BellaZante Country Villas on Zakynthos: our wonderful stay during our babymoon!

We are on holiday in Zakynthos, Greece. And not just any holiday, but on our babymoon. We are expecting a baby boy at the end of November! And so we pamper ourselves extra and stay a few nights in the lovely country villa of BellaZante* on Zakynthos. In this blog we tell you more about this quiet family accommodation with private pool on Zakynthos. And we give you tips on fun activities and sights in the area.Baby moon Zakynthos Greece

I’m Pregnant: Babymoon on Zakynthos!

A little one is coming! We hope to welcome our son at the end of November. Fittingly, I got pregnant on our last trip through South Africa, so the little one is already a world traveler. All is going well with the baby so far and now that the second trimester has arrived (I am 18 weeks pregnant when we are on Zakynthos), I am feeling much better again!

And so it’s time for a babymoon. And for those who are not familiar with this term, it means that during your pregnancy you go away one last time on a trip before the baby comes. No sleepless nights yet and accommodation that must be kid-proof, but just relaxing and unwinding with the two of you. That also means that we travel at a slower pace than usual and we started looking for an accommodation where we can rest and just enjoying ourselves. And we definitely find that location in Zakynthos in BellaZante’s Villa Fioroula!Zakynthos Bella Zante

BellaZante Country villas: romantic villas in a quiet part of Zakynthos

It is 33 degrees and blistering hot when we arrive at Villa Fioroula. A little tired we get out of the car when hostess Nertila comes running towards us. She warmly welcomes us and starts to explain this special location in a cheerful chat.

BellaZante has been in the same family for generations. The owner Ioannis’ great-grandparents and grandparents were born here decades ago. After a major renovation, he now manages the villas together with his daughter Irene (one of the villas is named after her). Inside everything is modern, but outside time seems to have stood still. As we walk through the garden towards the villa we see beautiful flowers, fruit trees in bloom and grapevines over a sheltered patio.

Taking it really slow & getting super relaxed!

It really is a place where we feel right at home. After the suitcases are unpacked, I jump into the pool, which I don’t get out of for hours afterwards. Blessed is that cooling water! In the evening we have a drink on the terrace, while the crickets around us give a deafening concert.

And in the following days we completely relax here! Every morning we wake up to singing birds and have breakfast with freshly picked figs and yogurt. Then we set out to explore the island. But at noon, when it is at its hottest, we quickly drive back to the villa for a nice swim or a siesta. Truely that ultimate holiday feeling and that’s exactly what I was looking for when we were planning this babymoon.Zakynthos Bella Zante 1Bella Zante 5

Looking for a unique accommodation in Zakynthos that met all our needs!

It was certainly quite a search because our list of requirements for accommodation was a lot more extensive than usual. But after a while we come across the BellaZante website. This small-scale accommodation on Zakynthos meets all our wishes:

  • A good bed! Since I got pregnant I don’t sleep so well. The beds from BellaZante are from Dunlopillo and Coco-Mat and they sleep really great!
  • Air conditioning in all bedrooms. It can get quite hot in Zakynthos.
  • A quiet location. Away from the crowds in tourist resorts such as Tsilivi and Laganas. Not really our thing.
  • A spacious (outdoor) kitchen with refrigerator, stove, coffee machine and dishwasher. It’s nice to make your own breakfast in the morning with good coffee and to enjoy ice-cold watermelon and a glass of wine (for Ries) by the pool in the afternoon.
  • A private swimming pool surrounded by a garden full of fruit trees. Every day I swim 20 laps here and every hour we jump into the water to cool off.

Bella Zante 6

And then there is a whole host of nice things that the villas of BellaZante all have. There is a barbecue, a washing machine and an ironing board with iron. The wifi works great, Ries is in the back of the garden in a hammock watching Netflix! The bathrooms have the most wonderfully scented products and even sunscreen and aftersun are available.

You can just tell that the owners have renovated these two houses with a lot of love and then thought very carefully about what you might need when you are on holiday! The warm hostess Nertila is ready for all your questions and she ensures that the house is cleaned every few days.Bella Zante 1Bella Zante 8

Two family houses with private pool on Zakynthos: Irene and Fioroula

As I wrote before, there are two different villas that are next to each other, Irene and Fioroula. We stay in villa Fioroula, cozier and smaller than villa Irene, but the villa I think is the most beautiful of the two. Even though the two houses are next to each other, because of the large garden and sheltered location, you hardly notice the other villa. If you are with a larger group, for example with two families, you can easily rent the villas together. Have a drink at one of the two locations every evening, while still having the option to withdraw when you need it.

If you indicate in advance, children’s beds are available in the villa. That, together with the quiet location and secluded garden, the swimming pool and the kitchen with all facilities, make this really the ultimate holiday family home. Now the two of us are staying here, but I really want to go back here with our little one! How nice that he can sleep well in his own room, while we enjoy the pool outside and put something delicious on the table. And because of the central location, we don’t have to drive an hour before we reach a nice beach or nice village (with restaurants). Really great!Bella Zante 3Bella Zante 4

What is there to do near Bellazante on Zakythos?

With all its clear blue waters, Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea is the perfect holiday destination. Most things to do therefore involve beaches and exploring the sea. Owner Irene gave us great tips with nice sights.

Fine beaches near BellaZante Country Villas

There are many fine beaches on Zakynthos. And part of this is not far from the villas of BellaZante. Here are our three favorite beaches nearby:

Our three favorite beaches close to BellaZante (max 20 minutes drive)

  • Xygia beach: a beautiful small bay with milky blue water. Sulfur in the water provides the special color (and strange smell). This is a pebble beach with some sunbeds.
  • Makrys Gyalos: a wider pebble beach with shallow water. Perfect for swimming with children. Beach beds available.
  • Tsilivi beach: a popular sandy beach in the tourist resort of Tsilivi. I love that it is a sandy beach and with more than enough beach beds. Especially beach club Seacret we found it nice to stay!

Xigia Sulfur Beaches Zakynthos Greece 1Makris Gialos Beach Zakynthos Greece

Beautiful beaches 40 minutes drive from BellaZante Country Villas

  • Porto Zorro beach: a nice family beach with grass and sand. At Porto Accuro bar they rent out beach beds.
  • Gerakas beach: a pebble beach where the turtles come to lay their eggs at night. Shallow water and beach beds.
  • Porto Limionas: a clear blue bay where you can swim. There is no real beach, but at Porto Limnionas Tavern they rent out sunbeds on different plateaus overlooking the bay.
  • Korakonisi: Irene described this as one of the most beautiful hidden gems of Zakynthos. It consists of rock formations, caves and a vibrant underwater world. We did not visit this bay ourselves because there is no shelter from the sun and it is a long walk to get there, and unfortunately I did not have enough energy for that.

With so many beaches it is quite difficult to make a choice. That’s why we are writing a blog with the 9 best beaches in Zakynthos. Coming soon!

Porto Limnionas Beach Zakynthos 1 Porto Zorro Beach Zakynthos Greece 1 Myzithres Beach Zakynthos Greece 3

Boat rental around Zakynthos

Not all beaches can be reached by car. Some coves only have access from the sea. That is why we rented a boat from Keri for a day to admire different beaches and caves in the south of Zakynthos. Really a must to do!

We saw the Caretta-Caretta giant turtles several times by boat! We also visited the island of Marathonisi, beautiful because of the beaches, the caves and also a place to spot turtles. Via the famous Keri caves we eventually sail to the beautiful beaches of Myzithres. These two beaches are connected by a tiny cave that you can swim through.

We rented a boat with captain for 4 hours for 200 euros. It is also possible to drive your boat yourself, which is slightly cheaper. Prefer to visit the north of Zakynthos by boat? From the port town of Agios Nikolaos you can rent boats and see the famous Blue Cave and Shipwreck Beach. Click here to book a day trip.Travel Greece Island hopping Zakynthos

Myzithres Beach Zakynthos Greece

Visit Zakynthos Town

From BellaZante you are in 15 minutes in Zakynthos town, also called Zante. Nice to visit at the end of the day. Stroll along the boulevard, view the city from above at the viewpoint, and visit the beautiful squares of Agiou Markou and Solomos Square.

Zakynthos town is also the perfect location to grab a bite to eat. Restaurant recommendations are: Paradosiako, Yard of Taste and Bassia. Soon there will be a blog online with our favorite restaurants in Zakynthos.

Tip: if you prefer to eat closer to BellaZante, go for a bite to eat at Diachroniko, 5 minutes away from the BellaZante Sountry Villas.

An extensive guide with our favorite restaurants on Zakynthos will follow soon!

Zakynthos Holiday Vibes Greece

Tip: near BellaZante Country Villas is this little church on a hill. From here you see all the surroundings. It hasn’t been discovered by the crowds and therefor is a peaceful place.

Practical information about BellaZante Country Villas

Are you looking for special accommodation and a nice family home on Zakynthos? Then we wholeheartedly recommend the villas of BellaZante. The two BellaZante Country villas are located in Kato Gerakari, in the eastern part of Zakynthos. You can reach both villas in about 20 minutes from Zakynthos airport or fifteen minutes from Zakynthos town.

There are two villas, each with a private pool, garden, kitchen and Weber barbecue. Both villas have space for 4-5 people and the villas can be rented together or separately. Each villa has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. In Villa Irene the kitchen is indoors and there is a living room. Villa Fioroula has a spacious outdoor kitchen.

You stay in Villa Fioroula from 165 euros per night and in Villa Irene from 195 euros per night. A minimum stay of three nights applies to both locations.

For more information and reservations, click here.
Address: Kato Gerakari 290, 90 Zakynthos
Contact by mail:
Phone number: +30 6974261463

Zakynthos Bella Zante 2Zante villas Zakynthos

*We stayed at the invitation of BellaZante Country Villas in this villa on Zakynthos, however everything above is truthful to me, as always I express my own opinion and experience.


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