The ultimate travel guide for Dickwella and Hiriketiya Beach in Sri Lanka

Dickwella and Hiriketiya Beach, the newest hotspots in Sri Lanka! Here you will find the best surfing beaches, trendy restaurants full of healthy food and lots of digital nomads. They lay next to each other and party overlap each other. Hiriketiya (nicknamed Hiri) is a wonderful beach spot in southern Sri Lanka where you will want to stay a lot longer than you originally intended. In this travel guide, you can read exactly what to do in Dickwella (also called Dikwella) and Hiriketiya Bay, where to eat and where to sleep!

Swing at Dickwella beach

Where are Dickwella and Hiriketiya Bay located?

Dickwella is a small village in the south of Sri Lanka, it is really no more than a street with some shops and hotels. Hiriketiya Bay is a bay near Dickwella. Around this beautiful bay lay many restaurants and hot spots. Hiriketiya Bay (also known as Hiri) is the place to be, the place where all the action takes place in Dickwella! Hiriketiya is, therefore, part of Dickwella, but because almost everything happens at this beach, one often referres to Hiriketiya instead of Dickwella (or Dikwella).

Silent Beach Dickwella

How many days do you need for Dickwella and Hiriketiya Bay?

This place is very small, so you can see everything in two days. However, if you want to relax, enjoy the delicious food here and surf to catch a few good waves, then stay at least three days in Dickwella. In any case, Dickwella and Hiri are good starting points to explore the entire south coast of Sri Lanka. Rent a scooter and visit beautiful beaches in the area!

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Fisherman at Dickwella beach

The best things to do in Hiriketiya!

Hiriketiya is known for surfing, yoga and delicious food. Below some nice suggestions for what you can do in Hiriketiya and the surroundings of Dickwella!

Learn to surf in Hiriketiya Bay

Hiriketiya Bay has the best waves to learn how to surf! All of Hiri Beach is designed for surfers and at any time of the day, there are surf dudes in the water trying to catch the perfect wave. A surf lesson on Hiri Beach costs 3500 Rupee, for this, you get an hour of surf lesson, a wetsuit and a beginners board. If you already surf, you can rent a surfboard at one of the many surf shops on Hiriketiya Beach. You then pay 500 Rupee (€ 2.50) for an hour.

Surfshop at Hiriketiya Beach

Yoga in Hiriketiya: follow a yoga class at Dots, Salt House or Jasper House

Totally stiff from surfing? Unleash your muscles with a yoga session that you follow at hotel Salt House, restaurant Dots or hotel Jasper House. All three locations are just on walking distance from Hiri Bay and you can follow a yoga class here daily at 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please note: the lessons at Jasper House are one hour later, at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The price for a yoga class is the same for all three yoga studios, 1500 Rupee (converted €7.50).

Drive to Dondra Lighthouse, a lighthouse on the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka

The southernmost tip of Sri Lanka is half an hour’s drive from Dickwella. And on that point of land is a beautiful lighthouse: Dondra Lighthouse. Nice to look around and then relax at a beach nearby. Our favourite beach, Talalla beach is close by too.

Entree to Lighthouse Dondra

Look for other nice beaches in the Dickwella area!

Hiriketiya Beach is by no means the only beautiful beach in the Dickwella area. So rent a scooter, pack your beach bag and go on a voyage of discovery to other beautiful beaches near Dickwella. We found the following beaches a max 30-minute drive from Dickwella perfect for chilling out:

Dickwella Beach: a long stretched beach. All the way to the west is the luxurious Dickwella resort and spa. In the east, you will find several small bars with beach beds and swings. The waves can be pretty rough here and there is nothing that Ries would rather do than play in those big waves! Click here for the location of Dickwella Beach on Google Maps.

Talalla bay beach

Talalla Beach: a beautiful beach about a 20-minute drive from Dickwella. You will have this vast beach entirely for yourself, it is always quiet there. The waves are wild and the water is pretty clear. Note: it is sometimes quite dangerous to swim here due to the undercurrent. Click here for the location of Talalla Beach on Google Maps.

Talalla Beach Paradise walking couple

When you are on Talalla Beach, definitely have a drink at the beautiful hotel Zephyr (also recommended if you are looking for luxury accommodation not too close to Dickwella). We spend all morning here on beach beds, cooling off in either the pool and the sea. They serve the most delicious tuna in the restaurant here.

Zephyr villa Dickwella

Blue Beach

This tiny beach is located one and a half kilometres from Dickwella, near the harbour of neighbouring town Nickwella. The beach is very small and you will find many rocks in the sea. But what makes this place so special is that it is actually two bays that lie almost against each other with just a small piece of beach in between. This stretch of beach ends in a bright green island. Click here for the location of Blue Beach on Google Maps.

Blue Beach and pools at Nilwella

Tangalle Beach: about 30 minutes driving east of Dickwella you will find Tangalle beach. This long, expansive beach is located near the larger town of Tangalle. You will find dozens of nice beach bars, a calm sea and enough beach chairs to lie on. Click here for the location of Tangalle Beach on Google Maps.

Goyambokka Beach: this small bay is always pleasantly busy. Sit down on one of the beach beds, which are free as long as you order a drink. Perfect for playing in the waves for a few hours, reading a book and drinking a fresh coconut. Click here for the location of Goyambokka Beach on Google Maps.

Red Beach Talalle

Secret Beach: this is the most beautiful beach in the Dickwella area. It is a 30-minute drive east of Hiriketiya, and it takes a while to find the beach. There are no restaurants here, only a resort (Amanwella). Here you will find yellow-gold sand, palm trees and a turquoise sea. Nothing else at all, chances are that you have the entire beach to yourself. Click here for the location of Secret Beach on Google Maps.

Silent Beach Dickwella

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The best place for digital nomads in Dickwella: co-working space Verse

Dickwella and Hiriketiya are full of digital nomads and ex-pats who travel all over the world while working. The place to be when you are looking for fast WiFi, good coffee and a group of like-minded people: Verse Collective. This fun co-working space has delicious (but expensive) food, good internet and an inspiring design (full of photos, a swing and art).

Furthermore, this shared office is next to the beach so when you need a break, you can jump into the sea! And finally, you will find a small cute shop with beautiful bikinis, nice surf shorts and Fresh Collective T-shirts.

Verse Collective is not just a place where you have to work. You can also come here for some food, spend the night in their hotel or read a book in peace!

Pancake at Grove Lanka Dickwella

Enjoy delicious and healthy food: the trendiest restaurants in Dickwella and Hiriketiya!

From poke bowls to braai and from vegan pancakes to avocado toast. Healthy, tasty food is very easy to find in Hiriketiya! Hereby our favourite restaurant in the area of Dickwella.

Dots: a hotel, yoga studio, shop and restaurant, Dots is all in one. In the evening this is the place for drinks. Click here for the location on Google Maps.

Malu Poke: you build the best poke bowls and smoothie bowls yourself at Malu Poke, near the beach. Click here for the location on Google Maps.

Poke Bowl at Malu Poke Dickwella

More delicious food in Hitiketiya!

Left for days: you can find tasty coffee, nice surf clothing, surfboards and accessories at concept store Left for days. Click here for the location on Google Maps.

Salt House Cafe: the healthy salads at Salt House, which is also a hotel, is highly recommended! Click here for the location on Google Maps.

Janidu Food truck: fancy Rotti, Kotthu or just a beer on the beach. This food truck serves budget Sri Lankan food. You can find the food truck all the way at the right end of Hiri Bay. Click here for the location on Google Maps.

Best bus foot of Sri Lanka Dickwella

Beach House Hiriketiya: you can find super tasty brick oven pizzas here. The vegetarian with pumpkin is really recommended! Click here for the location on Google Maps.

The Grove Lanka: good coffee, tasty smoothies and all-day brunch. This hotspot is a place that you should not miss when you are in Hiriketiya! Prices are quite high. Click here for the location on Google Maps.

Grove Lanka Dickwella

The best hotels in Dickwella en Hiriketiya 

Dickwella and Hiriketiya have many cool hotels, fancy hostels and beautiful apartments. There are hotels on Hiriketiya Beach, hip apartments with a private pool and more than enough budget guesthouses in Dickwella. Below a selection with our favourite budget hotels and more luxurious accommodations.

Surfbay Villa Surfbay villa

Spacious rooms with air conditioning to keep out the moist heat, spacious beds and a very sweet owner who will gladly bring you a coconut. The brand new Surfbay Villa is located in Dickwella. You sleep in Surfbay Villa from € 17 per night.

Book now!

Peak House peak house hiriketiya

A cozy guesthouse that lies between Nickwella and Dickwella, near Hiriketiya Beach. The family you stay with will do everything to make you feel at home! There is wifi and a fan in every room. From €21 a night including breakfast!

Book now!

Salt House €€Salt House Hiriketiya

The hip Salt House has a yoga studio, lovely swimming pool and nice restaurant. The rooms are light, nice and fresh. The Salt House hotel is just a few steps from Hiriketiya Beach. You can sleep in Salt House from € 70 per night.

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Fishersboat ready to set out Dickwella

How do you travel to Dickwella and Hiriketiya?

Dickwella is located in the south of Sri Lanka, not far from beach places such as Tangalle and Matara. Below three different ways to reach Dickwella and Hiriketiya Bay.

How to travel from Colombo to Dickwella?

– By bus, you travel from Colombo to Dickwella in 4.5 hours. You pay around 500 Rupee for this
– You can also travel directly from Colombo to Dickwella by train. This takes about 3.5 hours and you only pay 300 Rupee in second class.
– By taxi, you are in just two hours from Colombo in Dickwella, which is a bit more expensive, 12,000 Rupee (around 60 euros).

How to travel from Mirissa to Dickwella?

– There is a direct bus between Mirissa and Dickwella. Line 32, which will take you to Mirissa in just under two hours. A bus ticket only costs 100 Rupee.
– No train goes from Mirissa to Dickwella.
– By taxi or tuk-tuk, you travel from Mirissa to Dickwella in just under two hours. You only pay 2,500 Rupee for the tuk-tuk, and 4,500 Rupee for the taxi.

How to travel from Ella to Dickwella?

– There is a direct bus from Ella to Dickwella. Bus line 31 will take you to Dickwella for 450 Rupee in four hours.
– No train goes from Ella to Dickwella.
– You travel a little more relaxed by taxi. A taxi from Ella to Dickwella costs around 10,000 Rupee, 50euro and takes you to Dickwella in three hours.

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Travel guide Dickwella and Hiriketiya: where to eat, what to do and where to sleep?

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