Bye Amsterdam: We just boarded a plane for a world trip!

The moment you read this we are flying somewhere above the Indian Ocean between Nairobi and Antananarivo, in Madagascar. We cleaned our apartment, packed our backpacks and said goodbye to family and friends … And now, now we are travelling around the world, I find it quite exciting!

Take a leap into the unknown..

We both have no idea what to expect from the countries we are going to visit. Add to that the fact that we both resigned our jobs, rented out our apartment for the next ten months and we wont be back for a while. A big adventure which sometimes scares me a bit! I wrote a blog with all my doubts and thoughts prior to this departure, you can find that here.

Do you have travel tips for the countries that we are going to visit (Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda, Turkey, Nepal) let us know, they are more than welcome!Isle of Skye

10 years together!

But today is also a special day for another reason: Ries and I have been together for 10 years today! In this blog, I tell you our story, how we met and fell in love.

Some words for Ries:

Dear Ries, thank you for the most wonderful years ever! For being my very best friend, my hero and of course the love of my life! We are now heading for a wonderful (and sometimes scary) journey, but as long as we are together, everything will be fine. I feel safe with you and you are my home, wherever we are in the world. I love you!

What can you expect from Charlotte Plans a Trip in the coming months?

A lot of new articles of course! We continue to make photo’s and write about our adventures. In addition to informative blogs such as mini travel guides, itineraries and budget posts, I also plan to write regularly a diary blog. In these blogs, I will tell all about the adventures that we are experiencing.

If you have any questions about one of the countries we are going to, let me know and I will try to find the answer in the country in question! Also let me know if you have suggestions about what you like to read (and therefore want to see more here), or what you do not find interesting (and about which I should therefore no longer write about). Please bear in mind that English is not my mother tongue, therefore I will make weird spelling and grammar mistakes. If you see one (or many) please say so and I will adjust them (and learn from them!)

We will of course also post the photos and small video’s on Instagram, click here to go directly to my Instagram!Charlotte Plans a Trip

A new blog every Tuesday and Saturday?

We have no idea what the situation is going to be in terms of internet, electricity and of course time to write. This means that I also don’t know if I can post a new blog every Tuesday and Saturday. Maybe we travel so quietly that I can post three or four blogs every week, or maybe I don’t feel like writing so much and it stays quiet for a few weeks. We leave it completely open and just go with the flow!

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See you soon! Love Charlotte and Ries

Edinburgh Arthurs Seat

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