City Guide for Barcelona

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Have you planned a city trip to the uber-trendy Barcelona soon? Then in this blog might be useful to you since I will share all my tips on my favourite restaurants and activities in this beautiful city!

City Guide Barcelona

Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in Europe, but honestly, that has only been the case for a couple of years. Before that, I did n’t like Barcelona that much. Madrid, where I lived twice, that was the best city in Spain. But I couldn’t have been more wrong! Last year we went to Barcelona three times, in spring, summer and autumn. I loved to be so close to the water, to be able to eat tapas everywhere and to be in the middle of a bustling city. There are quite a few friends of ours living in and around Barcelona so we are always lucky to have a place to crash. Therefore I won’t be sharing any hotel recommendations below, but I do have some pretty good restaurants summed up for you, which are even good enough for locals!

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Where to eat in Barcelona?

Best breakfast, lunch and brunch spots in Barcelona

  • Brunch & Cake. Oooo this place is sooo good, only thinking about it makes my mouth watering! They serve huge plates with semi-healthy food. There are currently several branches, my favourite location, is the one on the boulevard!
  • Flex & Kale. This place will let you take this perfect Instagram food photos. Beautiful interior, great food and all are mega healthy! The portions are not too big, and certainly not cheap, so keep this in mind. When possible, go sit on the roof terrace, which is this kind of hidden city garden.
  • Alsurcafe. It’s nice sitting inside, but also on the terrace outside is lovely. They serve good breakfast, but also a proper lunch and in the evening you can have a glass of wine here.
  • Milk Barcelona. Wow, the food here is certainly not healthy, but really delicious. Think milkshakes and American pancakes in an American Diner. It is always completely full here, therefore arrive at least half an hour before opening time.
  • El Casal. Cute little restaurant. The kitchen is French-Spanish. During lunchtime, they have the best ‘ Menu Del Dia’. Both delicious and good value for money!

Best restaurants for a fancy dinner in Barcelona!

  • Casa Lolea. This is the most perfect French-Italian place. Really great food for a good price. Please do: make a reservation otherwise you will not have a table.
  • La Paradeta Do you like fish? Then this is a must-visit! The waiting line starts half an hour before opening and is usually full of locals. When you go inside, you will see a counter full of the finest freshest fish just out of the sea. You choose your own fish, indicate how much you want and then it is prepared. There is no English spoken. This is not a fancy place, think of bright fluorescent light and napkins on the ground. But the great fish will make you forget this immediately.
  • Mosquito. This is an Asian restaurant where you can eat delicious Dim Sum. In addition, there are many special beers. For Ries, it was his first time eating Dim Sum at this place. The first of many times… he was hooked on it immediately.
  • El Vaso de Oro. Well, there is obviously also a tapas restaurant included in this section. At El Vaso de Oro you will only see locals. You will find yourself hanging at the bar, ordering food from the glass showcases. This will be served within a few minutes. My favourite? The grilled, salty peppers.

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Awesome things to do in Barcelona

  • Rent a Supboard and go Supping (Stand Up Paddle)! The sea at Barcelona is often relatively quiet. You won’t be able to surf here, but what you can do is to hire a SUP board and paddle around for a nice sunset. This wasn’t our first time supping by the way! We learned how to sup on the Gili Islands in Bali.
  • Cycling through Barcelona. No, of course not an organized bike ride, but just rent a bike for a few euros and drive around the city. Barcelona is getting more and more cycle paths every year, and being a Dutchie (we bike everywhere in The Netherlands) we really noticed that the people of Barcelona are slowly getting used to bicycles. We especially liked the challenging rides in the hilly surroundings of Montjuïc.
  • Cable Car Montjuïc. This is really a classic thing to do when you are in Barcelona. When you have climbed up the Montjuïc, catch your breath while enjoying the view of the city, sitting in one of the Cable Cars.
  • Oké, I have to admit… I am a terrible skateboarder. I love it though, and therefore when I am in Barcelona, I rent or lend a longboard and cruise around the boulevard. Don’t like longboarding? You can also rent rollerblades or just walk around the boulevard.

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*Do you have hotels or hostels you can definitely recommend? Please let me know and I will put them in here.

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