Hotel guide: the best, coolest and hippest accommodations in Morocco!

In this hotel guide, you will find unique accommodations in Morocco for multiple destinations! Your flight to Morocco is booked and how will you enjoy this beautiful country! Maybe you are planning to go on a road trip, learn how to surf or enjoy the wonderful city life in Marrakech! Now, you only have to book your hotels for different destinations.

Hotel guide Morocco: the best accommodations in this beautiful country!

 In this Morocco hotel guide*, you will find our favourite hotels, hostels and guesthouses. We always give a budget option (€20-€40 a night), a mid-range option (€40-€60 a night) and a more luxurious option (€60-€300 a night), so there is something for everyone.

Book ahead, since some of these accommodations are sold out quickly. Enjoy your trip!

Map of Morocco with highlights!

Morocco Itinerary Above you will find a simple map with an overview of the different locations in Morocco. This is also a possible itinerary for a road trip through the south of Morocco. This hotel guide has accommodation for the following locations: Taghazout, Merzouga, Ait-Ben Haddou, Marrakech, Tamnougalt / Agdz, Essaouira, Casablanca, Tangier, Rabat & Fez.

Our favourite riads and hotels in Marrakech

Welcome to the hectic Medina, the centre of Marrakech. Scooters drive around like crazy. Shopowners try to pull you in their shops and in the meantime, a group of cheerful children rush past you. In the background, you hear the prayer call from the mosque around the corner. Marrakech is one of the most lively places in Morocco, a place you will fall in love with right away!

Make sure you book a hotel far away from all the noise and preferable with a swimming pool! Now, you really can relax and unwind.

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Hannah House €

This small hostel has a rooftop terrace, cosy rooms and a good breakfast. It’s located in the middle of the Medina, a very nice place! Prices from € 23 per night (2 people).

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Riad La Parenthese €€

This was a wonderful hotel where we stayed. The hotel has four large rooms that are beautifully decorated. The breakfast is delicious and there is a swimming pool. Price from € 55 per night (2 people).

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L’Oriental Medina Riad €€€

Good food, beautiful design, and a very nice swimming pool. The perfect place to rest after a day of shopping and getting lost in the Medina. Prices from € 120 per night including breakfast (2pers).

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The best guesthouses and cosy hotels in Taghazout

We really liked Taghazout! It’s tiny, but there is a very nice vibe and it’s clearly a lot less strict than the rest of Morocco. For example, as a woman, it’s not weird here to dress in shorts and a top, while in the rest of Morocco I prefer to be covered a lot more. It is also relatively cheap here, especially compared to a city like Marrakech. Taghazout is easy to visit in just a few days, but I could have stayed here for at least a week. Most tourists come to Taghazout to surf and stay in a surf camp or accommodation where surf lessons are offered. You’ll find a lot of backpackers here. Hereby our favourite hotels for Taghazout!

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Salt Surf Taghazout €

We stayed here. A nice hostel with a rooftop terrace and good breakfast. There are shared and private rooms. It was a bit noisy, but it also costs only €40 per night (2 people).

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Dar Surf €

This is a nice hotel on the water with a relaxing vibe. The rooftop terrace is brand new and the perfect place to relaxe and listen to the sound of the waves. Prices from €28 per night (2 people).

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Munga Guesthouse €€€

This hotel is pure luxury. It’s decorated with beautiful art, there is delicious food and even though you are right in the centre of town, it’s a quiet place where you can relax. Prices from €120 per night (2pers).

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↠ Free Morocco itinerary: for a two-week road trip through the south of Morocco!

The best accommodations in Ait Ben Haddou

Aït Benhaddou is a big fortified village along the former caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech in present-day Morocco. This city is known for its many beautiful kasbahs and shops. Make sure you climb to the top of Ait Ben Haddou to watch a magical sunset or sunrise! One or two nights will be enough for visiting Ait Ben Haddou. Below tree nice hotels in Ait Ben Haddou.

Paradise of Silence €

This hotel is located just outside the centre of Ait Ben Haddou and has a nice view of the old city. There is a swimming pool, with cold water. You stay here from 40 euros per night for two people.

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Kasbah Tebi €€

You will find this cosy Kasbah in the middle of the old centre. Enjoy breakfast on the beautiful rooftop terrace, or take some rest in the spacious rooms. Prices from 60 euros per night including breakfast (2 people).

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Kasbah Isfoula €€€

This beautiful hotel is 2.5 kilometres away from Ait Ben Haddou. The rooms are light and spacious and I absolutely love the decor! Prices from 110 euros per night including delicious breakfast (2 persons).

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Where to sleep in Merzouga / the Erg Chebbi Sahara?

Merzouga is the last city before the Erg Chebbi Sahara starts, and is located in the southeast of Morocco. Merzouga is famous for her desert tours. Your mode of transport will be a camel. If you are not used of riding camels, make sure you do not sign up for a long camel ride! It will hurt you back! We highly recommend spending at least one night in the desert. The desert is one of the best places of enjoying the stars and the Milky Way! Photography-lovers, make sure to bring your tripod with you!

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Omar Camel Trekking €

This is the camp where we had our overnight stay and camel ride. Definitely recommended, with incredibly nice people. Don’t be shocked by the outdated website, just send Omar an email. Payment happens after your stay. From 80 euros per night.

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Luxury Desert Camp €€€€

Looking for camping in the ultimate luxury, then book these tents. They contain a lot more privacy, separate activities and you can reach the camp by private jet, haha, if you have one of course! Prices from 320 euros per night.

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Kanz Emmeral €€

Are you considering staying in Merzouga for one night? Then this hotel is an absolute must. It is located a few kilometres outside Merzouga and from the swimming pool you have a view of the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Prices from 60 euros per night.

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A cute ecolodge in Tamnougalt /Agdz

If you are looking for a nice place to sleep from your road trip from the west coast of Morocco to the desert of Merzouga, add Tamnougals/Agdz as a stop. This place cuts the long route nicely in half. Tamnougalt is a very remote place and you will not find many houses nor people on your way. It is a beautiful valley of palms trees mixed with endless sandhills. If you want to spoil yourself, make sure to book the hotel below. Make sure you book at least two nights, too really experience its tranquillity!

Ecolodge Bab El Oued

An oasis of peace, that’s how I would describe this hotel. In the middle of nowhere, there is suddenly this little paradise that is completely sustainable. I already wrote about it extensively in this blog. There is a swimming pool, great food and peacocks are walking around freely. Agdz is a good stopover for when you drive from the coast to the Erg Chebbi desert. Prices from 75 euros per night including delicious breakfast (2 people).

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 Cosy hotels and kasbahs in Tangier, Morroco

Tangier is the gateway from Europe to Africa or vice versa. It is easy to take a quick ferry from the south of Spain to the port of Morocco. Although most tourists come to Tangier, just for a day, there is more than enough to see: the medina, the Kasbah and the American Legation Museum to name a few. Tangier doesn’t have nice beaches to relax, however, it has some cosy boutique hotels and kasbahs to stay for a few nights.

Are travelling from Morocco to the south of Spain? Make sure to check out this free travel guide of Andalusia!

Kasbah Rose €

Kasbah Rose Tangier MoroccoThis pretty Kasbah is located in the centre of Tangier. The rooms a beautifully decorated and clean. The roof terrace offers great views of the old city and the surrounding mountains. From €68 per night (two persons).

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Le Maison de Tanger La Maison de Tanger Tangier MoroccoThis beautiful design hotel has a nice swimming pool, a fitness room and a lovely botanical garden! Rooms are large and pretty. Make sure you try the tasty breakfast here. Prices start from €78 per night (two persons).

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Riad Dar Saba Riad dar Saba Tangier MoroccoNeed more luxury? Book this riad, they really know how to welcome guests! This modern design hotel offers beautiful rooms and the views from the terrace are stunning. Nice breakfast is included. From €275 (two persons).

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The best and nicest hotels and kasbahs in Casablanca!

Casablanca is known for her art and culture, nightlife scene and of course for all her beautiful mosques. Casablanca has a lot of fascinating architecture. You will find many beautiful decorated buildings. Besides, Casablanca has many lovely shops and restaurants. Eating here will be so delicious. Casablanca is also a nice spot for surfing and making (long) walks on the beach. Below some really cool accommodations for Casablanca.

Hostel Casablanca €€Le Hostel a Casablanca MoroccoThis hostel is located in a quiet neighbourhood. The centre can be easily reached by tram. Rooms are large and comfortable. Breakfast is included. From €48 per night (two persons).

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Ryad 91 Ryad 91 Casablanca MoroccoThis ryad offers small but cosy rooms. It’s perfectly located in the centre of Casablanca. The hosts are very friendly. Prices start from €84 per night including breakfast (two persons).

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Dar Tahra Dar Tahra Casablanca MoroccoDar Tahra is located 15 minutes from the city centre. The rooms are large and lovely decorated and the garden  has this amazing swimming pool. Breakfast is included. From €275 (two persons).

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Best places to sleep in Essaouira!

Essaouira is just like Taghazout a laidback hotspot for beach lovers. Whereas Taghazout is more for surfers and yogi’s, Essaouira has more to offer in terms of history, culture and architecture. There are also plenty of shops to keep yourself busy wandering around the lovely small streets of the medina. Below some amazing hotels in Essaouira.

Essaouria Beach Hostel €Essaouira Beach Hostel MoroccoBackpackers really love this hostel. The vibe is great and hosts are very friendly. The location is right on the beach and on walking distance from the medina. Delicious breakfast is included. From €38 per night (two persons).

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Chems Bleu Chems Blue Essaouira MoroccoThis lovely hotel is located at the corner of the old city centre and on 5 minutes walking to the beach. The terrace offers great views of the old city and the beach. Rooms are very comfortable! From €45 per night (2 persons).

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Riad Dar Maya Riad Dar Maya Essaouira MoroccoNeed more luxury? Then go for this well-designed riad. The hotel is even more beautiful than the pictures describe. A delicious breakfast is included. From €97 (two persons).

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The best hotels and guesthouses of beautiful Fez!

Fez is an enchanting city with a UNESCO protected medina. It has one of the best conserved historic towns of the Arab-Muslim world. Fez historic centrum is a big medieval labyrinth full of culture and beautiful architectural buildings. Navigating through the media can be a challenge and is an adventure on its own. Fez is also known for her many restaurants and great food! Fez is definitely a hotspot for food-lovers. Make sure you add Fez through your visit to Morocco. below you can find a selection of the finest hotels and guesthouses of Fez.

Note: it shouldn’t be difficult to find nice accommodation in this vibrant city, there are so many great riads in Fez. Below our favourite sleeping options for Fez.

Dar Bab Jdid €Dar Bab Jdid Fes MoroccoThis cosy pension is located at the entrance of the medina. The rooms are very clean and the staff welcomes you with a smile.  Delicious breakfast is included in the price. From €34 per night (two persons).

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Riad Al Makan Riad Al Makan Fez MaroccoThis beautiful riad is very well designed! Interior-junkies would like this place! Rooms are large and very comfortable. Make sure to spend a couple of days here!  Prices start from €77 per night included breakfast (two persons).

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Riad Braya Riad Braya Fes MoroccoTravel in style? This riad is a true architectural gem. The rooms are cosy and very stylish. Tired of the heat? Just take a plunge in the swimming pool! From €101 a night including tasty breakfast (two persons).

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Where to sleep in, Rabat, the capital of Morocco?

Rabat, the capital of Morocco is often overlooked by tourists. As a result, you will find here fewer visitors than in Fez and Marrakech. Rabat is known for its culture, mosques and architecture. The city centre is relatively small, so everything can be done on foot! Besides, Rabat is located on the coast and close to a river which makes it nice for an evening walk. Just like Fez there are many good hotels, hostels and riads available! Below is just a small section of the many great hotels of Rabat.

Hostfamily Essaghir €Hostel Rabat MoroccoLooking for a budget place in Rabat? Don’t look further. This lovely hostel is your place. The hosts are very friendly and the rooms are pretty! Prices start from €34 per night (two persons).

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Riad Meftaha Riad Meftaha Rabat MoroccoAlthough the pictures on aren’t that great. This place is a hidden gem in Rabat. It’s really a special place to spent a couple of days! Prices start from €58 per night (2 persons).

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Riad Dar Karima €Riad Dar Karima Rabat MoroccoNeed more luxury? Book this Riad located in the middle of the medina! Interior-junkies love this place! Everything is so well designed and the hospitality is great too! From €91 a night (two persons).

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Hotel guide Morocco: the most fantastic, budget and luxe hotels in Morocco

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