Mirmande in the Drôme: all about one of the most beautiful villages in France!

The cute artists’ village of Mirmande is located on top of a hill in the Drôme. It has been declared one of the ‘plus beaux villages de France’, one of the most beautiful villages in France. And we can confirm that Mirmande is beautiful. In this blog you read all about Mirmande in the Drôme Provençale.

Artists’ village Mirmande in the Drôme

The small village of Mirmande is located between the towns of Valence and Montélimar, not far from the A7 or Route de Soleil. You can see it from afar, because it is built on top of a hill.

Mirmande would have almost become a ghost village ages ago. Due to its convenient location, Mirmande flourished during the silk trade in the 18th and 19th century. But as silk production in France declined, the village fell into decline. Until the beautiful village was discovered by the painter André Lhote and his students right after WW1. More and more artists moved to the village. In combination with the fruit growing in the area, the artists ensured that the village flourished economically again and Mirmande amassed a lot of wealth. The artistic atmosphere still hangs in the village where you will find studios everywhere.

Below is the map of the Drôme with Mirmande

‎Drome Region France

Below you will find 6 fun things to do in Mirmande.

Curious about what there is to do in Mirmande? We describe six fun activities and sights in Mirmande and the surrounding area.

1. What to do in Mirmande: Stroll around the old street

Mirmande is beautiful! Many houses date from the 13th century and it shows, they are made of thick coarse stones, have small windows and low doors. Most (steep) streets are just wide enough for a horse and cart, but you wouldn’t be able to get through them with a car. No problem because almost the entire village is car-free. Take your time and stroll past all the old buildings, through the gates of two different old city walls and all the way to the top of the hill where there is a beautiful old church.

Tip: are you traveling with small children? Then leave your stroller at home. Due to the steep streets and irregular cobblestones, you cannot do anything here with a stroller. A baby carrier is more convenient.

Are you looking for beautiful souvenirs or art for your home? Then you have come to the right place in Mirmande. Due to its history, this place is teeming with creative minds. There are ceramic workshops, glassblowers, painters and potters in the village. And there are also a few nice boutiques.

Are you done with shopping and walking? Then sit down on the terrace of a nice restaurant. We visited Café Bert where they make delicious pizzas (very suitable to visit with children). Would you like to have a nice extensive lunch or dinner? Then Restaurant Margot is highly recommended. I enjoyed a delicious seafood risotto and Ries loved the osso bucco they prepared for him. The host was very friendly and fond of our son Floris. Make sure you have a reservation because it is almost always full here!Mirmande 13Mirmande

Just north of the Drôme lies Burgundy. Read all about southern Burgundy here with cities such as Cluny and Macon!

2. Sightseeing Mirmande: Visit exhibitions in the old church

If you climb all the way to the top of the hill on which Mirmande was built, you will arrive at Église Sainte-Foy. A beautiful old church on a small square from which you have a great view over the Drôme, all the way to the Rhône and the Ardèche. In the summer months (from April to September) exhibitions regularly take place in the church. These are (usually) free to visit.

Mirmande 11

3. What to do in Mirmande: Buy local products at the Provencal market

Every Saturday morning the Provencal market arrives in Mirmande. There are small stalls everywhere with local products such as vegetables, fruit, honey and cheese. If you missed the market, Sunday is also a nice day to visit Mirmande. The chic residents of Montélimar and Valence then stroll around Mirmande and there is plenty to see!

4. Go to Cliousclat, the sister village of Mirmande known for its ceramics

A few minutes’ drive from Mirmande you will find the beautiful village of Cliousclat. This is much smaller than Mirmande and you can see it in half an hour, but it is at least as beautiful. Cliousclat is known for its potters, but don’t expect dozens of studios here (like we did). There are two studios and that’s it.

But now that you are here, enjoy this pretty place and have some nice lunch at L’Alandier or restaurant La Fontaine. You can also spend the night in Cliousclat. For example at hotel La Treille Muscate.

Not far from the Drôme is the Vaucluse with the famous Mont Ventoux! Read all about hiking to Mont Ventoux in our blog!

5. Go wine tasting in the Mirmande area

It takes some searching, but the Drôme also has vineyards and wineries where they sell local wine. And as you may know, for us a holiday in France is not complete until we have visited a winery. The owners of the gîte where we are staying (Domaine de Vaucourte) recommend the winery “Château la Rolière”.

Here they produce both white and red wine with the local Brézème wine. This is wine from predominantly Syrah grapes that grow around the Rhône river. We especially like the red wine here and we took quite a few bottles home with us.

Just north of Valence you will also find the village of Tain-l’Hermitage, which is surrounded by vineyards. The wines here are known as the best of the entire Côtes du Rhône. Next time we will plan enough time to visit Tain-l’Hermitage extensively.

6. Visit one of the other beautiful villages or towns in the area

You will find many more nice villages and towns in the Mirmande area. Visit Montélimar, the city of nougat, a 20-minute drive away. The city of Valence is slightly larger than Montélimar and just a 30-minute drive away.

More interested in smaller villages? Then go to Crest with its high tower or to the beautiful village of Saoû. Saoû is surrounded by high mountain peaks and forests where you can do the most beautiful hikes.

Practical tips for Mirmande

Do not enter the village by car. You can park your car for free at this location from where you can walk into the center.

How much time do you need for Mirmande?

Half a day is enough to see Mirmande. Preferably make sure that you do not go to Mirmande on Monday or Tuesday because then almost everything is closed.

Sleeping in the Mirmande area?

There are more than enough nice hotels in the Mirmande area, but you can also spend the night in the village itself. Here you will find an overview of all hotels in Mirmande. And below we selected three nice places to stay in the Mirmande area.

Vergers de la boulignaire

Vergers de La Bouligaire €

This cute hotel is located in the valley just south of Mirmande. You have a beautiful view of the hill and the village, a few minutes’ walk away. There is a swimming pool and in addition to hotel rooms, there are also some gites. You can sleep here from 80 euros per night including breakfast.

Book here

IMG 2861

Camping les Bastest €

This wonderful campsite with tent sites, bungalows, safari tents and luxury chalets is a 20-minute drive from Mirmande. We stayed here for a week and with children this is a really great location! Not too big, with an infinity pool and a good restaurant. From 30 euros per night.

Book here

Domaine de Vaucourte

Domaine de Vaucourte €€€

This beautiful domain is a 15-minute drive from Mirmande. Here you will find two completely renovated luxury apartments. We stayed in the four-person apartment and enjoyed the nice swimming pool and the enormous garden. You stay here from 200 euros per night.

Book here

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