The 6 most beautiful beaches of the Costa Vicentina in Portugal!

The most beautiful beaches of the Algarve can be found in the west, on the Costa Vicentina. I even dare to say that these are the most beautiful stretches of coast in all of Portugal! High cliffs, small bays, and the perfect waves to surf! In this blog, we tell you all about the 6 most beautiful beaches of the Vicentina Coast, in western Portugal. Including useful information about these beaches in the Algarve such as parking information, restaurant tips, suitability for children and more!Tavira, Portugal 2

Which part of the Algarve has the most beautiful beaches?

Completely different type of beach: the coast in the east of the Algarve (around Faro), versus in the center of the Algarve (around Lagos and Albufeira) versus the west of the Algarve (the Costa Vicentina). But which area do you choose? Below is a map with the 18 most beautiful beaches in the entire Algarve!

Algarve beaches

The Costa Vicentina, the west of the Algarve

This is the westernmost part of the Algarve bordering the Atlantic Ocean (the sea is the coldest here). It is very quiet, not touristy and the bays are alternately rugged with many cliffs or vast. The focus of this blog! We previously wrote a blog specifically about the Southwest Alentejo & Vicentine Coast Nature Park.

Choose the quiet west coast of the Algarve if you want to discover breathtaking beaches, enjoy surfing, or don’t necessarily have to swim a lot (in the cold sea). Our preference is definitely on the West Coast (the Costa Vicentina) because here you are away from mass tourism, it feels more authentic and we really love that surf vibe. There are also beautiful walking trails along the west coast. It is not without reason that we describe six beautiful beaches on the Costa Vicentina below.Lagos, Portugal 14

The area from Lagos to Albufeira:

The most central and popular part of the Algarve. Mostly small bays with many cliffs and rocks in the sea. Read all about the 6 most beautiful beaches around Lagos in this blog. Curious about Lagos itself? We wrote a travel guide for Lagos with the 6 best things to do here!

The area around Lagos is also very beautiful. But keep in mind that the Lagos area is quite touristy.

The area from Faro, Tavira to the Spanish border:

The easternmost part of the Algarve. Bounty islands alternate with long beaches and no rocks or cliffs (the sea is the warmest here). Read our blog here with the 6 most beautiful beaches around Tavira and Faro! We also wrote a blog specifically about the nice village of Tavira!

Choose the east coast of the Algarve if you just want to relax on the beach and enjoy swimming in the sea. Here too you will find more tourism and beach facilities.Tavira 42

6 beautiful beaches on the Costa Vicentina in the west of the Algarve

Tip: Portugal has recently gone to great lengths to make the walking paths along the coast more accessible. In many places you will find “boardwalks”, footpaths over wooden platforms that are also easily accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs. Very nice when you travel through Portugal with a baby or child!

Portugal Lagos 4

1. Praia de Odeceixe: nice family beach with a river bed

Just like Praia da Amoreira, Praia de Odeceixe is also a beach on a river bed. It feels a bit smaller and less raw here than at Praia da Amoreira. This is probably because this beach really belongs to the village of Odeceixe (see also point 3). It is very beautiful and fun for families. Click here for the location of Praia de Odeceixe on the Vicentine Coast.

  • Accessibility: good, you can drive here from Odeceixe in no time.
  • Beach beds: yes in the summer
  • Parking options: on the southern side of the cliffs, but this is very limited.
  • Beach clubs/ restaurant: no, but you will find a few restaurants on the cliffs.
  • Suitable for children: in itself yes, because you are close to a river and the sea, but watch out for a possible undertow.
  • Beach type: sandy beach
  • Public toilets or showers: at the entrance of the beach you will find a toilet and public showers.

Roadtrip Portugal 21Roadtrip Portugal 20

2. Praia da Amoreira: beautiful surfing beach on the riverbed

Near the beautiful beach Praia de Monte Clerigo is also the beach Praia da Amoreira. However, this is a completely different beach because you also have a large river bed here. This makes it a long and deep beach with a beautiful view. On google maps it seems that you can only reach this via the north and therefore have to drive quite a bit, but we could also reach it directly by road from Praia de Monte Clerigo. It may be that if the water is higher, you can no longer go to the beach from here. Click here for the location of Praia da Amoreira on the Vicentine Coast.

  • Accessibility: reasonable, it’s a bit of a drive, strangely enough the only way to get here is by taking a road that says you can’t enter (which everyone does).
  • Beach beds: yes
  • Parking options: South and north of this beach you will find parking spaces, both not very large.
  • Beach clubs/ restaurant: there are two restaurants in the dunes
  • Suitable for children: yes, but be aware of strong currents on the northern coast and near the riverbed
  • Beach type: sandy beach
  • Public toilets or showers: there are toilets but no showers

3. Praia de Monte Clerigo: nice family beach and tiny village

A fifteen minute drive from Aljezur, you will find the cute village of Praia de Monte Clerigo. Before driving down to the bay, it’s worth stopping at the top of the viewpoint just before you head down the hill. From here you have a view of the entire bay of Praia de Monte Clerigo.

This sandy beach is very suitable for families. The sea is relatively calm and there are several picnic areas. The tiny village itself looks cute with brightly colored houses. Click here for the location of Praia de Monte Clerigo on the Vicentine Coast.

Restaurant tip Praia de Monte Clerigo: you can eat a delicious lunch at restaurant O Sargo. The ceviche is especially recommended. Fancy something quick, cheap and simple, then go to O Zé where they sell really great tuna steak.

  • Accessibility: good, the beach is located directly on the main road.
  • Beach beds: no, you will not find beach beds or parasol rental here.
  • Parking options: there is a small (free) parking lot that is completely full even in the preseason.
  • Beach clubs/ restaurant: there are two restaurants.
  • Suitable for children: absolutely! The sea is calm and on the left side (southern side) are small rock pools where children can play during low tide.
  • Beach type: sand
  • Public toilets or showers: both available. But not very clean.

Monte Clerigo, Portugal 1

4. Praia da Arrifana: a great surfing beach between the cliffs

For the ultimate surf vibe but also for one of the most beautiful bays in Portugal, head to Arrifana beach. This tiny fishing village breathes surfing. With surf hostels, restaurants where surfboards are rented and surfers everywhere you look. That is not surprising because the bay here provides the perfect waves, sometimes hundreds of meters long. The shape of the bay protects you from the cold north wind and you can also dive here. Click here for the location of Praia da Arrifana on the Vicentine Coast.

Restaurant tip Arrifana: be sure to visit CAL, where you can eat typical Portuguese dishes with a fancy twist, but at a reasonable price. A must here is the Mezkal oyster!

  • Accessibility: not great, you have to walk (or drive) quite a distance to get down to the beach. Downstairs there is hardly any parking space so that is not very convenient.
  • Beach beds: no
  • Parking options: there are almost no parking spaces, only along the side of the road or on top of the cliffs. Parking is free again.
  • Beach clubs/ restaurant: there is one restaurant on the beach. It looked nice from the outside! So you will find CAL on top of the cliffs.
  • Suitable for children: mwoah… due to the climb to and from the car, the waves (which are suitable for surfing but not for small children) this is not a family beach.
  • Beach type: sand
  • Public toilets or showers: there are public toilets and showers

Roadtrip Portugal 39

5. Bordeira’s beach: Popular and especially spectacular surfing beach

Bordeira’s Beach is known as one of the most popular surfing beaches on the Costa Vincenta. Due to the location of the bay, you have very long waves here, perfect for surfing. But what makes this beach even more spectacular is its size. The beach is enormous and also very deep. There is a river running along the beach that flows into the sea and the colors of the dark river water, the white sand, and the beautiful blue sea make this location a picture.

Tip: this beach is located on the Pontal da Carrapateira. A circular walking trail with a number of beautiful viewpoints at sea. We partly drove this route by car and got off at several places. There is also a beautiful viewpoint at the beach.

Click here for the location of Bordeira’s beach.

  • Accessibility: reasonable… you have to walk quite a bit on a boardwalk over the dunes (with stairs or you take a shortcut by walking through the dunes
  • Beach beds: no
  • Parking options: You can park your car on the side of the road here, but there isn’t much space.
  • Beach clubs/restaurants: there is a place where you can get a coke or beer in the summer, but not a real restaurant. We liked the Microbar restaurant in the beautiful village of Carrapateira much better, which is a 5-minute drive from the beach.
  • Suitable for kids: mwoah, not really. The sea can be extremely wild here, there are mainly surfers in the water here and there is naturally little shade.
  • Type of beach: fine sandy beach
  • Public toilets or showers: no

6. Praia de Mareta: family beach near Sagres

This beautiful sandy beach is located at the bottom of the cliff on which Sagres is built. The bay is sheltered, so there are fewer (high) waves. You will therefore hardly find any surfers here. Perfect for swimming and great for families. Keep in mind that an undertow is sometimes present, which makes swimming dangerous. Click here for the location of Praia de Mareta on the Vicentine Coast.

  • Accessibility: reasonable, the stairs make it difficult to get here with a stroller.
  • Beach beds: yes, you can rent beds and umbrellas, but they are not cheap.
  • Parking options: yes, there is a large (free) parking lot.
  • Beach clubs/ restaurant: no real beach clubs but two restaurants on the beach.
  • Suitable for children: yes, however there is sometimes a stronger undertow so keep an eye on the coast guard flags.
  • Beach type: sand
  • Public toilets or showers: both available.

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