Husky safari in Lapland: All you need to know about a husky tour in Finland!

When you think of Lapland (in Finland), you immediately think of a husky tour and huskies! While the cute huskies run full enthusiasm, you fly through the snowy landscape, an experience that I can recommend to everyone! In this blog, I tell you everything you need to know to get well prepared to do a husky tour (also called husky safari). What do you wear during a husky tour, how do you book a husky tour and what does dog sledging involve?

A husky farm in Lapland!

It is our first morning in Lapland. Last night we landed in Ivalo and then drove to our lodge in the village of Inari. After breakfast, we pack our bags for the activity of today. We dress warmly since we will be outside for a long time today and it’s 20 degrees below zero. Today we will be doing a husky tour on a husky sledge!
After a short but bumpy ride, we arrive at the husky camp. You can hear the dogs barking from afar, it sounds like they are looking forward to it! The cold does not seem to bother the dogs, they roll through the snow and occasionally take a refreshing bite from the white stuff. We still have to get used to the cold, but luckily we get special suits and gloves.Husky safari Finland - Lapland

Husky safari through the snowy woods of Lapland

After a brief instruction, I sit down on the sledge and Ries steps on the driver spot. He will be steering and braking, all I have to do is sit inboard. I find it quite exciting: the dogs are not free yet, but are already pulling hard on the sledge. I just hope we don’t spin out of control.

Our guide gets on his Husky sledge, gives a signal and then Ries releases his brake. We shoot away! After a few first seconds in which I find it scary, I start to enjoy. Wow, this is cool! The Huskies run barking and full of enthusiasm after our guide, Ries has them well under control. The landscape we drive through is beautiful: everything is white, with only dark green pine trees. Behind it a clear blue sky and bright sunshine.

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Huskydogs in Finnish LaplandHusky safari Finland - Lapland

Husky safari in Lapland in Finland

Our friends Thomas and Christine are driving behind us, another couple behind it and that’s it, quite a small group! As soon as the guide notices that we are all confident with the sledges, he increases the pace. We fly over hills, drive over a beautiful, snowy lake and see a reindeer shooting away in the distance.

I was a little worried about the huskies beforehand: are they being treated well, are they enjoying themselves? But now that we see how happy these animals are and now that we hear how much love our guide talks about each husky individually, we know that this is all right! As soon as we stop for a moment, the animals start playing around with each other. Just one tip when riding a husky sledge: the dogs poop non-stop, so keep an eye out for flying dog poop!Husky dogs in Finnish Lapland

Lunch in the snow of Finnish Lapland

After driving for about an hour and a half, we arrive at a small house on a hill. It looks really cute, but I don’t really have an eye for it. My whole body is warm except for my feet. They are cold as ice and now that they are defrosting, I am dancing in pain. Sweet Christine has a solution: I have to take off my socks and tights, then she starts to massage them warm. It helps and after ten minutes, they feel normal again.

Our guide made a campfire inside the house, where we are sitting closely around. We are warming up while he is preparing a Finnish lunch for us. After a delicious soup with fresh salmon, a kind of pancake and as dessert for cookies with hot tea, we are all heated up and ready to go back on the husky sledge.

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Husky safari Finland - Lapland

Last half hour of the husky tour

The last part back to the starting location goes by way too fast! We have the taste of husky sledding and could go on for hours! Not only sledging but also the experience of riding in this beautiful nature is very special. You don’t see anyone else out there, which gives you the feeling of being at the end of the world. Sometimes we drive through large forests where only the narrow trail is worn out, then again on a somewhat wider path where we encounter a snowmobile.

Unfortunately, the sleigh is over after a bit more than 30 minutes. Back at the camp, we take some pictures with the cute dogs, then, unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to the huskies. What a cool activity and a perfect first day in Lapland!Husky safari Finland - Lapland

What do you need to know before you go on a husky tour in Lapland?

Are you also planning to go on a husky safari? Below I describe everything you need to know and I answer the questions I had beforehand. Do you have another question? Let me know via a comment or message!

What do you wear for husky sledging?

We had on our normal outerwear consisting of ski pants, ski jackets, thermal pants, multiple layers of t-shirts, socks, hats, gloves and snow boots. I also wore thermo stockings, but I don’t recommend those. They pinched my toes, making them a lot colder. At the husky farm, we also got a thick overall and special gloves. Apart from my feet, I was definitely not cold.
Tip: Ries as a driver wore sunglasses, handy because the sun can be very bright on some parts.Husky safari Finland - Lapland

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Is a husky tour in Lapland safe?

So I was a bit scared of this beforehand, I had probably heard a little too many horror stories of sledges that spun out of control. However, if you listen carefully to the guide’s explanation and make sure that ‘your’ dogs don’t come too close to the dogs of the sledge before you (then they will start fighting), nothing can happen. Ries was driving the whole time, but it is also possible to switch in between.

Can you make photo’s / film during a husky tour?

Yes, that’s possible. I shot a lot of the photos in this blog while sitting on the sledge. I also filmed a bit with the GoPro. You have to be careful, if you go down a hill, you can sometimes shoot up for a few seconds. So hold firmly on your camera. As a driver, it is not allowed to take pictures because of safety reasons.

What does a husky safari in Lapland cost?

This was our most expensive activity: we paid € 159 per person for this four-hour activity. Lunch and hot drinks were included, as well as thermal clothing, an English-speaking guide and pick-up service. In total, we spent more than two hours on the husky sledge. It is also possible to opt for a two-hour husky safari. You will spend about an hour on the sledge and pay € 125 per person for this. We found this too short and afterwards we are happy that we have opted for the four-hour option.

We did this husky sledding tour at Ivalo Holidays, click here for other husky safari companies in whole Lapland!

Even though it is a lot of money, I found this activity very cool and definitely worth it!

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If you visit Northern Finland, you will most likely fly at Ivalo airport. In the neighbourhood of Ivalo, you have a great chance to spot the northern lights. You are also in the right place for cool activities such as a husky tour. If you are going during the European winter, make sure you book well in advance your hotel.

Ivalo River Camping €Ivalo River Camping Finland

This budget hotel is located outside the centre of Ivalo, right next to a river and surrounded by nature. The wooden cabins are small but cosy. In the summer you can also camp here. You sleep here from 40 euros per night (2 people).

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Ivalo Lake Cottage €€Ivalo Lake Cottage Lapland Finland

This big cottage is suitable for four people and has a minimum stay of two nights. The lodge is surrounded by hiking trails. There is a fireplace, sauna and well-equipped kitchen. You sleep here from 298 euros per 2 nights (4 people).

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Aurora Village Ivalo €€€
Ivalo Aurora Village Hotel Finland

In a need of a little more luxury? Then book a room at the Aurora Village. This four-star hotel has chalets with a glass ceiling. This way you have a great view from your bed! You stay here from 585 euros per night (two people).

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All you need to know about huskysafaries in Finnish Lapland

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