Hotel guide Madagascar: The best (budget) hotels for your trip to Madagascar!

In this hotel guide, you will find our favourite hotels in Madagascar! From budget hostels for Antananarivo to luxury hotels on Nosy Be. Whether you’re backpacking or doing a self-drive, this blog helps you find great hotels in Madagascar!

How cool! You are going to travel through Madagascar! This beautiful country in Africa is often overlooked. That’s a shame because they don’t call Madagascar the eighth continent if it ain’t for nothing! It’s a very diverse country with amazing people.

The best hotels in Madagascar!

Below we have listed the best places to sleep* from various destinations in Madagascar. Per destination, we offer three hotel options with different prices ranges. This always includes a budget option (hostel, basic guesthouse or accommodation that costs no more than €40). In the middle of each row, you will find a mid-range option. Often, this is a hotel with more facilities (e.g a swimming pool) and has a price range between €40 and €70. Finally, you will find a luxury option for every destination. These are beautiful hotels where you will be pampered and spoiled. These prices vary from €70 to €180 per night.

Map of Madagascar with top attractions

Highlights of Madagascar Travel guide Madagascar

Use travel books for finding accommodations in Madagascar!

Depending on your itinerary, you sometimes have the luxury and choice to book your hotels in Madagascar online. If you go backpacking through the South of Madagascar you will have enough choice to book a hotel online in advance. Finding accommodations in the south of Madagascar is therefore not difficult. The same applies for hotels on Ile Sainte-Marie, Nosy Be and Diego Suarez.

If your travel itinerary takes you more off the beaten track, because, for example, you love to explore North Madagascar, a traditional travel book will be a valuable investment! The online supply of hotels is often very limited. Except for this hotel guide, the only way to find hotels and hostels is by using a travel guide such as the Lonely Planet or the Bradt. The latter is much better and more extensive for Madagascar.

Are you going off the beaten track and do you not yet have a travel guide? Then we recommend the folowing travel books:

Bradt from €26,34
Travel Guide Madagascar the Bradt

Yes please!

Lonely Planet from €25.00
Travel Guide Lonely Planet Madagascar

Yes please!

The best (budget) hotels and hostels in Antananarivo

Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar. The first impression you get is that this is a busy, dirty city. Give the city a chance and visit a few sights. For example, Monument Aux Morts and the Queens Palace.

You can also choose to sleep outside this busy city. Then choose the area where the international airport is also located. This area is called Ivato. This is a nice neighbourhood with many amenities and restaurants. If you are planning to rent a car and road trip through Madagascar, Ivato is a good base for a night’s sleep.

Below you can find three hotels for Antananarivo. The first budget hotel is in Ivato. The second hotel is in the countryside of Antananarivo and the third option is in the middle of the hectic city of Antananarivo.

Meva Guesthouse €
Madagascar Tana accommodation
This beautiful colonial building is surrounded by a large garden with rabbits and turtles. The hotel has a nice kitchen where you can cook yourself. The supermarket is a 10-minute walk away. You sleep here from €30 euros per night (2 people).

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Hotel Ecole Lodge €€Madagascar Tana accommodationPick this hotel for tranquillity in the Antananarivo countryside. Take a walk through the villages and rice fields, read a book by the pool and warm up in the evening by the fireplace! You sleep here from €45 per night (2 people).

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La Varangue €€€
Hotel Guide Madagascar La Varangue
Need a little more luxury? This beautiful hotel is located in the middle of the busy centre of Antananarivo, close to all hotspots! The decor of this hotel is exceptionally special! You sleep here from €97 per night (2 people).

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Hotels and campgrounds close to Anakarafantstika National Park!

You can see 8 lemur species in the Anakarafantstika National Park. In the Lac Ravelobe, the lake next to the park, there are crocodiles. You will also find different species of birds, spiders, snakes and reptiles such as iguanas and chameleons all around the lake.

Two nights is sufficient for visiting the Anakarafantstika National Park. This is also a place where there is no offer of online hotels. So grab that Bradt or Lonely Planet! Below, our hotel recommendations for the Anakarafantstika National Park!

Campsites/lodges inside the park

Next to the park entrance and the tourist office is a campground located. Price: 5,000Ar, just €1.25. You can also rent a tent here for 23,000Ar. There are also lodges at the tourist office. From €35,000 (€ 8.55) you have a real bed and your own shower.

Camping at a local campsite

Only two kilometres from the park is a campsite run by the local women’s association. To be able to sleep here you must call ahead to make a reservation. Contact: +261 32 47 78 606, the contact person is Sole (no website).

Stay in the nearby village

There are also a few hotels in Andranofasika, 4 km away. Blue Vanga lodge and Lodge Tia Asity are the best known. These hotels are run by Malagasy and are very simple, but a bit more luxury then the campsite at the tourist office.

Read everything you need to know about the Ankarafantsika park in this travel guide!

The best hotels with swimming pool for Mahajanga!

Mahajanga is a port city in northeastern Madagascar. The city has a nice boulevard full of palm trees and a huge baobab. Mahajanga is a coastal town with many beaches. Nearby you will find waterfalls and caves to discover. Our hotels for Mahajanga:

Domaine du Mandrasarotra €

Hotel guide Madagascar Domaine du Mandravasarotra Mahajanga

This pleasant hotel is located outside the city of Mahajanga. From your bedroom, you can walk straight into the sea or enjoy the nice swimming pool. Ideal location for families. You sleep here from €35 euros per night (2 people).

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Edena Kely €€

Hotel Guide Madagascar Edena hotel Mahajanga

There are sometimes lemurs in the green garden of this hotel! This hotel has a swimming pool and you can also enjoy a delicious meal at Edena Kely’s restaurant. You sleep here from €49 per night (2 people).

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PAP’S Chambres d’Hôtes €€€

Hotel guide Madagascar Paps Chambres Hotel Mahajanga

Need a little more luxury? This beautifully decorated hotel has a large tropical garden and swimming pool. The owners Flora and Norbert help you further with planning your trip! You sleep here from €72 per night (2 people).

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Hotels and campgrounds close to Ankarana National Park

The Ankarana National Park in Madagascar is best known for the Tsingy that lies here, a very rare natural phenomenon. They are large grey limestone rock formations, created by millions of years of erosion. The peaks of these rock formations razor-sharp. Beneath the Tsingy there is a whole different world: deep caves full of bats and crocodiles.

There are several hotels around the entrance (most of them cannot be booked online):

Le Relais de l’Ankarana €

Simple rooms from € 28 per night (2pers). We slept the second night here. The rooms are simple but nice. You are surrounded by a large heathland.

Ankarana Lodge €€

A hotel with bungalows and swimming pool. You sleep here from € 50 per night (2pers) including breakfast. Here is the mini Tsingy that you can visit.

Iharana Bush Camp €€€

This is a luxury hotel where you sleep in beautiful safari tents. There is a wonderful swimming pool that has a great view of the Tsingy and nature! From € 150 per night (2 people).

Read more about visiting Ankarana National Park here.

Where to sleep on Nosy Be? The best hotels and villas!

With white beaches, a turquoise sea surrounded by palm trees, it is a true paradise here. While the rest of Madagascar has hardly any tourists and therefore has hardly any facilities for tourism, Nosy Be is completely different!

Nosy Be has many facilities. You will find several supermarkets, many restaurants, bars and hotels here. Below, our favourite hotels and villas for Nosy Be:

Les Hibiscus €

Hotel guide Madagascar Les Hibiscus Nosy Be

Paradisaical bungalows stylishly decorated and surrounded by nature. Beautiful design swimming pool and in the evening you can sit by the campfire. What else do you need? You sleep here from €39 per night (two persons).

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Hotel Gerard and Francine €€

Hotel guide Madagascar Hotel Gerard et Francine Nosy Be

Sleeping right on the beach and close to the centre of the island? This fine hotel is known for its excellent service and a large garden to relax. You stay here from €54 per night including breakfast (two persons).
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Villa Sakina €€€ 

Villa Sakina

Luxury villa with staff (chef and housekeeper) is perfect for a group of friends/family (room for 7 people). Location right at the beach and the villa is stylishly decorated. You sleep here from €138 (7 persons).

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Read here everything you need to know about Nosy Be and what you can do there!

The best budget hotels in Diego Suarez!

Diego Suarez, also known as Antsiranana, is a city in the north of Madagascar. Diego Suarez is a convenient base for visiting the Red Tsingy, Anakana national park and for the beaches of Les Trois Baies. There are also larger supermarkets here for shopping. It is a nice town to walk through and have seen.

If you would like to be close to the beach, we recommend you continue driving to Ramena. A small coastal town 18 km from Diego-Suarez. A wonderful place to spend a few days! Our favourite hotels for Diego Suarez:

La Belle Aventure €

Hotel guide Madagascar La Belle Aventure Diego Suarez

This hotel is perfect for people backpacking! It’s located right in the centre of Diego Suarez. The rooms have airconditioning and are clean. The hotel café has colourful paintings of lemurs on the wall. You sleep here from €18 per night (2 people).

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Hotel Lakana Ramena €

Hotel Guide Madagascar Hotel Lakana Ramena Diego Suarez

This delightful hotel has nice bungalows and light in Ramena. You can also enjoy the swimming pool. The beach is a 2-minute walk away. The restaurant is also very good! You stay here from €35 per night (two people).

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Royal Sakalava €€ 

Hotel guide Madagascar Hotel Royal Sakalava Diego Suarez

Attention kite surfers! Do you want a nice hotel close to the water where you can kitesurf? Then Royal Sakalava is for you. There is a relaxed atmosphere here and in the evenings you can also eat well at the hotel’s restaurant! From €45 per night (2 people).

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Click here to read all about Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) and Ramena!

The best and finest hotels of Ile Sainte-Marie in Madagascar!

Imagine the atmosphere of Bali but without the many tourists. The water of Bora Bora but many times cheaper. And the incredibly hospitable people of Madagascar: welcome to Ile Sainte-Marie.

An undiscovered paradise that we will never want to leave! This is our favourite place in Madagascar! This is also the place to see whales! See our favourite hotels for Ile Sainte-Marie here:

Villas de Vohilava €

Villas de Vohilava Ile Sainte-MarieVillas de Vohilava has beautiful bungalows on the beach, perfect for families or couples. The location is nice with the beach on your doorstep, a delicious breakfast and it’s the perfect location for a whale safari! From €40 per night (2 people).

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Samaria lodge €

Hotel guide Madagascar Samaria Lodge Ile Sainte MarieIf you want to sleep close to a beautiful beach in Ile Sainte Marie you have to stay at this hotel. Samaria lodge offers beautiful rooms! This quiet location is far away from the centre and other sights. You stay here from €39 per night (two people).

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Princesse Bora Lodge €€€

Hotel guide Madagascar Princesse Bora Lodge Spa Ile sainte MarieReady for luxury and more comfort? Then choose this beautiful hotel with a lovely swimming pool. You can dive, snorkel and get nice massages here. This hotel is located in the south of Ile Sainte-Marie. From €144 including breakfast (two persons).

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Whale watching in Ile Sainte-Marie: All you need to know about Ile Sainte-Marie in Madagascar!

The best budget hotels for Antsirabe Madagascar!

Antsirabe is a nice village in the high mountains of Madagascar. We make a challenging bike ride to two lakes here. One is a 160-meter deep crater lake (Lake Tritriva). The water is deep blue and nice for a swim. Soon there will be a travel guide for this nice place! Here are some nice budget places to sleep in Antsirabe:


Hotel guide Madagascar Souimanga Hotel Antsirabe

The perfect backpackers’ hotel in Antsirabe is this cute place! A cool feature: you can play a game of table tennis here with the nice owner. Furthermore, it is just a very relaxed budget hotel! From €31 (2 people).

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Couleur Café €€

Hotel Guide Madagascar Couleur Cafe Antsirabe

These houses are situated in a beautiful green garden. You can also rent bicycles at the accommodation. Ideal if you want to explore the area. The rooms are large and nicely decorated. You stay here from €49 per night (two people).

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Plumeria Hotel €€

Hotel Guide Madagascar Plumeria Hotel Antsirabe

Looking for a good mattress? Then choose this clean centrally located hotel with comfortable beds and a nice bathroom. You can eat delicious food in the restaurant here and they also rent out bicycles. You sleep here from €52 (two people).

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The best (budget) hotels close to Avenue des Baobabs

You don’t want to skip this top attraction of Madagascar! Avenue des Baobabs is one of the most beautiful roads in Madagascar! A road full of the famous baobab species: the Adansonia Grandidieri, also known as the large baobab tree!

Avenue des Baobabs is perhaps the most famous place in all of Madagascar! You have no hotels near this landmark in Madagascar, all hotels are a 30-minute drive away in the town of Morondava. Hereby our hotel suggestions for when you will be visiting Avenue des Baobabs:

Select Hotel €

Hotel guide Madagascar Select Hotel Morondava Avenue de BaobabsYou can’t call this a budget hotel. This hotel has a wonderful swimming pool and all rooms have air conditioning. The hotel also arranges excursions to Avenue des Baobabs. You sleep here from €26 per night in a private room (two people).

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Villa a Tia €€

Hotel guide Madagaskar Morondava Avenue de BaobabsThis villa is suitable for families with children and for groups up to 8 people. The villa has one bathroom and four bedrooms. The location is close to a few restaurants and close to the beach. From €44 per night (two persons).

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Hotel Palissandre €€€

Hotel guide Madagascar Hotel Palissandre Morondava Avenue des BaobabsReady for luxury and more comfort? Then choose these beautifully furnished bungalows. The hotel has a wonderful swimming pool. Only downside: wifi is not good. You sleep here from €180 a night including breakfast (two persons).

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Free travel guide to Avenue des Baobabs: the scenic trees of Madagascar!

Where to sleep in Toliara? The best hotels and swimming pools!

Tulear (Toliara) is a city close located to the beach. It’s nothing special. Outside Toliara, however, you have beautiful beaches and design hotels that are both definitely worth a visit!

Below, our favourite hotels for Toliara, Madagascar!

Longohotel Andaboly €

Hotel Guide Madagascar Longohotel Adaboly Toliara

This perfect backpacker hotel is ideal if you want to sleep one night near Tulear. This hotel has a restaurant where you can have breakfast and dinner. You sleep here from €17 per night (2 people).

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Auberge de la Table €€

Hotel Guide Madagascar Auberge de Table Toliara

This hotel offers beautiful affordable bungalows. The bungalows are very nicely decorated! This hotel also has a beautiful swimming pool where you absolutely want to swim! You sleep here from €45 per night (2 people).

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Bakuba Lodge €€€

Tulear Bakuba Lodge Madagascar

Bruno, the owner, is also the architect of this artistic lodge. You immediately recognize his style by the shapes of the buildings and all kinds of funny details! Really a pleasure to sleep here! You sleep here from €120 per night (2 people).

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Read here everything about the self-drive itinerary from Morondava to Toliara by 4wd!

The best (budget) hotels for Isalo National Park!

Because of the Disney movie “Madagascar”, this country has really become known to the general public. Who doesn’t know King Julien (the funny lemur) in the Disney movie ?! If you are in Madagascar after all, you also want to see this ring-tailed lemur! This is possible in Isalo National Park!

Pay close attention to the magnificent road from Tulear to Isalo! From the fertile land near the coast, you go to the desert landscape where only bright yellow flowers seem to grow, with mountains in the background! For a moment it looks like you’re in America!

A travel guide for Isalo National Park will follow soon! Hereby, our favourite hotels for Isalo National Park!

Ecolodge d’Isalo €

Hotel guide Madagascar Ecolodge disalo

This ecolodge is a nice place for people travelling on a budget! The small houses are fairly basic but will do.  You shower her with a bucket of water. A true “backpacking in Madagascar” experience! You sleep here from €11 euros per night (2 people).

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Hotel H1 Isalo€€

Hotel Guide Madagascar Hotel H1 Isalo

These cute bungalows have a private bathroom and the rooms are clean. You can easily eat at the restaurant. Besides, there is a nice terrace where you can enjoy the sun and work on your tanning. You sleep here from €43 per night (2 people).

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Isalo Rock Lodge €€€

Hotel Guide Madagascar Isalo Rock Lodge

Need a little more luxury? Go for Isalo Lodge, this fantastic hotel has a beautiful swimming pool and large private grounds where you can walk nicely! These hikes are only for hotel guests! You sleep here from €98 per night (2 people).

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The best hotels and campgrounds close to the Andringitra Mountains in Madagascar

The Tsaranoro Valley is surrounded by wild mountains, called the Andringitra Mountains. This area is known for the beautiful and challenging hikes that you can make here. There are three different accommodations and hotels in the Tsaranoro Reserve, these are all located around the village of Andonaka. Hereby, the hotel suggestions for the Tsaranoro Reserve:

Camp Catta €€

Andringitra Mountains - Tsaranoro Valley

In this campsite, you can camp with your own tent, rent a pre-set tent or stay in a cottage. There is a natural swimming pool. No WiFi! Prices from 50,000AR per night (luxury tent) or 8,000AR with your own tent. Good for backpackers and families.

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Tsara Camp €€

tsara camp

This hotel/camp is within close proximity of Camp Catta. There are a total of 15 large tents that are surrounded by high Andringitra mountains. The surroundings here are beautiful. Price from €40 per night (2 people).

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Tsarasoa Lodge €

Tsarasoa Lodge

This lodge is fairly new and is set in a beautiful setting. You can camp here with your own tent, rent a tent or stay in a bungalow. Prices from 20,000 AR with your own tent and 40,000 AR for a simple pre-set tent (2 persons).

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Hiking in the mountains of the Andringitra National Park!

The best hotels of Ranomafana Park Madagascar

This park only really gained its fame among the Dutch when Geraldine of the TV show “3 op reis” went on a trip through Madagascar! Man oh man, how many Dutch people you find here! And rightly so, Ranamafana park is known for its different types of lemurs including the rare Golden Bamboo Lemur! This place is great for hiking and bird-lovers.

Remarkable fact: There are so many hotels around the Ranomafana park. But only one hotel you can book online! This hotel is so bad that we don’t recommend it. So grab that Bradt or Lonely Planet again and pick a nice hotel!

Hereby, here 3 accommodations near the Ranomafana Park:

Budget hotel Palmerie €

The rooms in the Palmerie have hot water and shared toilets. Right in front of this hotel is a restaurant where you can eat.

Mid-range hotel option: Centre-Est €€

This property has 8 bungalows and 13 rooms with a shared bathroom. The hotel is located behind the Ranomafana museum

More luxurious hotel: Setam Lodge €€

Setam Lodge, this is the best hotel in Ranomafana and is located 1 km from the park entrance. The food is amazing here!

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hotel guide Madagascar: the best budget accommodations, luxury lodges and Villas in Madagascar

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