The 6 most beautiful beaches around Tavira and Faro in the Algarve!

When you think of the Algarve, you will naturally think of the beach. We spent a week in the Tavira area and selected the 6 best beaches. In this blog, you will find an extensive description of each beach, including tips and information about parking, accessibility, and bed/parasol rental.

The 6 nicest beaches and bays around Tavira and Faro up to Albufeira

From Albufeira to the Spanish coast you will find many different beaches. Around Albufeira there are cliffs and rocky bays, if you go further east the beaches become quieter and flatter. Think of miles of white sand with a clear blue sea. Around the pretty town of Tavira, there are islands with bounty beaches, tiny tropical paradises. And a little further east towards the Spanish coast you will find simple long sandy beaches that are nice.

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Faro itself is located on a large lagoon (the Ria Formosa Natural Park) and has no real beaches. The nearest beach is Praia de Faro, which you can reach by car. But it is often very busy here. This beach is also a lot less beautiful. That is why we have selected beaches below that are quieter and a little further away from Faro. By the way, it takes about the same time to travel to these beaches as to the beaches closer to Faro, so it makes little difference to the travel time.

Tavira 25

Map with the best beaches around Tavira and Faro

Below you will soon find a map showing the most beautiful beaches around Tavira and Faro.

1. Praia da Falesia: beautiful beach behind the cliffs near Albufeira

The beautiful Praia da Falesia, which continues into Praia do Barranco des Belharucas, is quite a distance from Tavira, but is absolutely worth the travel time. Here you will find fiery red cliffs, ravaged by erosion, surrounding a golden sandy beach. The beach is long and extensive with facilities such as showers, toilets and surfboard rental.

This beach is located near Albufeira, but is wonderfully quiet in May, and the cliffs that surround the bay make it feel cozy. Click here for the location of this beach near Albufeira.

  • Accessibility: reasonable. There is a small parking lot here that you reach after a bumpy dirt path. You can also park in other places, but then you have to descend the stairs of the cliffs on foot.
  • Beach beds: in a few places you can rent beds with parasol for €20 per day, which is quite expensive for Portugal.
  • Parking options: there are several (small) parking spaces in the area. All free.
  • Beach clubs: there are a few beach clubs where you can get drinks or something to eat.
  • Suitable for children: yes, it is a soft sandy beach. But during low tide the sea quickly deepens and waves can be high. Lifeguard is present.
  • Type of beach: soft sandy beach

2. Praia da Fuseta Ria

This small beach is actually not a real beach, but part of the lagoon just before the village of Fuseta. Here too there is an island off the coast, but this beach is still part of the mainland. The great thing about this place is that the water is calmer and warmer for children and that you do not have to go to this island by boat. It is easy to just park near the beach.

On the lagoon you see many kiteboarders and windsurfers who enjoy the calm and clear blue water. There is a lifeguard on duty, and you can rent beds and umbrellas. No, this may not be the most beautiful beach in the area in terms of setting, but it is a very nice place with children! Click here for the location of this nice beach not far from Faro.

  • Accessibility: good, you can drive close to the beach.
  • Beach beds: yes, you pay 15 euros per day.
  • Parking options: there is a large free parking lot nearby (click here for the location).
  • Beach clubs: yes, Borda d’ Água, a nice place on the beach.
  • Suitable for children: absolutely! Because you are on a lagoon, the sea is not wild at all.
  • Beach type: soft sand.

Tavira 7

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3. Praia do Barril

Praia do Barril is located on the same island as Praia de Ilha Tavira, but much further west. This is also a beautiful white sandy beach with clear blue sea. As far as the eye reaches there is sand both left and right.

The nice thing about this beach (especially when you are on holiday with children) is that you can get here by train. A 1.5 km long bridge has been built between the mainland and this part of Tavira Island, over which a tiny train runs. This train leaves every few minutes. The place where the train drops you off is an old fishing settlement. In the former fishermen’s houses there are restaurants and a few shops. And as soon as you walk through the dunes to the sea, you will see old anchors of the fishermen who fished for tuna here.

The beach is also lovely. There are beach beds and umbrellas for rent, and there is more than enough space. In May, it was very quiet at this beach. Click here for the location of this nice beach.

  • Accessibility: reasonable, you take the train (€4 return pp) or you walk 1.5 km there and 1.5 km back
  • Beach beds: yes, and you can even rent them here for half a day, great! Prices 13-17 euros.
  • Parking options: there is a large parking lot (location here) near the train station that you have to pay for. Many locals park along the road.
  • Beach clubs: several restaurants, but no real beach club
  • Suitable for children: yes, but the sea can be wild here
  • Beach type: fine sand

4. Praia de Ilha Tavira

Praia de Ilha Tavira is the beach of Tavia (read all about this nice town in our Tavira blog). This beach is located on an island in front of the lagoon and it is a really lovely place! As soon as you get off the ferry which takes you from Tavira to this island and walk a short distance through the dunes, you will feel like you are on a real bounty island. But then in Europe. Golden sand, a turquoise sea, and nice sunbeds.

It seems like an endless beach and that is not surprising because with a length of 11 km, this island is quite large. If you walk a little further west, you will arrive at a nudist beach. On the northern side of the island, you will find a small park with picnic benches. There are also small beaches here, but they are not nearly as beautiful as the main beach. Click here for the location of this beautiful beach near Tavira.

  • Accessibility: okayish, you can only get here by boat. The ferry runs several times a day (click here for the departure location) and otherwise you are dependent on the water taxi or a boat tour.
  • Beach beds: yes, beach beds with parasols can be rented in various places. Prices vary from 12 euros to 17 euros for the luxurious beds.
  • Parking options: no, there are no cars on this island
  • Beach clubs: there are several restaurants and a few bars where you can order something to drink. The quality is not great but Restaurant O Ferreira has the nicest atmosphere.
  • Suitable for children: yes, although the sea can be wild.
  • Type of beach: nice sandy beach

Tip: for our road trips through the Algarve we always rent a car through Sunny Cars. This means we are fully insured, we can change everything right in advance and we have 24/7 support. Click here for more information about renting a car in Portugal.

5. Praia da Cabana

Praia da Cabana is another beach on an island off the coast, not far from Tavira. This time not on Ile da Tavira but on the Ile da Cabana of the same name. You can also reach this beach by taking a small boat from the coast of the sleepy village of Cabana. This beautiful, stretched sandy beach looks a bit like Praia de Tavira, but we actually liked it a bit more here because it was even quieter. The perfect place to go if you want to see a different beach than Tavira! Click here for the location of this nice beach near Tavira.

  • Accessibility: quite good. You drive to the center of Cabana where you will be dropped off on Cabana island in 5 minutes by small boat (click here for the location of this boat). The boat leaves every few minutes and costs €1.5 return.
  • Beach beds: yes, you pay between 15-20 euros, depending on low or high season.
  • Parking options: you can park in Cabana. There are several large parking spaces.
  • Beach clubs: there is one Beach Club, where you can get drinks and food.
  • Suitable for children: absolutely! The sea is calm and relatively warm when we are here and there is good visibility for children.
  • Beach type: soft sand

Tavira 1

6. Praia da Manta Rota & Praia da Lota

The beaches Monta Rota & Praia da Lota are close to each other and merge into each other. These are different beaches than the places we described above, because they are not located on islands and sandbanks. So these are the “normal” beaches of the mainland. They are wide and long beaches with more than enough space. The sea was calm when we were here, but can be a lot rougher. These are great beaches for when you want a lot of space and do not want to be dependent on a boat or train. Here is the location of Praia da Manta Rota and Praia da Lota.

  • Accessibility: good, you can almost reach the beach by car.
  • Beach beds: at Praia da Lota there are no beach beds yet in May (when we are here), at Praia da Manta they are just being built mid-May.
  • Parking options: there are several small parking lots.
  • Beach clubs: there was 1 beach club at Praia da Lota, there are several restaurants at Praia da Manta Rota and Chá Com Água Salgada seems very nice to us.
  • Suitable for children: yes, plenty of room to play. However, here too the sea can become quite wild.
  • Type of beach: fine sandy beach

Tavira 32

Other beaches near Faro that we unfortunately missed:

Praia de Cacela Velha seems to be a really beautiful beach. However, this is difficult to reach, only by boat. From nearby Fabrica you can apparently take a fishing boat for a few euros, or you can visit this island with a boat tour.

Praia de Vale do Lobo is a beach near Faro that is surrounded by golf courses and is also said to be beautiful. Click here for the location of this beach near Faro.

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