Restaurants Zakynthos: which hotspots on Zakynthos should not be missed?

What are the best restaurants on the Greek island of Zakynthos? In this blog we share our favorite restaurants, beach clubs and hotspots on Zakynthos!

Hotspots on Zakynthos: the best restaurants on this Greek island!

For a whole week we enjoy all that Zakynthos has to offer during our babymoon! At a leisurely pace we visit the best beaches of Zakynthos, enjoy the sun at the lovely pool of Villa Fioroula and take the time to discover the local dishes!

Does the Greek cuisine consists only of meat? Definitely not! As some of you may know, I (Charlotte) don’t eat meat and I’m also pregnant (again a lot of tasty things that are off limit), so it sometimes takes some searching. Fortunately, there are more than enough nice hotspots on Zakynthos where I enjoy vegetables, (pasteurized) feta dishes and other Greek specialties. Ries, who does eat everything, eats a lot of fresh fish, including his favourite: tuna.

We share all our dining experiences in this blog, so read on for the six best hotspots to eat on Zakynthos!Nobelos Restaurant Beach Zakynthos

1. Restaurant Nobelos in Agios Nikolaos: our favorite hotspots on Zakynthos!

Restaurant Nobelos is definitely number one of all places where we ate on Zakynthos. This great hotspot in the northeast of the island is not only a restaurant, but also a hotel and a mini beach club with lovely sunbeds and a small private beach. One of the nicest days on Zakynthos was when we went here around 11 o’clock and we spent the whole afternoon on the water and had a great lunch in between. Truly the ultimate relaxing day! From the deck where the sunbeds are, you can walk straight into the sea. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel, there are a lot of fish here!

Tip: this hotspot on Zakynthos is very popular and has limited space. Reservations for lunch are a must, as is arriving on time for a beach bed (before 12 noon).

It is certainly not cheap, you pay 50 euros per sun bed, but you can deduct this amount directly from your lunch/dinner bill. The dishes are also slightly more expensive than at most Greek restaurants, but still affordable by Dutch standards. We were here for about five hours, ordering a few drinks at the beach bed, having a quiet lunch and each having an ice cream. The final bill: 100 euros, so exactly the amount we owed by the sunbeds. All in all: definitely worth for a luxurious day! Click here for the exact location of this restaurant on Zakynthos.Zakynthos Restaurant 4

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2. Beachclub Seacret: nice beach bar for families with good food in Tsilivi

Tsilivi is one of the most popular beach regions in Zakynthos and you will find dozens of beach clubs here. But the best is beach bar Seacret. With nice beach beds, but above all a good menu. On the beach you can order some basic dishes (be sure to go for the focaccia with grilled vegetables, delicious!) and in the beautiful restaurant the menu is more extensive. Ries enjoyed the tuna tartare here and I went for a watermelon feta salad. But the grilled fish and the burrata salad also looked great!

There are tables, but also lounge sofas and romantic seats. All kinds of cocktails are made in the separate bar and there is even a separate shop. Please note: reservations for lunch are usually necessary. Click here for the exact location of this hotspot on Zakynthos.Zakynthos Restaurant 8

Tip: with a rental car you can easily visit all these restaurants on Zakynthos. We rented a car through Sunny Cars on Zakynthos because then we know that all goes well and you are fully insured!

3. Diachroniko in Xavi: budget-friendly tavern where mostly locals come!

Tired after a day of visiting beaches and swimming laps in the pool, we were looking for a quick dinner not too far from our villa. Fortunately, the owner of the villa where we are staying (Villa Fioroula) came up with the ultimate tip: Taverne Diachroniko in the nearby village of Xavi.

Don’t expect fancy tables or other fuss here, you’re sitting here among the locals in a simple tavern. But with good food for a reasonable price! And a view of the hills of Zakynthos where you can see the sun set behind with a bit of luck.

Go for the skordostoubi, an Ionian dish of eggplant in tomato sauce. Almost all ingredients are grown on the restaurant’s own land, and even most of the meat comes from their own farm. The menu is full of vegetables, but keep in mind they do not serve fish dishes. Reservations are not necessary, just come by and there will always be a table available. Click here for the exact location of this restaurant on Zakynthos.

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4. Paradoisiako in Zakynthos town: modern Greek food in a cozy courtyard garden

In Zakynthos town, there are many restaurants, especially in the most central area: Place Agiou Markou, the main square. But how do you distinguish the tourist traps from the nice local restaurants. Well, especially by looking just a little further and walking around a corner. For example, we found restaurant Paradoisiako a relief in the hustle and bustle and only one street away from Agiou Markou.

In the spacious courtyard, where there is enough shelter from the warm sun, Greek dishes are served with a modern twist. The menu is packed with fish (Ries went for the sea bass and it was great), but you will also find tasty salads and Greek starters. My favorite dish here was the beetroot tzatziki, which was perfectly flavored with a small amount of garlic. With the bill you get a mini lemon sorbet ice cream. Click here for the exact location of this hotspot on Zakynthos.

Tip: this is not the only Paradoisiako on the island. It all started in 1996 in Alykes, a coastal town above Zakynthos town. Here you will find the big sister, 25 years older than the Paradoisiako in Zakynthos itself. Also a must if you are in the area!Zakynthos Restaurant 6

5. Bassia in Zakynthos town: modern local food overlooking the sea

The modern restaurant Bassia is located in a suburb of Zakynthos town. There are not many tables which makes the atmosphere intimate. This is enhanced by the fragrant lavender bushes surrounding the tables. While eating you have a beautiful view of the sea, which splashes against the rocks meters below you.

The cuisine of restaurant Bassia is Greek, but with a modern twist. We taste the local influences from Zakynthos in a dish of tomato sauce, aubergine and smoked herring. Ries had a huge tuna fillet here. I go for the vegetarian pasta. And I can confidently say that this is the tastiest pasta I’ve ever had! Linguine, feta, cherry tomatoes, chili peppers and parsley, we will try to make this at home anyway! This romantic restaurant is definitely recommended for a special evening. The price is a bit higher but the food and the place are more than worth it! Click here for the exact location of this restaurant on Zakynthos.

6. Ampelostrates in Koliomenos: food in a fairytale setting

You can’t get it more Greek: between the vineyards and fruit trees is a small restaurant. Not much more than a dozen tables with mismatched chairs. And here they serve the very, very best Greek food in all of Zakynthos! The menu is not large but contains a lot of vegetables and the prices are very reasonable. Eating here feels a bit like boarding a movie, the lanterns provide romantic light and you can hear the chirping of crickets around you.

Here we eat a selection of three local cheeses, aubergine kebab and meatballs in tomato sauce (for Ries). All super simple and very tasty!

Amepelostrates is only open in the evenings and is located on the edge of the old village of Koliomenos. It is one of the highest villages on the island and also one of the few that was not affected by the devastating earthquake of 1954. The houses here also date from this time and contribute to the romantic atmosphere. If you want to taste the real Greece and have a special experience at the same time, then definitely go to this hotspot on Zakynthos. Click here for the exact location of this restaurant.

Other hotspots on Zakynthos:

In addition to the above restaurants, we have also heard good stories about the following hotspots. We haven’t been there ourselves (we simply couldn’t go out for dinner more often), but we do have every confidence in our tipsters ;-).

  • Zakynthos Town: Yard of Taste, Allotino, Madisons (for breakfast/lunch), Kantouni Estiatoria (for lunch), Prosilio,
  • Tsilivi: Anna’s Kitchen, Afrala restaurant
  • Xigia Beach: Taverna Xigia
  • Northwest Coast: Sunset Michali’s Taverna
  • Northwest: Cave Damianos Restaurant
  • Leganas: Tasos restaurant, Aperitto resto bar
  • Vasilikou/Argassi: Andalis, Dominicalle, Al Nur

Zakynthos Restaurant 7


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