Travel guide for Naples (Italy): the perfect weekend getaway!

My favourite city in Italy: Naples! The city of the Mafia, the origin of Italian cuisine, and the place where people have lived for centuries with the threat of a natural disaster, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. At the beginning of November, we visited Naples and in January I went again with my little brother. Besides eating (which is, to be honest one of the best things in Italy), we went to Pompeii, visited the Vesuvius and visited many more highlights of Naples. Read all about these hotspots, highlights and things to do in Naples in this travel guide!

Travel guide: A weekend getaway to Naples in Italy!

The climate and weather in Naples are lovely, especially in spring and autumn. But the weather in Naples was also very good in January! An all-year-round destination!

A weekend to Naples doesn’t have to be expensive. Food is a lot cheaper than in the touristy North of Italy, and the price of accommodation is relatively low!

If you have more than a few days, rent a car and drive along the beautiful Amalfi coast. A must visit from Naples is Sorento, a beautiful little town on the Amalfi Coast. Also nice: to visit from Naples the beautiful island of Ischia or the luxurious (and many times more expensive) Capri.

Naples expensive? Click here to see exactly what I spend on a weekend getaway to Naples with my little brother.

Map of Naples in Italy:Map of Italy top attractions and sights

Naples the city of the mafia: isn’t that dangerous?

We noticed that not many tourists visit Naples. This may have something to do with the mafia image of Naples, but don’t worry, Naples is not at all dangerous for tourists. In fact, we felt very safe here. The locals of Naples seem a little gruff, but this is just a facade. In reality, they are very cordial and welcome you with open arms in their ‘Napoli’.

Social control in the city even makes it a safe place for tourists. The mafia leaves tourists alone because know that this will bring income to Naples. So no, Naples is not dangerous for tourists and has enough beautiful sights, fun things to do and great food. We love the fact that it is not touristy yet and secretly hope that this gem remains undiscovered!

Napels: Vesuvius

My favourite restaurants and hotspots in Naples (Italy)!

Ooo where to start? Naples is the birthplace of Italian cuisine, everything is delicious. And especially pizza from Naples is the best. Neapolitans claim that Naples is the birthplace of the pizza! Here are some of my favourite restaurants and hotspots in Naples.

Osteria La Chitarra
Simple delicious Italian food. The wine is also really great here.

Osteria Il Gobbetto
The best lunch ever according to my little brother when we visited Naples. You will need a reservation or be patient and have lunch a bit later, but trust me, it’s so worth it!

Osteria della Mattonella
This top-class Italian business is always full of people. Making a reservation is, therefore, a must. Located in a nice working-class district, wonderful to stroll around in advance!

Il Ritrovo dei Sapori, Caseificio Marigliano
This tiny place next to the Central Station is the place to eat the local speciality buffalo mozzarella. You can buy all kinds of delicacy here but just ask for a plate from the house. You get a huge plate with the best antipasti you’ll have ever had. Have a nice glass of wine and enjoy while sitting on your folding chair. If you cannot finish it (which is certainly the case since there is such a major amount of food on a plate ), no problem, you will get a doggy bag!

Gino Sorbillo
Naples, the origin of the Pizza! According to legend, the pizza was discovered in Naples. Therefore, when in Naples, you MUST eat a pizza. Why wouldn’t you do this at the pizzeria where, according to the legends, the first pizza was created? Note: this place is very touristy.

Here you will find the best Sfogliatelle (Neapolitan pastry of puff pastry filled with ricotta) and Baba (Neapolitan turban cake with rum) of the whole city.Napels Italy

The best hotspots for drinks in Naples!

Hundreds of nice bars can be found in this student city. Two really stood out for us:

Libreria Berisio
By day a bookstore, in the evening a livingroom bar where live concerts are given. Sit between the books, enjoy the atmosphere and the fun music!

Red Wine Enoteca
Nice wine bar in the middle of a lively square. Delicious snacks are served with the wine, so after a few drinks, you will not be very hungry anymore. You can also buy wine here.
Napels: Charlotte

My favourite hotels in Naples (Italy)

There are many hotels and guesthouses in Naples (Italy). Yet it can be difficult to find a nice place and especially to find out in which neighbourhood the hotels are nice. We have already done the preliminary work for you, below three nice hotels that you can book right away. Please note, these are popular accommodations, they are quickly sold out!

NeapolitanTrips Hotel €Neapolitan Trips and bar

This brand new hostel is not only very nicely decorated, but it is also located right in the centre. You sleep here from € 41 per night in a private room (two people).

Book now

Palazzo Salgar €€Palazzo Salgar

Nice and clean hotel with a central location. I really appreciate the fitness room that comes with the hotel and the roof terrace! From € 63 per night including breakfast (two people).

Book now

Palazzo Alabardieri €€€Palazzo Alabardieri

If you go for luxury, then you will sleep in this palace. It is located in the prestigious Chiaia district, so shopping can be done right from your bed. From € 136 per night including breakfast (two people).

Book now

Awesome things to do in Naples

Go to Mount Vesuvius & Pompeii.

You can easily get there by train (Circumvesuvio) or bus. Pay attention to the train times, Vesuvius closes very early, especially outside the summer and then you can not get there easily. You can take a tour of Pompeii yourself (tip read the independent blog that helps you with this!) Or book an organized tour. Click here for more information on a two-hour tour of Pompeii!

Will you be visiting Pompeii? Read the travel guide full of tips!Pompeii Napels

Guided tour underground

Naples has an impressive underground cave system. This was used as a shelter in WW2. It is also very nice to see that you have access to these cellars via a bed. Click here for an underground and walking tour through Naples.

Go visit the dead

Always been interested in death? Take a look at this cemetery which is full of skulls and skeletons. This is possible at the Cimitero delle Fontanelle a Napoli cemetery, a very special place just outside the centre of Naples.

Napels: Cimitero Fontanella

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