht.

Vino and Friends – Italian

Do you fancy good Italian food? Reserve a table at Vino and Friends (at least a few weeks in advance). You can choose from a three, four or seven course menu, with the first course consisting of five small appetizers. And those are delicious! They also have their own vineyard (Wine Estate Lenoire) just outside the city. In addition to the own wine, delicious Italian wine is also served.

The food was really great here, but because there was a large group, we sometimes had to wait a little longer for the next dish. Tip: indicate when booking that you want to sit at a low table. A whole evening at a high table is just a little less comfortable. Click here for the location of this restaurant in Maastricht.

Café Sjiek – real South Limburg food!

We admit it, from the outside this restaurant doesn’t look like a true hotspot, more like a brown bar. But believe us, these hotspots in Maastricht are the place where you really get the best South Limburg regional dishes! Think of zoervleis (stew meat), steak tartare and sauerkraut dish. The portions are large and prices are very reasonable, in our student days we could also afford this (occasionally). Keep in mind that you cannot make a reservation and it can be quite busy here. Very cosy, you all eat at long tables and there is nothing wrong with that. Click here for the location of this restaurant in Maastricht.

Hotspots Maastricht: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Cake & Coffee Shops!

On the hunt for the best brunches we came across the following places. Some have been around for years, others are brand new!

Piece of Cake – breakfast, brunch, lunch and cakes!

Piece of Cake has been a household name in Maastricht for years. You can enjoy delicious cakes here (as the name suggests). But you can also have a good breakfast, lunch and there is a high tea option here! The restaurant, which moved to Bosschestraat in 2019, is all about high ceilings, English teacups and cozy seating areas inside. This really is the perfect place for an extensive brunch on the weekend! Make a reservation in time, it is often full here! Click here for the location of this restaurant in Maastricht.Maastricht 9

KOFFIE – hip co-working space & coffee shop

Back in the days, we used to drink bad coffee in the University Library (the UB) while studying. But today’s students have a much better place: at the hip coffee shop KOFFIE. Here you can enjoy excellent coffee and a tasty lunch, sitting at long tables surrounded by other students or people who work behind their laptops. The adjacent concept store Le Marais Deux   is also worth a visit. However, keep in mind that your wallet will have a hard time here. Click here for the location of this co-working space in Maastricht.

Patisserie Smores – pastries & lemon meringue pie!

During a visit to the most French city in the Netherlands, I could not miss eating my favorite French pastry. So we went looking for a patisserie that sold Lemon Merengue pies. We ended up at Patisserie Smores, and damn they had some tasty stuff here. In the sun on a bench in front of the business I enjoyed my lemon tart here and secretly wanted another one. Click here for the location of this hotspot in Maastricht.

Confetti children’s shop and coffee shop in one

No children? Then skip this spot for a while. But are you a weekend away with little one(s), then Confetti is definitely recommended! This children’s shop and restaurant in one is a nice place to relax while your kids can play to their heart’s content. Doll houses, mini kitchens, cars, blocks and more than enough drawing supplies ensure that you can have a quiet lunch. In addition to coffee, they also serve pancakes, sandwiches, cake and more than enough child-friendly dishes.

We mainly visited this place because of the accompanying children’s shop, but we can certainly see ourselves here with our son in a while. Click here for the location of this hotspot in Maastricht.Maastricht 10

Dominican church Coffeelovers – Coffee between the books in a beautiful church!

The Dominican Church is located in the center of Maastricht, on the walking route between the Vrijthof and the Markt. This beautiful old church is now a large bookshop and there is really nothing cozier on an autumn day than strolling here among all the thousands of books.

At the very back is also a branch of the Maastricht coffee chain Coffeelovers. Here you can quietly enjoy a coffee with some books, amid the great ambiance of this medieval church. Keep in mind that this is a busy place on weekends, but less crowded during the week. Click here for the location of this coffee shop and bookstore in one!Maastricht 8

Delicatessen: Le Salonard

Okay, you won’t really sit down to eat in this deli, but this is such a nice place that we don’t want to deprive you of it. Here you can buy fantastic wines, delicious cheeses, oysters, breads and pastries, but also sandwiches. You can also order all kinds of goodies online and have them delivered to your home.

In addition, Private Dining experiences are organized at very unique locations. Last summer you could dine in the vineyard on the St Pieter! It’s almost impossible to be more romantic and French! Click here for the location of this delicacy shop in Maastricht.Maastricht 21

Hotspots Maastricht: bars, cocktails and wine

You will find a cafe on the corner of every street in Maastricht. And we visited a lot of them during our student days! But below you will find three other types of bars in Maastricht, no brown bars or student clubs, but nice special places.

Cafe Zondag – food & drinks!

Café Zondag is located on the corner of Rechtstraat, one of the nicest shopping streets in the Wyck district. It is a wonderful no-nonsense café/restaurant where you can go all day (and evening). You will find simple breakfast and lunch dishes here, but also a number of main dishes that are served in the evening. All for a super nice price! After dinner you should definitely linger because then this restaurant turns into a cozy bar. I’m sure you’ll be toasting outside with your new Limburg friends at the end of the evening! During the weekend there are often exhibitions and DJs that perform. Click here for the location of this hotspot in Maastricht.

mr. Smith – the nicest cocktail bar in Maastricht

mr. Smith is absolutely the coolest cocktail bar in all of Maastricht. In the Rechtstraat in Wyck you will find this chic cocktail bar with a gentlemen’s club vibe. To enter you have to ring the bell at number 55 (note, from the outside you have no idea that there is a bar here), after which you will be led to the cellar. Here you will find large lounge chairs, fine music and an impressive range of cocktails. And my favorite element: popcorn as a side by your drink! Why doesn’t every bar have this?! Let one of the cocktail shakers advise you and enjoy a wonderful evening. Tip: reservations are a must, they are often full! Click here for the location of this bar in Maastricht.

Take Five – affordable wine, beers and cocktails with a nice vibe

Just like Café Sjiek, Take Five has been around for a long time and we came here often 10 years ago. In this completely black bar you can drink tasty cocktails and good wine in a nice atmosphere, which is very affordable. During the day you can also go there for coffee and you will see quite a few people working behind their laptops. This place is more accessible than a cocktail bar, but more chic than a cafe. The atmosphere is hard to describe but just right! Click here for the location of this bar in Maastricht.

Hotspots Maastricht: great hotels in Maastricht!

Below the finest (boutique) hotels for a weekend in Maastricht. Good to keep in mind: staying overnight in Maastricht is not cheap.

Alex Maastricht €€

Alex Maastricht

Hotel Alex Maastricht in the Wyck district is within walking distance of the station. You will find bright rooms with beds from Swiss Sense and in this hotel you can also drink cocktails in the associated bar or eat a snack in the restaurant. You sleep here from €89 per night.

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Fitz Roy Urban hotel €€

Fitz Roy Urban Hotel

The beautiful rooms of the Fitz Roy Urban hotel all have a Swiss Sense bed and a nice bathroom. You are here in the Boschstraatkwartier, near the Market. There is also a nice cocktail bar in the garden and a chic restaurant for lunch and dinner. From €109.

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B&B Au Lion D’or €€€

BB au Lion Dor

We slept in this B&B in the Wyck district, which is located in a beautiful old building. In the cozy but spacious rooms, you immediately imagine yourself in France. We slept very well here and enjoyed a delicious breakfast the next morning. From €130 incl breakfast.

Boek nu


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