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Backpacking in Belize: a true adventure. But before we left for 10 days backpacking through Belize I had dozens of questions going through my mind. While doing research on Belize, while booking our trip to Belize and while packing my backpack for Belize, every time those questions came up. Things like “what to wear in Belize?” or “Is Belize safe”.  I wrote down all these questions and answer them in this blog! In this article, you can read everything about backpacking, safety, transport, itineraries and the seasons in Belize!

Is Belize worth visiting?

The most important question for when you are considering to make a trip to Belize is if Belize is worth a visit? I thought Belize was more than worth visiting! I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on the beautiful islands (Cayes), the underwater life and the relaxed atmosphere.

Belize itself is very small, I can, therefore, recommend that you combine it with another country. We combined Belize with Guatemala and had the ultimate vacation: the Latin feeling in Guatemala, the Caribbean feeling in Belize!Belize

What is the climate of Belize?

Belize has a super tropical climate: it is always nice and warm here! Temperatures are between 20 and 27 degrees on average, and it can be a lot warmer on the coast, around 30 degrees. The official rainy season runs in Belize from May to October. Those first and last months are not so bad, it rains a bit more often, but there are generally enough dry moments. In August and September, it rains a lot more. The hurricane season also takes place during these months.Belize snorkling

What is the best time to visit Belize?

The best travel time for Belize is from November to April when there is hardly any rain. It can be a bit busier in Belize during the holidays. This is the high season. Take into account that prices will be a bit higher from December to April.

High Season in Belize

November until April

Beautiful weather and hardly any rain. In terms of diving, the sea is the calmest and you have the most visibility. Accommodations are more expensive.

Shoulder season in Belize

May and October

You are just after the rainy season. You can have many beautiful days but sometimes it rains. Accommodations are cheaper.

Low Season in Belize

June until September

This is the real rainy season. You are also in the hurricane season in August and September. Accommodations are cheaper but often closed.

Belize see

Where is Belize?

Belize is located on the east coast of Central America (which is part of North America). Neighbouring countries are Guatemala and Mexico. Belize is located on the Caribbean Sea, where you will find the beautiful Belize Barrier Reef.
Did you know that: Belize is the smallest country in Central America?

Is backpacking in Belize safe?

Belize has positive travel advice and is known as a relatively safe backpacking destination. There is one exception to this: Belize City. A stay in Belize City is not recommended by anyone, including local people themselves. It is not a beautiful city and there is a lot of crime. We have only been here for a few minutes as we walked from the bus to the port and then boarded the boat to the Cayes. On the way back we drove directly to a hotel near the airport.

We have always felt safe while backpacking and travelling in Belize. Online I read about some bad experiences woman had been harassed by men on the Cayes. But I did not experience this at all myself.

Belize SailingWhat to pack for Belize?

Your backpack should mostly contain beach items when you go to Belize. The country has a warm climate and is bordered for a big part by the sea: don’t forget your bikini and swimming trunks. Also, bring enough sunscreen. If you go to the jungle, mountains or ancient Mayan cities, it can be useful to take Deet against the mosquitoes. Good hiking shoes are also not a bad idea.

How to dress in Belize?

You do not really have to pay attention to what you are wearing or whether you are covered enough. A beach look is perfect! We wore beachwear and flipflops. If you go into the jungle, it may be wise to bring covering clothing against mosquitoes and insects.


Do I have to bring special skincare to Belize?

Sunscreen and body lotion are especially handy to take with you. In addition, bring Deet for when you go into the jungle. Another tip: baby oil. That might sound crazy but baby oil works pretty well against sandflies. We covered our arms and legs in it to prevent the sandflies to be able to sit and bites us. There is just one downside: you can only do this when the sun is almost setting. Otherwise, you will burn alive.

Are there many sandflies in Belize?

Not that many… so we thought. Until we noticed that you hardly can see the Sandflies and that the bumps only come up after a few days. Especially after our sailing trip, where we stayed on uninhabited Cayes, we were covered in bites. Fortunately, the bumps you get from sandflies in Belize are a lot less annoying than the ones you get in New Zealand.Caye Caulker Belize

Do people speak English in Belize?

Yes, because Belize has long been an English Colony, the official language is English. Totally different from neighbouring countries Guatemala and Mexico. In addition, around 15% of the population speaks Spanish, some speak Creole and some speak Mayan.

What is the internet like in Belize? Is there 4G available?

In general, with our Dutch SIM cards, we always had good coverage in Belize, in many places even 4G. Only when we went on a multi-day sailing trip with Raggamuffin there was hardly any reach. WiFi is offered in many hotels and hostels. The speed of this is not always great, but it is good enough to look up some information.

Charlotte Plans a Trip

Is travelling and backpacking in Belize expensive?

Belize is a lot more expensive than in other countries in Latin America. However, we found Belize still affordable. In this Belize budget blog, you can read what we spend in Belize. I also describe the prices of products so you can have a look for yourself to see if you think Belize is expensive.

Which currency does one have in Belize?

The Belize Dollar (BZD) is used in Belize. This is linked to the US Dollar: one US dollar equals two Belize Dollar. There are plenty of banks and ATM’s, also on the islands. Dutch debit cards are not everywhere accepted.
Did you know that: Queen Elizabeth is on the money in Belize?How much money did we spend in Belize?

What is a good one-week itinerary for Belize?

Even though Belize is not that big at all, there is more than enough places to go to. For instance, the beautiful islands called Cayes. Or sleepy beach towns such as Hopkins or Palencia. More inland you have the jungle and places like San Ignacio where you can visit ancient Mayan cities.

Read this blog with the ultimate one-week Belize itinerary!

Is Caye Caulker worth visiting?

You either love Caye Caulker or you don’t like it at all! We thought it was amazing. Perfect for discovering the Cayes of Belize in a relatively cheap way. Caye Caulker is known as a backpackers island and you will indeed find quite a few backpackers here. But rest assured, no huge parties here on Caye Caulker. It is all very relaxed and cosy with a drink every now and then.

Keep in mind that Caye Caulker has no beaches, just an artificial stretch of sand: ‘the Strip’. I doubted in advance whether Caye Caulker would be nice without beached, but the Strip is a great alternative!

Read all about Caye Caulker in my travel guide!

Is Ambergris Caye worth visiting?

Hmm to be very honest I didn’t think so. Ambergris Caye is completely different from Caye Caulker and afterwards, I would rather have gone to another part of Belize than to Ambergris Caye. But we still had a good time here!

 Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker? Here I describe the differences!

Is Belize City worth visiting?

No! You can skip Belize City. As described above, it is not safe there and it is not a nice city to visit. In addition, there are few hotels or hostels that get some good reviews without being super-pricey. We, therefore, chose to spend our last night in Belize in a nice hotel near the tiny airport.

Belize Caye Caulker Ferry

How to travel through Belize?

Belize is a small country, so the distances are generally short. Possible transport options can be found below:


The most common transportation in Belize is buses. Almost all cities are connected by bus and a bus ticket is cheap. Keep in mind that it can take a long time to travel by bus, especially the local chicken buses stop in many places and drive slowly. There are also a few Express buses, which go a lot faster. A bus ticket often costs only 12BZD, around 5 euros.

Travel by plane:

The largest cities in Belize are connected via an air network. Maya Island Air and Tropic Air, for example, fly with small planes between the different cities. Flying is not cheap: a single ticket costs between 50 and 100 euros. However, a big advantage of flying in Belize is that you often can buy tickets up to a few hours in advance and you don’t have to be at the airport very early.


Because a large part of Belize is on the coast, the boat is also an important means of transport. We took the boat from Belize City to Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. Ferries sail on these routes according to a fixed schedule. We found the prices for a boat trip quite expensive. You easily pay 25 USD for a return ticket.

Tip: are you travelling overland from Guatemala? Then book a bus and boat ticket combination in Guatemala. This can save up to 15 USD per person.

Do you have any other questions on Belize? Let me know via a comment!

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