Travel guide Taghazout: the surfing and yoga village of Morocco

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Welcome to the travel guide of the surfing village Taghazout! On the Moroccan west coast is a small village called Taghazout. This is the surfing mecca of Morocco. We stayed four nights in this cool town, here you can read more about our time in Taghazout. In this blog, I tell you all about Taghazout and give you tips for accommodation, activities and restaurants.

Travel guide Taghazout in Morocco

We really liked Taghazout! It’s tiny, but there is a very nice vibe and it’s clearly a lot less strict than the rest of Morocco. For example, as a woman, it’s not weird here to dress in shorts and a top, while in the rest of Morocco I prefer to be covered a lot more. It is also relatively cheap here, especially compared to a city like Marrakech. Taghazout is easy to do in a few days, but I could have stayed here for at least a week. Most tourists come to Taghazout to surf and stay in a surf camp or accommodation where surf lessons are offered. You’ll find a lot of backpackers here.

Where to sleep in Taghazout?

There are plenty of hostels, apartments and also some luxury hotels in Taghazout. We opted for a hostel in the village because we found this useful with eating out and surfing. There are also more than enough apartments outside Taghazout. Here is a selection of hostels and luxury hotels that we visited ourselves (we stayed in Salt Surf Taghazout) and can recommend to you.

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Salt Surf Taghazout

We stayed here. A nice hostel with a rooftop terrace and good breakfast. There are shared and private rooms. It was a bit noisy, but it also costs only €40 per night (2 people).

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Dar Surf

This is a nice hotel on the water with a relaxing vibe. The rooftop terrace is brand new and the perfect place to relax and listen to the sound of the waves. Prices from €28 per night (2 people).

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Munga Guesthouse

This hotel is pure luxury. It’s decorated with beautiful art, there is delicious food and even though you are right in the centre of town, it’s a quiet place where you can relax. Prices from €120 per night (2pers).

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Where to eat in Taghazout: the best restaurants in town!

There are many restaurants and eateries in Taghazout. Usually, the menu is everywhere about the same, and the food is cheap but certainly not that great. For me, the following restaurants really stood out in terms of high quality.

World of Waves €€

With a great view of the sea, you can eat delicious breakfasts and a good lunch here. It is relatively pricey, but with the view and the nice outdoor terrace, it is certainly worth it. There is also a private boutique hotel, where you can stay from € 95, – for 2 people.

Dar Joséphine €€

This French restaurant is a hidden gem in Taghazout! The tall plants provide shelter that makes you feel like you are in a garden, rather than on the main street of Taghazout. Joséphine, the owner came to Morocco decades ago and has mixed her French roots with Moroccan cuisine. The ultimate mix for incredibly tasty and luxurious food, for a relatively low price. Especially the yoghurt dessert with roses and roasted nuts are great! If you are allergic to cats, this place is not recommended, because Joséphine has a lot of them (we loved them, they are so cute!).

Cafe Mouja €

Cafe Mouja is a bit out of the centre, towards the north. They serve large lunches with lots of vegetables and dinners with freshly caught fish. It is a hip hang out, where you can also rent surfboards, buy clothes and book yoga lessons. Great advantage: they have soya milk in your coffee (I am quite a soy milk lover!).

What to do in Taghazout: Five cool activities to do!

1) Catching waves / Surfing

Well, the reason to come to Taghazout is to surf! The best (and higher) waves can be found here from the end of September until the end of April. But even when we were there (June), we had great beginners’ waves. We booked a surf lesson at our hostel, this cost € 25, – per person. inc day rent for your surfboard and wetsuit. You rent a surfboard and wetsuit in the city for about € 7 (we negotiated a bit) and then walk to the beach south of Taghazout. You can also choose to go by bus or taxi to one of the other beaches. A few beaches outside Taghazout where we heard good stories about:

  • Imsouane: La Bay and La Cathedral here you seem to be able to catch waves up to 900 meters long!
  • Banana point: a small beach near a river bed.
  • Devils rock: a nice beach with waves that are good for beginners.

2) Practice Yoga and end the day with a well-deserved massage

After a whole day in the water, a yoga class can be very nice to get your stiff back and arms smooth again. Yoga classes are offered in many hostels and hotels. We followed a yoga class at the hotel Amouage. Yoga classes are given at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, and a lesson costs € 10. We noticed that we could not find a yoga studio in Taghazout itself. Everything seems to be really connected to hotels.

Massages in Taghazout

Well and an even better way to get those muscles completely relaxed is, of course, a massage. Unfortunately, the prices here are not at the Asian level, we paid € 30 per person (for one hour), at hotel Amouage. This is also a great luxurious hotel to stay in! There are not many places where you can get massage Taghazout. We found a spa in the centre, but there it looked so grubby that did not even dare to lie down on the massage tables. However, this place was much cheaper;)

3) Make a (half-) day trip to Paradise Valley

An hour’s drive from Taghazout is Paradise Valley, a cliff with beautiful clear blue lakes in between. Go early in the morning, so that you have different lakes and waterfalls all to yourself. To get to the lakes, you will have to hike a bit. Along the way, you will encounter several small restaurants. We have heard that these were quite pricey, so we took food ourselves. Another recommendation is to walk a little further than the first pool,  there you will encounter quieter pools that are a lot nicer and clearer.

How to get to Paradise Valley? 

You can book a tour to Paradise Valley (costs vary between 100 and 350 dirhams), or rent a car and go yourself, the latter we did. Parking costs are 10 dirhams (€ 1) and there is no further entrance fee. The road is not very well maintained, so drive slow on dirt roads. You do not want to damage your car here.

4) Go on a Yoga and Surf retreat!

Taghazout is famous for its yoga and surf retreats where you sleep in a nice hotel or guesthouse. These retreats usually take around one week. You often start and end the day with yoga. In between, you try to catch some waves. Food and accommodation are often covered in the price. We would love to come back and experience such a retreat. Looking for a retreat? Below you can find more information about retreats among the coast of Morocco.

Looking for a yoga and surf retreat for one full week? An 8-days full moon yoga and surf camp retreat in Taghazout is available from €450.

5) Sunset camel ride or for more action go on a sunset horseback ride!

We love watching sunsets. There is nothing we rather do than chasing sunsets. Walking during sunset is of course very enjoyable. However, there are also two other ways, you might consider:

  1. Enjoy the sunset via a camel ride! Click here to book your sunset camel ride tour.
  2. Is riding a camel nothing for you? Do you prefer a faster mode of transport? Then go for a sunset horseback ride. In this way, you can determine your own pace if you have experience. Click here to read more about this cool activity.

Morocco: Taghazout

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Practical tips for Taghazout

  • There are no ATM’s in Taghazout. The nearest ATM is in Banana town (10 minutes by car).
  • Wi-Fi is offered in most hotels (and some restaurants). The quality of this is often not great.
  • You can find a lot of cats in Taghazout. Not a cat fan or allergic? Then keep this in mind.
  • There is a main street where you can park your car ‘guarded’ for 10 dirhams per day.
  • Do not take any valuables with you to the beach. When you leave it unattended, a lot is stolen.
  • The tapwater in Taghazout is not drinkable. So buy bottles of water in the supermarket.
  • Drive as little as possible in the evening. There is no street lighting in and around Taghazout and the roads are bad.

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