We got married and bought a house!

Yes, you read that right! Thursday March 25 is a day to remember for us! On that day we had our civil marriage and we received the keys to our new house in Vught (South of The Netherlands). In this blog I will tell you more about this special day.Bruiloft 084

Goodbye Amsterdam!

We spend our last days in Amsterdam surrounded by moving boxes, and packed goods. During our last weekend living in the city, we are in semi-quarantine. As a precaution and to make sure we don’t have a corona on the day we get married and get the keys to our new home. Sensible but a very boring farewell to this city and the many friends who live here. Fortunately, it does give us the time to pack and tidy everything up as well as possible.

And then the time has come, after living in this nice apartment for 8 years, we close the door behind us. We will move our things in a week, but we will no longer sleep here. After a sudden emotional goodbye to good friend (and almost neighbor) Fay, we get into the overcrowded car, heading south! Suddenly I am overcome by emotion. Due to all the hustle and bustle of the past weeks and also the anticipation of the prospect of buying a house, I did not realize at all that I will miss Amsterdam. Fortunately, the city is not far away and we always have a place to crash with friends!

Marriage for the registry office

After a night’s sleep in my old room in Weert, Ries and I wake up delighted. Today is going to be a very nice day. And what we don’t know yet: a day full of nice little surprises from family and friends who did everything to make this day during corona special. The first surprise awaits us as soon as we come down. My aunts completely decorated my parents’ house with flags and balloons, so nice to see!slingers huis

After a good breakfast, we get dressed festively. Finally I can put on the white suit I bought last summer. A pair of heels underneath and I feel like a real bride. The wedding dress will only be worn during our wedding weekend in the Champagne region, but by being all in white, it is already special! Ries looks handsome in his suit and proudly we arrive at the town hall in Weert. We are not the only ones who have dressed up, our family and friends, everyone took the opportunity to put on something fancy again after so many months. And that immediately adds to the mood, which is great!huwelijk Charlotte en Ries

A bridal bouquet

My grandmother gives me flowers, a bridal bouquet after all! My aunt, meanwhile, takes pictures of everyone arriving. She is not the only one by the way, we are fortunate that Thomas, Ries his best man, loves photography as well. Most of the photos in this article are his!

When Ries, his grandmother and father have arrived, we are ready to go inside. The ceremony master has already welcomed us and so, while wearing facemarks, we walk in a small procession into the town hall.

I now declare you husband and wife!

Once in the wedding room, it suddenly feels very real. Our family as witnesses, Ries and I on a separate wedding bench in the front and the civil servant in her chic black gown. After a moving speech that actually feels very personal, we can finally give the yes. Ries first and then I after him. Just like during the proposal, my response now is “Of course!” quickly followed by a “Yes”. “Then I hereby declare you husband and wife” says the ceremonie master and everyone starts to applaud.Bruiloft 029

All 15 minutes long, are great! Moving, funny and romantic! From the moment Matthijs (Thomas and Christine’s son) starts babbling, until the moment I see my grandfather with tears in his eyes. It just is all right. We then walk out of the town hall with a smile from ear to ear. But now as husband and wife!

Champagne in the park

Once outside, the next surprise awaits us. Hearts are drawn on the sidewalk with chalk, which we are instructed to follow. Slowly a path develops that leads us to a sheltered park. The trees are decorated with flags (later we hear that my Mum and Dad created this the night before)! Here in the open air, with enough distance between everyone, we toast to being married, get speeches and receive presents. With a sun in the background (how lucky, the days before it was cold and it rained a lot), we are spoiled and it feels like a small, safe party!Wedding Charlotte and Ries

We also bought a house!

When the champagne bottles are empty, everyone has said goodbye, and we have eaten a nice lunch with my parents, we get into the car. Because no, this is not all that is planned today. After getting married this morning, we get the keys to our new house!

A little tense we drive to Vught, where another surprise awaits us. Our future home, which we will now inspect, is also decorated with balloons and flags! So sweet! The brother of Ries and his wife have done there best to decorate this place too, so the mood is immediately festive.Bruiloft Ries en Charlotte.JPG huis kopen

Which surnames do we use now?

After a good inspection (how happy we are with our house!), In which we are showered with flowers, champagne and sweets by the sellers and brokers, we drive to the notary to actually seal the sale. He looks surprised when he reads in the papers that we got married that morning. And he is even more surprised when he sees that both Ries and I have taken over each other’s names (Peeters – van de Sande & van de Sande – Peeters it is, pleasant to meet you!). He doesn’t often experience that here in the (more traditional) South of The Netherlands!Bruiloft 061

The wedding night: sleeping in a castle!

After signing the papers, we get back into the car. First we drive back to our just bought house, where my parents are on the doorstep. Due to the limitations of corona, they have not yet seen the house at all, so we show them around. Fortunately, they are just as enthusiastic as we are!

We do not end the day in our new home, but in a castle in our new residence. To celebrate that we are married today, we will sleep in the bridal suite at Kasteel Maurick tonight. It is a beautiful place and we are the only one. It feels a bit like we have just become lord and castle lady, especially when our dinner from restaurant Vigor is brought to the castle gate by owner Randy! With a delicious bottle of bubbles on the house and three delicious courses, we toast this great day. Drunk with happiness, love and champagne! If this is already so special, we can’t wait for our wedding in France!

But first… painting and decorating our new house. More about that soon!


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