Clervaux: visit the beautiful Clervaux Castle in Luxembourg!

The city of Clervaux is definitely a highlight during a holiday to Luxembourg. Not only is the beautiful Clervaux castle here, but you can also enjoy great walking here and the village, surrounded by forests and hills, looks like a fairytale. In this blog, you can read all about one of the top sights in Luxembourg: Clervaux!


The small village of Clervaux is located in the north of Luxembourg. It has a magical appearance, as it lies in a valley between green forests. Especially the white Clervaux castle immediately attracts attention. It is slightly higher than the rest of the city, which makes it even more striking. Clervaux Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Luxembourg.

Tip: we never thought of Luxembourg as a holiday destination, but because of corona we decided to stay closer to home (the Netherlands). And that was a very good idea: Luxembourg really surprised us! There is beautiful nature, there are nice villages and it is a compact country. Perfect for a weekend get-away.Clervaux village Luxembourg roadtrip

How much time do you need for Clervaux?

Clervaux is not a big city, so in a day or even afternoon, you have more than enough time to see everything. What we think is a plus of Clervaux is that it is less touristy here than in cities like Vianden or Echternach. Especially in the evening, when the day-trippers are gone, it is nice and quiet here and you have this fairytale village and Clervaux Castle all to yourself. So consider spending the night here.

Tip: on Sundays, you can park for free throughout Luxembourg, including in Clervaux.

4 fun things to do in Clervaux including Clervaux Castle!

1. Visit Clervaux Castle

The number 1 spot is a visit to Clervaux Castle. This white castle from the 15th century is immediately noticeable as soon as you enter Clervaux. It is built on the rocks and towers over the rest of the city. Today you will find three museums in the Clervaux castle:

  • The Family of Man: a museum about the photo exhibition “The Family of Man”. This exhibition, which was previously displayed in the MoMa in New York, shows through 503 photos what connects people with each other. Entrance fee: € 6 per person.

Tip: The Family of Man can be visited for free every Sunday after 4:00 PM.Clervaux museum Luxembourg roadtrip

  • Museum of the Battle of the Bulge: The Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes Clervaux is a museum about the Battle of the Bulge, a major battle during the Second World War that took place here. Entrance fee: € 3.50 per person.

Tip: this museum is free to visit if you have a Luxembourg card. This is a card that gives you free access to several museums. The card is for sale here.

  • The Model Museum Luxembourg castles and palaces: this museum exhibits (as the name suggests) all models of castles and palaces in Luxembourg. Entrance fee: € 3.50 per person.

Clervaux Castle and museum things to do Luxembourg roadtrip

2. Hiking in the wooded area of Clervaux

Clervaux is officially part of the Luxembourg Ardennes and you can make fun hikes in this hilly landscape. Around Clervaux you will find three official hiking trails of 4.2 km, 6.7 km and 11.6 km respectively. The road is indicated by signs and you can get a handy map at the tourist office in the city. Along the way, you have a nice view of Clervaux, Clervaux Castle and the Clerve river that flows through the valley.

The village of Tintesmühle is a fifteen-minute drive from Clervaux. This is on the border of Luxembourg with Germany and there is a nice hike route here. Click here for this 14 km walking route that takes you to the three-country point Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg.Hiking in Clervaux things to do Luxembourg roadtripClervaux sightseeing Luxembourg roadtrip

3. Visit the Clervaux Abbey

Just outside the city, on top of a hill overlooking Clervaux, is the Clervaux Abbey (the Benedictine Abbey of St. Maurice). This beautiful building, which is still in use, is well worth a visit. From the city centre, it is just a 30 minutes hike to Cerlvaux Abbey. Here you can admire the church and view the various abbey beers in the small shop. You can visit the Clervaux Abbey for free.Clervaux Abbey things to do Luxembourg roadtrip

4. Visit the town of Vianden

A visit to Clervaux can easily be combined with a trip to the village of Vianden. Vianden is slightly larger than Clervaux and has an equally impressive castle that also towers high above the city. You can also enjoy the picturesque streets in Vianden, go up the hill with a cable car or swim in the public swimming pool with a view of the city and the castle.

You can reach Vianden via a 30-minute drive from Clervaux. Keep in mind that Vianden is a lot more touristy and busier than Clervaux.

Click here for our free travel guide on Vianden in Luxembourg!

Restaurants in Clervaux

Clervaux has a small but pleasant car-free city centre. There are several terraces and restaurants in Clervaux. Below you will find our three favourite restaurants in Clervaux

Restaurant du Chateau: Looking for a chic restaurant, go to Restaurant du Chateau. This restaurant is located at the Clervaux castle and has a romantic interior. The dishes also look beautiful and tasty! Click here for more information.

Restaurant Hotel Koener: In the brasserie of this hotel (with a large terrace) you can order tasty, simple dishes. Recommended: the baguette with smoked salmon!

Restaurant Rhino Steakhouse et Pizzeria: this restaurant has good pizzas and roast chicken, burgers and steaks. Click here for more information.

Hotels in Clervaux

There are not many hotels in Clervaux, but for a small town like this more than enough. Also nice: almost all hotels in Clervaux have a spa, perfect for relaxing during a stay in Luxembourg! Keep in mind that hotels in Luxembourg are generally not that budget proof.

Below three different hotels in Clervaux varying from (somewhat) budget to luxury.

Hotel Koener €€Hotel koener Clervaux

Hotel Koener is a central located hotel with clean rooms. There is a spa, swimming pool and paid parking (€10). You stay here from €109 per night including breakfast.

More information

Hotel International €€Hotel International Clervaux

This hotel is also located right in the center of Clervaux. It shares the facilities of Le Clervaux Boutique hotel. You sleep here from €116 per night including breakfast.

More information

Le Clervaux Boutique €€€Clervaux Boutique Hotel

This luxury hotel has a spa, gym, indoor pool and large rooms. It is located right in the center of Clervaux. You stay here from €199 per night including breakfast.

More information

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