7 picnics in the winelands around Stellenbosch: tip for children!

Picnicking in the vineyards around Stellenbosch is a great concept that many wineries offer. This way you can enjoy good food and taste the wines in a casual way while sitting in beautiful surroundings. The ideal place to visit a winery with children. In this blog you can read all about the best picnics at wineries in the winelands of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.

The best way to visit wineries with kids: picnics

You are completely relaxed and a little rosy from the wine. All is good and running smooth, while a gentle breeze ensures that the warm sun has the perfect temperature. You take another bite of a delicious cake or piece of cheese with chutney. And all this without feeling rushed because a child needs to be entertained, makes a big mess, or crawls under tables and risks knocking everything over.

Yes, we had this feeling every time we went on a picnic at a winery. And I dare say with certainty, we have found the ultimate way to visit wineries with children! Entertainment: check; running around on the grass, playing in the playground or with some toys in the shade. Eating without a mess: check; there is something for everyone and you don’t have to be afraid of making a mess, you eat from paper plates and everything is allowed to get dirty. And wild bobbing under the table is also not a danger; plenty of space between the picnic spots.

So: take another sip of your wine and relax, those children are having a great time!

Oh and no, those picnics aren’t just for families! We saw a very nice balance between families, groups of friends and couples enjoying wine and delicious food. So if you are traveling without children, don’t be put off by the above text!

picknick de werf boschendal

1. Warwick: Our favorite picnic spot in Stellenbosch

Is it an exceptionally warm day? Then opt for a picnic at Warwick. Due to its location, there is a nice breeze here, but even better (especially with children), there are several fountains and sprinklers that are intended to provide cooling. Yes, the children can really play in that chic fountain and everyone can cool off under the sprinklers!

There is a relaxed atmosphere on the large lawn overlooking a large pond. There are bean bags under the white umbrellas to lean against and large wooden planks serve as tables for the boxes of treats. We were amazed at the sandwiches, orzo salad, various cakes, cheeses and crispy baguette with spreads (we ordered the vegetarian picnic). With this treat we drank the rosé bubbles from the Warwick winery, nice and dry and perfectly airy on such a warm day.

  • Reservations necessary: Yes, absolutely! This is a popular place.
  • Facilities for children: There is a playground, fountain where kids can play in, water sprinklers and a large (fenced) lawn.
  • Shadow: You get two parasols that guarantee enough shade
  • Price: 645 Rand for 2 people, 350 Rand for 1 person. Kids Picnic 170 Rand.
  • More information: Click here for more information about this picnic in Stellenbosch.

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2. Stellenbosch picnic at Klein Joostenberg

Klein Joostenberg is the least chic picnic location in this overview. But sometimes that’s exactly what you’re looking for! Reservations are not necessary and the prices are very low. Perfect to just drive by on a day when you have nothing else planned.

Klein Joostenberg is part of the Joostenberg wine estate, a few hundred meters away. When we arrived, we were unsure whether we were in the right place. It feels a bit like arriving at an open garden center. But if you follow the signs and walk a little further, you will arrive at a large garden with a playground and trees everywhere that create shady spots. At the small restaurant, order tasty things and then take a seat at one of the picnic benches. Or, like we did, bring a large blanket and sit on the grass.

We opted for the cheese and meat platter (there are many more dishes to order), which was fine but not comparable to the picnic baskets from the other picnics. Not surprising, because the price is also a lot lower. I drank a glass of Joostenberg Chenin Blanc with it and it was delicious!

The afternoon we are here is nice and quiet. Floris thought the playground was beautiful and because it is open until 5 p.m., we were able to stay until late. Conclusion: not the best picnic, but a nice family spot to relax.

  • Reservations necessary: No, you cannot make a reservation.
  • Facilities for children: There is a large playground and lawn for romping around.
  • Shadow: No umbrellas, but plenty of trees.
  • Price: 220 Rand for the cheese/meat platter.
  • More information: Click here for more information about this picnic in Stellenbosch.

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3. Picnicking at the Jordan wine estate in Stellenbosch

The wines from the Jordan winery are world famous. Their chardonnay and cabernet in particular win prizes year after year. We have now been to the beautiful winery twice, once for a tasting and once for lunch. Unfortunately, the picnic spots were already completely full, so we were only able to view them from a distance. And that looked great!

Here you sit with a well-filled basket on a large rug under the trees. Overlooking a large pond with the beautiful mountains of Stellenbosch behind it. Each basket contains pillows, ice for your drinks and lots of nice food. You can enjoy different cheeses, focaccia, bread and brioches. There is a salad, various spreads and a piece of savory cake. And for dessert you will find delicious cakes in the basket.

This is a perfect location for a romantic date, or to enjoy Jordan’s wine and treats with friends. It is also possible to stay overnight at Jordan. Click here for more information.

  • Reservations necessary: Yes absolutely! Jordan is very popular so we recommend that you reserve well in advance.
  • Facilities for children: There are fewer facilities for children than at other wineries. No playground, but a beautiful lawn and pond with ducks to watch.
  • Shadow: Most picnic areas are nestled under trees, there are no umbrellas. There is less wind here than in other places and it can therefore get quite warm.
  • Price: 625 Rand for a double basket and 169 Rand for a children’s basket.
  • More information: Click here for more information about this picnic in Stellenbosch.

Wine tasting Stellenbosch South Africa 6

4. Wonderful picnic at Boschendal wine estate in Franschhoek

On one of the hottest days in December we had planned a picnic at Boschendal. Fortunately, there was more than enough shade and the wind was blowing, so we soon forgot about the heat and enjoyed the extensive picnic and, very special, the concert that was given here.

Boschendal is one of Stellenbosch’s best-known wineries. The beautiful winery, located between Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl, is vast and surrounded by mountains. You have several restaurants here, but also hiking routes, a mountain bike track, a deli, various accommodations (such as the luxurious Farm Estate) and of course the option to have a picnic.

You have the choice of sitting at the tables or on large picnic blankets. And we recommend the latter, much more fun than at a wooden table. You get nice chairs, a big blanket and an overflowing picnic basket. It was so full that we couldn’t finish it and took some of it home. We ate brie and camembert, falafel, spicy eggplant, grilled haloumi, a quinoa salad, Greek salad, carrot cake and much more.Stellenbosch, South Africa

The Werf at Boschendal

The picnic location is called “De Werf” and is located on a large lawn that you drive past on the way to the parking lot. We thought this location was beautiful, the only disadvantage is that you are relatively close to the road from the picnic field. That makes it a little less idyllic. But otherwise a very nice picnic spot.

  • Reservations necessary: Yes, at least 24 hours in advance
  • Facilities for children: More than enough, there is a large playground not far from the picnic area. Plus a large lawn to run around.
  • Shadow: There are many trees but no umbrellas.
  • Price: 750 Rand for a double basket, 375 Rand for 1 person and 220 Rand for a children’s basket
  • More information: Click here for more information about this picnic in Stellenbosch.

picknick de werf boschendal

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5. Wine picnic at Mont Rochelle in Franschhoek

No, this picnic does not take place in the Mont Rochelle nature reserve, but in another beautiful place with a view over a large part of the Franschhoek Valley, namely at the Mont Rochelle winery. This chic winery is located a few minutes from the center of Franschhoek and is owned by none other than Richard Branson. And so you see the logo of his umbrella company “Virgin” everywhere. It detracts a little from the chic character (as if you see Coca Cola everywhere at a winery), but this winery is nice enough that it doesn’t bother us.

The picnics are especially fun! Slightly more casual than the other wineries, you can choose your own picnic spot here, spread out your blanket and sit down. There are two “designated” picnic spots, one near a playground and one near a large pond. We choose the latter and spend an entire afternoon with friends in the shade of the large weeping willows, enjoying the delicious food. Because boy, what a delicious picnic basket we had! This time we did not go for the vegetarian basket (because there were plenty of meat eaters) and it included a potato salad, lamp kofta, chicken skewers, bread, coconut balls and chocolate mouse. To enjoy! We drank a nice bottle of brut that was kept cool in an ice cube bag, nice to see. All in all a very nice place for a picnic with or without children.

Franschhoek 29

The Country Kitchen at Mont Rochelle

The picnics are organized by The Country Kitchen restaurant, which is where you have to drive to when entering Mont Rochelle Estate. It is also possible to spend the night at Mont Rochelle. Click here for more information.

  • Reservations necessary: Yes, you can only have a picnic if you have a reservation.
  • Facilities for children: One of the picnic spots is next to a playground.
  • Shadow: More than enough underneath the trees
  • Price: 390 Rand for a 1 person basket
  • More information: Click here for more information about this picnic in Franschhoek.

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6. Picnic at the Laborie winery in Paarl

With a view of the peaks of the language monument in Paarl, you can have an extensive picnic at the nice and casual Laborie winery. The special thing about this location is that you are almost sitting between the vines, something that is not the case at most other wineries. The view of the grapes, surrounded by the rugged mountains that surround the Paarl valley, make this picnic truly unique.

Here you can opt for a picnic on the grass (with little shade), or a picnic at the table under a parasol (a little further from the vineyard). The picnic basket is well filled with cheeses, olives and spreads, a couscous salad and a potato salad, fish and of course something tasty for dessert.

Unfortunately for us, a picnic was not possible on the day we were here due to the holidays, so rain check. Fortunately, the alternative, lunch at the nice restaurant Stoep, was certainly not a punishment. It is also possible to stay overnight at Laborie, click here and here for more information.

  • Reservations necessary: Recommended.
  • Facilities for children: A nice playground, large lawn for running wild and a fountain for cooling off.
  • Shadow: At the tables there are umbrella’s but not on the lawn itself. 
  • Price: 350 Rand per person, the kids menu is 180 Rand
  • More information: Click here for more information about this wine picnic in Paarl.

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7. Picnic at Cape Point Vineyards in Noordhoek

Yes, Cape Point Vineyards is a bit out of the way, but this amazing picnic was actually our absolute favorite as far as wine picnics go. And so this one belongs to the list!

The special thing about this location is the view: you are in Noordhoek, a suburb of Cape Town, and you have a view of the sea from this elevated vineyard. And that is really beautiful!

But besides the view, the picnic itself is delicious! You can choose from picnic benches or a rug on the ground with bean bags and chairs, and we chose the latter. Wonderfully relaxed, we enjoyed all the nice food under a parasol with a gentle breeze. Not only Ries and I, but Floris also wanted to taste everything. With big eyes when the food arrived, he greedily pointed out everything he wanted to taste. The basket contained a lot of fresh fruit, various cheeses and dips, a delicious apple crumble, toasties and much more! We also drank a delicious Chenin Blanc from the house itself, highly recommended!

Food market at Cape Point Vineyards

Also nice to know, every Thursday a large food market takes place here with all kinds of food trucks. Order different things and then have a picnic on the grass with a view of the sea and the setting sun!

  • Reservations necessary: Yes absolutely! It fills up quickly here, so be sure to make a reservation.
  • Facilities for children: In addition to a large lawn with playground, there is a pond with a walkway, not fenced but with many plants on the edges to keep children away.
  • Shadow: Yes, there were more than enough umbrellas.
  • Price: 598 Rand for two people, 320 Rand for 1 person basket
  • More information: click here for more information about this picnic in Noordhoek

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Other locations where you can picnic in the winelands

The above are not the only picnics at wineries that are possible in Stellenbosch and its surroundings. Below is a list of other picnic locations that we unfortunately had to skip due to lack of time.

  • Cavalli: Click here for more information about this wine picnic in Somerset West
  • Hazendal: click here for more information about this wine picnic in Stellenbosch
  • Quoin Rock: click here for more information about this wine picnic in Stellenbosch
  • Zevenwacht: click here for more information about this wine picnic in Stellenbosch
  • Spier: click here for more information about this wine picnic in Stellenbosch
  • Rhebokskloof: click here for more information about this wine picnic in Paarl
  • The Manor at Nederburg: click here for more information about this wine picnic in Paarl
  • Avondale: click here for more information about this wine picnic in Paarl

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