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Noyers-sur-Serein: Beautiful medieval village in Burgundy!

The village of Noyers-Sur-Serein is located in the department Yonne, in the north of Burgundy region. This scenic medieval village (also called Noyers) is a romantic place full of history. Noyers is a relatively small village and therefore perfect for a day trip and easy to combine with a visit to Chablis or Beaune. In this blog, we'll tell you everything yo[...]

Clervaux: visit the beautiful Clervaux Castle in Luxembourg!

The city of Clervaux is definitely a highlight during a holiday to Luxembourg. Not only is the beautiful Clervaux castle here, but you can also enjoy great walking here and the village, surrounded by forests and hills, looks like a fairytale. In this blog, you can read all about one of the top sights in Luxembourg: Clervaux! Clervaux The small villag[...]

Diary blog: three wonderful days in the southern Champagne region!

We have been looking forward to it for weeks: our trip with friends Philippe and Eva to the Champagne region! And not just any part of the Champagne region, but the area where we hope to say yes to each other next year! Finally, the time has come, let's go! Road trip to the Côte des Bar! It is 1 pm on Thursday afternoon. I just closed my work laptop,[...]

Diary blog: update on a lovely summer in The Netherlands

Oops, it is mid-August and I realized that the last diary blog was written more than two months ago! Strange actually, back in the Netherlands, time seems to go much faster than being on the road and discovering new places. Days are more alike and so the weeks fly by! And yet a lot has happened in the past two months, so it's time for a catch-up! [...]

Getting married in France: How to find the perfect wedding venue in the champagne region?

We are getting married in France! Yes, the decision has been made, the wedding venue has been booked and the save the dates have been sent. Let the pre-joy of our wedding in the champagne region in France begin! But how does a destination wedding work? Why do we want to marry in France? In this blog, we tell you more about a destination wedding, how to find [...]

All you need to know about Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) and Ramena in Madagascar!

The city of Diego Suarez (also known as Antsiranana) and the nearby village of Ramena in the north of Madagascar are delightful places. White beaches, azure blue sea, good food, hardly any tourists and a warm local population! In this blog, we tell you everything about Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) and Ramena in Madagascar, the best activities and things to do [...]

The best home office setup and digital nomad gear: 7 tips, essentials and equipment!

The perfect home office set up! Something everyone is looking for in this crazy time! We have been used to the digital nomad life for some time, without a fixed workplace and office setup. And so we have 7 working from home tips and the best home office setup/ digital nomad gear for you! We talk in this blog about a sturdy but light laptop stand, the best tr[...]
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