The 7 best beaches of Kefalonia: do not miss these beautiful beaches!

The Greek island of Kefalonia has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Europe. In this blog we tell you everything about these beaches. For example, we give tips about accessibility, whether the beach is suitable for children and whether you will find nice beach clubs here. Read on to learn more about Kefalonia’s 7 best beaches!Fteri Beach Kefalonia Greece

The 7 most beautiful beaches & bays of Kefalonia: with and without children!

So you have booked a trip to Kefalonia. Nice, you will have so many beautiful prospects! The island is an oasis of peace with beautiful raw nature and wonderful beaches. We will tell you where the best beaches of Kefalonia are located below. We toured around Kefalonia for over a week and visited many beaches, bays and beach clubs. So it’s time to share our Kefalonia beach tips with you!

Below you will find a map showing these 7 different beaches of Kefalonia. This way you can immediately see which beach is closest to you. We start with the beaches on Kefalonia in the east and then go around clockwise.Map Best beaches of Kefalonia Greece visit Greek Islands

Tip: with a rental car you can easily visit all these beaches. We always rent a car through Sunny Cars because you are then fully insured, the rental process is very pleasant and in the event of a breakdown or questions you will be helped 24/7! Click here to see if there are any cars available when you visit Kefalonia!

1. Antisamos beach: beautiful & relaxed pebble beach in the east of Kefalonia

One of our favorite beaches in Kefalonia is Antisamos. This pebble beach is located in a green bay, not far from the villages of Sami and Agia Effimia. The clear blue water invites you to immediately cool off! You can snorkel and swim very well here.

You will find shelter from the sun and comfortable beds at one of the luxury beach clubs where you can lie down for free when you spend a minimum of 20 euros on drinks or food. We were a huge fan of the wonderfully thick pillows on the beach beds of Beachclub Acron. You can order food here at your bedside, or have a bite to eat in the restaurant. There is also a massage room available and I made grateful use of it. Because what could be nicer than being massaged with the sound of the sea in the background! Click here for the location of this beach in Kefalonia.

  • Accessibility: good, close to the road.
  • Sun beds: yes, more than enough. Two beds + umbrella free when you spend 20 euros on food and drinks. Please note: not all sun beds are free, so inquire about this in advance.
  • Parking options: large parking space where you can park for free.
  • Beach clubs: Yes, we liked Acron the best. Showers are also available here.
  • Suitable for children: yes, shallow, clear water but keep in mind pebbles.
  • Beach type: Pebble beach

2. Makris Gialos Beach: sandy beach with nice water and many facilities

This popular sandy beach is not far from the capital Argostoli, close to a number of nice family accommodations. It is always busy here and that is not surprising because it is a nice beach here! Clear blue water, soft sand (many beaches in Kefalonia have pebbles) and perfect for when you are on holiday with a family and children. But, if you’re not into the crowds, then this beach is probably not your place. Don’t worry, there are also a lot of quiet beaches on Kefalonia.

We thought it was very good to stay here! There are nice sun beds with umbrellas (15 euros for two beds with umbrella), showers and several restaurants. Click here for the location of this beach in Kefalonia.

  • Accessibility: good
  • Sun beds: available, but be on time because this popular beach fills up early!
  • Parking options: limited availability. In the dunes you will find several small parking spaces that are all full around noon. Parking is free
  • Beach clubs: yes, several. We were at Costa Costa. The disadvantage is that there is relatively little sand available to just put your towel on the sand yourself.
  • Suitable for children: yes, this is really a family beach! The soft sand and shallow water are perfect for playing. Showers are available.
  • Beach type: sand

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3. Xi Beach: the famous orange sand beach

This is one of the most famous beaches of Kefalonia, mainly because of its color, as the sand is orange. The road to Xi Beach is already quite an experience. You are here on the southernmost tip of the Paliki peninsula and drive through a very quiet part of Kefalonia.

But once at the beach, that abandoned feeling is immediately gone. There are plenty of facilities for tourists here. The beach itself lies between the rocks and is a narrow strip of orange sand with beach beds. Slightly higher, on top of the rocks (accessible via steps) you will find bars and beach clubs.

The beach itself is therefore narrow, especially at low tide, but has wonderfully soft sand. The sand is also perfect for playing in, it contains clay which makes it stick a little better. Some people even rub themselves with the orange clay sand because it is apparently good for you. Click here for the location of this beach in Kefalonia.

  • Accessibility: reasonable. The road to it is quiet and beautiful, but you have to drive a bit to get here. Tip: use the car ferry between Argostoli and Lixouri. That can save a lot of travel time.
  • Sun beds: more than enough available
  • Parking options: there are several parking spaces, at the different entrances to the beach. We arrived late afternoon and didn’t have to pay.
  • Beach clubs: on the rocks you will find several beach clubs.
  • Suitable for children: yes, the water is shallow for a long time and the sand is nice and soft.
  • Beach type: sandy beach

4. Paralia Petani: pebble beach with clear blue water, perfect for sunset!

This fine beach in the west of Kefalonia is the place for a spectacular sunset. It is located in a sheltered bay, surrounded by hills. When you drive down the hill via the road full of hairpin bends, it feels like you are in Italy and not in Greece. This is due to the hundreds of orange beach beds with ditto parasols and then the azure blue sea. Those orange beach chairs really feel to me like a beach on the Italian Amalfi Coast.

This fine beach is a place where many local families come to have a picnic all day and cool off in the water. Due to its location, fewer tourists come here, but this beach is really worth it. Come for lunch and eat fresh fish in one of the two simple restaurants on the beach. And definitely stay until the evening, when most of the beach guests have already left. You will then be treated to a beautiful sunset on a quiet, almost deserted beach! Click here for the location of this beach in Kefalonia.

  • Accessibility: reasonable, you have to drive down a road with many hairpin bends, plus you are here on the Paliki peninsula, which can be a bit further depending on your hotel.
  • Sun beds: present, they are not great, but you can sit in the shade with an umbrella and bed. Two beds + umbrella cost 12 euros.
  • Parking options: along the road it is free (you have to come early), or you pay 8 euros per day in a paid parking lot.
  • Beach clubs: no real beach clubs but you have two restaurants and a snack bar here.
  • Suitable for children: yes, despite the pebbles, children love it here and we saw a lot of little ones running around. Keep in mind that the sea gets quite wild!
  • Beach type: pebble beach

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5. Agia Kiriaki Beach: unbelievably quiet beach, only known by locals

Agia Kiriaki Beach Kefalonia GreeceDo you really want peace and quiet and are you looking for a beach that is completely unknown to mass tourism? Then drive to Agia Kiraki Beach. This narrow beach, not far from the village of Zola, feels like a true paradise. The sea is clear blue, there are only a few beach beds and a small beach bar where you can’t get much more than sandwiches, coffee and ice cream.

Boats leave from Zola to the popular Fteri beach, and you are close to the most famous beach Myrtos Beach, but the true paradise is here! Even for a short break, this place is worth it. We drank coffee, enjoyed the peace and dipped in the delicious water. Click here for the location of this beach in Kefalonia.

  • Accessibility: slightly more difficult. We advise to drive via Zola and then along the water on the unpaved road to here.
  • Sun beds: present, but not very much. You pay 7 euros for two beds with umbrella.
  • Parking options: very limited, along the dirt road are some places where you can park your car.
  • Beach clubs: there is a beach bar where you can buy delicious coffee
  • Suitable for children: not really because there are many pebbles and there is no supervision.
  • Beach type: Pebbles combined with sand.

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6. Myrtos Beach: most famous beach in Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach is the most famous beach in Kefalonia. And from above it is certainly the most beautiful beach. This bay is located between high black-green cliffs and the contrast of the colors of the white pebbles, the super blue water and the dark green surroundings, make this place really a picture!

So you should in any case see this beach from above at one of the viewpoints. We liked this viewpoint the best. Please note, you stop here along the side of a mountain road and often there are several tourists. Driving slowly and looking carefully is therefore important.

A closer look at the beach is also well worth it. However, we certainly did not think this was the nicest beach in Kefalonia. It gets very busy here early on. A parking space and sun bed are therefore difficult to find. In addition, it is largely a pebble beach, only at the edges you will also find parts where the pebbles turn into sand. The sea here is lovely and you have a number of impressive caves. Click here for the location of this beach in Kefalonia.

  • Accessibility: reasonable
  • Sun beds: available but be there on time, 10 euros per couple with umbrella.
  • Parking options: at the very bottom is a large parking lot, but it quickly fills up. It’s free.
  • Beach clubs: there is a snack bar, no further beach clubs. You will also find showers here.
  • Suitable for children: not really. The waves can be quite high.
  • Beach type: pebble beach

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7. Alaties Beach: super small cozy bay with beautiful rocks

Alaties Beach Kefalonia Alati Restaurant GreeceAlaties Beach is a very small mini beach in the north of Kefalonia. Most tourists do not know this place and therefore it is usually not crowded here. That’s a good thing because there isn’t much space.

We thought the combination of this beautiful bay with the restaurant next door was perfect. First have a nice lunch (the kitchen is very good, but the prices are quite high), and then take a cooling dip. You can enjoy snorkeling here between the rocks and the water is very clear. There were some small (purple) jellyfish between the rocks, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. You will find shade under the trees on the side. Keep in mind that there are no beds, umbrellas or other facilities here.

This location is also perfect for sunset! Have a nice swim and then finish with a cocktail in the restaurant. Click here for the location of this beach in Kefalonia.

  • Accessibility: You are quite a bit away from the central part of Kefalonia, but if you go to Fiskardo anyway, it is close by.
  • Sun beds: no
  • Parking options: along the road (limited)
  • Beach clubs: no, but the restaurant of the same name Alati
  • Suitable for children: reasonable
  • Beach type: pebbles with sand

Other beaches in Kefalonia:

And then there are dozens of other beautiful bays and beaches that we unfortunately no longer had time for. The two most famous ones that we deliberately skipped are Fteri Beach and Paralia Dafnoudi. Fteri beach is also called the most beautiful beach of Kefalonia. However, it can only be reached by boat and there is no shade. A boat trip (departs from the village of Zola, among others) costs 20 euros per person. Since I’m pregnant and like to have some shade and since it was 36 degrees when we are in Greece, plus there were plenty of accessible beaches, we deliberately skipped this one.

The beach Paralia Dafnoudi is also known as a beautiful beach, but again without facilities and shade. It is also difficult to reach, you have to climb a lot over the rocks, we understood from local people. We therefore skipped this beach because of the heat.Foki Beach Kefalonia Greece

Beaches in Kefalonia that you can skip in our opinion:

There are also a few beaches that we didn’t really like. For example, we found Jerusalem Beach really less beautiful (many pebbles that are covered with algae, making the water less beautiful and difficult to walk into the sea). The small beach Paralia Foki near Fiskardo was nice, especially for all the pine trees, but definitely not a place to drive all the way north for, plus you have a lot of wasps here.




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